Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Individual Emblems

Delvin Yeo requested this.

Their helmet symbols where are their buckles. Big One's symbol was the B.

Each had different letters on their buckles, I for the first, since it looked like the first half of a 'D' and then their color letter, P, B, R, Y, and G.

Red Turbo = GT
Black Turbo = T(ruck)
Blue Turbo = J(eep)
Yellow Turbo = B(uggy)
Pink Turbo = W(agon)

We know the power coins, they were in their morphers. To use Zyuranger terms, in their Dino Bucklers.

Their Lailai jewels had the animal symbols on them. I'll look for the white one, I have it somewhere.

These symbols were on their coins and on their helmet bands above their visors and the shapes were on their Doron Changer and the show title logo. These shape symbols were on their Shogun fighters.

Their visor shapes were on the group insignia buckle.


Red: PC, Pink: Cell Phone, Blue: TV, Yellow: Digital Camera, Black: Satellite, and Silver: Microchip. I couldn't find them all.

We didn't see these that much up close in Lost Galaxy but they did appear behind them when morphing. They were on the Quasar Sabers.

These symbols are more familar to Japanese because they use these symbols in real life. Red was the CCFD Special Rescue Brigade, Blue was the Chemical F.F. Brigade, Green was Helicopter Brigade CCFA, Yellow was Capital Police Dept. Sergeant, and Pink is National Hospital Seaside. Since Titanium was American, I don't think his visor shape was anything relate to Japanese rescue symbols.

Tehir visor symbols were on their group buckle.

The symbols on their chests, they had different names in each country, well slightly different. Blazing Lion in Japan and America, Leon Ardiente for Mexico and in Spain, it was León de Fuego. Noble Tiger in America, Tigre Noble for both Mexico and Spain and Belle Tiger in Japan. Iron Bison for America and Japan, Bisonte de Hierro for both Mexico and Spain. Surging Shark in Japan and America, Tiburón Fugaz in Mexico and in Spain, Tiburón Emergente. Soaring Eagle in America, Águila Elevada in Mexico, Águila Planeadora in Spain and Noble Eagle in Japan. Lobo Aullador in Spanish, Howling Wolf in Ameirca and, in Japan it was 'Sparkling Wolf.

I couldn't find a clear enough pic but these were the symbols for each Ranger. MagiShine/Solaris Knight had a 'S' shape symbol.

The Go-ongers' mecha are the Engines. They were used a lot, not only on their uniforms but on their jackets, around their bus and in attacks and the songs. The symbols were also in their cockpits. The symbol was their number combined with their animal.

Their helmet symbols were their kanji they drew when they transformed.

The symbols on the side of their helmet. Mostly used for attacks and the opening sequence.

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Anonymous said...

The insignias of the Turboranger (their helmets and letters on their belt buckles) were based on their vehicles of choice.

Red Turbo = GT
Black Turbo = T(ruck)
Blue Turbo = J(eep)
Yellow Turbo = B(uggy)
Pink Turbo = W(agon)

Nyan-Cat Destroyer said...

You called the quasar sabers the galaxy sabers. :|

Sorry, I have terrible OCD.

EZ8 said...

Interesting... I didn't know that about the Megaranger and GoGoV emblems.

Unknown said...

You forgot Goranger's emblems. Notice the number of stripes on their chest, as well as their individual visors. Also, I'd like to point out that you also missed Battle Fever J's individual emblems [namely their shields and helmet designs.]