Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toy Week: Metalder Monster Action Figures

I don't have pictures of them all, but Bandai did make a lot of action figures of the villains and monsters from Metalder. I wish Bandai Japan would make more.

Metalder and his dog Murphy.

4: Victorious Saint Coolgin, 5: Zelton

7: Barbery, 8: Strobe

9: Bulchek and 11: Brave General Tagsky

18: Galador and 19: Furious Fighter Jamune

20: Megadron and 21: Agmis

Top Gunder
In VR Troopers, known as Dark Heart.

Victorious Saint Geldring is the green one to the left, Tagsron next to Tagsky, behind Coolgin.

Yes, they actually made a toy of the playset of the villains' headquarters. Don't you wish we had a headquarter playset of Grimlord's headquarters.

Kenner released some of the villains unto VR Troopers such as Dark Heart, and Tankatron. I don't know how many more there were.


Anonymous said...

their is a megaranger video game for the sega pico

Mugen said...

Lack of bad guys in Toylines really is an issue in Sentai and Kamen Rider. And Digimon aswell. Really wish there would be more bad guys made nowadays.
Waht are the good guys supposed to do? Beat up eachother?
Well, atleast the Kaiju Toylines are balanced.

Luca said...

These guys look really cool. I'm still not going to watch the show, though. The special effects just aren't good enough for me.