Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pink Dino Thunder Ranger?

Pink is the most coveted color in a team without a Pink Ranger. I say this because a lot of people ask about the Pink Ranger in Dino Thunder. There was no Pink Ranger in Dino Thunder and there was no Abare Pink in Abaranger, the source of the Dino Thunder footage. But the character of Emily in Abaranger wanted to be an Abaranger. In the first episode she tried transforming into Abare Yellow but failed. She once wished to be 'Abare Pink' but mispronounced 'Pink' and said 'Pig,' becoming a little pig. In one episode, she made her own Abare Pink outfit to impress her parents.

I personally believe Emily as Abare Pink inspired producers to make Boom a home-made Orange Ranger in SPD. Also they used the parent plot line.

Apparently some (not many like I said before) fans believed Cassidy would become a Pink Ranger, since she wore a number of pink. But, alas, it never happened. I could have taken this anyway. There has been no Pink Ranger in Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury and RPM, but fans are more interested in a Pink Ranger in Dino Thunder, I think it is because of the dinosaur connection to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I spoke to a fan once that said she was writing a fan fiction about why there were no Pink Rangers in those teams. I don't know if she ever did.

This toy was made by a fan.

Above is a picture from this Japanese blog. A balloon made at a radio station.

Many people thought there was an Abare Pink, but this is a photo manipulation of Abare Yellow, you can see the pink belt and accents, that used to be gold.
Many people thought there was an Abare Pink, but this is a photo manipulation of Abare Yellow at a stage show.

UPDATED 9/4/11
In Episode 29 of Gokaiger, Ahim (Gokai Pink) dresses up in Emri's old home-made AbarePink outfit thanks to a Ranger key Emri created.

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Luca said...

The outfit she made reminds me of all my parody cosplays that I make from collections of random spinoff accessories.