Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal Life Comes First

I do talk about my personal life but not too much, I feel I have to address current events in my life that has effected my work on the web. I have been working on the web since 1999, starting Super Sentai Time Capsule ( I have been able to balance work, school, the websites and life. What is going is on is that my father has had diverticulitis since April, you can look it up on Wikipedia, but he had important surgery a month ago. He had to stay in a hospital for a week, but what happen was that my mom had a loss of breath and with a blood infection, she ended up in the emergency. My dad was admitted in the ICU because his blood got coagulated. By the next day my mom and dad got to be in the same room and stayed in the hospital for 8 days, leaving me to take care of the house: laundry, dishes, our 2 dogs, 7 parakeets and my baby nephew Jaiden (mentioned before on this blog as the Red Samurai Ranger has the same name) when his mom had to work.

I also had to work in the middle of all of that and take care my parents. I kept working on the blog so I could relax and it was like a release. My parents have been back home from the hospital for 2 weeks now, but that doesn't mean things are back to normal. My dad got his surgery wound infected, not once but twice, but now is healing nicely. He still has to retreat the bandage for his wound. My mom is okay, I am kind of used to her being in the emergency and hospital, because she had Breast Cancer in 1990 and no longer has it, but has diabetes, asthma and other ailments. I have to tend to them since they got back home, my dad isn't 100%.

As for my fan film, it is in stand still because of the current events. Also my cast a.k.a. my friends are kind of busy with work and school, and we might shoot some scenes in December, but we will see. And hence why I am asking for help for the websites because I know I am not going to be able to keep maintenance for a while. We have asked for help before, but has come out fruitless as people become busy or the task is too much for them or they find it boring. I decided to share all this with you guys because some do care and have showed that to me in the past and thought you guys that are interested should know.

Job Opportunity:
IF you have good grammar, know your Kamen Rider series, are reliable and have some free time, please consider this opportunity. We need your help for our Kamen Rider Legacy site. It is hard to find good help, we haven't asked in years. My site partner and I are too busy with our private lives and need help in completing the Kiva, Double and OOO sections. Please send us a summary of Kamen Rider Kiva to my e-mail as your submission for the non-paying job. It's like Wikipedia, but what you write will actually stay on the website forever! We stress that you must be reliable and have good grammar, no typos accepted in the submission.

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Luca said...

Well I'm incredibly devoted to Kamen Rider and I've been told I have the best grammar ever (when I'm not pretending to be an L.O.L. cat), but I'm not the type to write an essay. I mean, if you want a description of Kiva, Double, and OOO from me, it'll be very short and VERY opinionated.