Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toy Week: Power Rangers Plush Figures

Here are pictures I found of plush figures / stuffed dolls of Power Rangers, I do not know how many were made or if there were more. Let me know. If you can find a pic, let me know!

Action Pals
I could only find pics of Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green. Pink had a strange helmet. I had the White Ranger one, that has the gold diamonds, I couldn't find a pic, I dunno what happen to it.

These were softer figures (and more detailed), my niece had this Pink Ranger one. The White Ranger had the correct arm bands and belt, while the White Action pal wasn't like that. I only could find a little pic of the Green Ranger.

These Villain plushies I didn't know exist except for Lord Zedd (I knew about him). Here is Goldar, Z-Putty, Rita and Zedd, dunno if others were made.

Then these Power Bashers were made, with talking voices. I do NOT know if there was Red Galaxy Ranger, but here is Magna Defender. Next to it is a picture of Lightspeed Red, I think it started with Lost Galaxy.

Wild Force
I do not know what others were made.

Ninja Storm
I do not know what others were made.

Dino Thunder
Here are Red and Black. I do not know what others were made.

SPD Red, I do not know what others were made.

These softer figures of Mystic Force were made, they were way taller and skinner, they were really light-weight. I got the yellow one for one of my nephews once.

Operation Overdrive
Only Red, Black, and Blue were made; Exclusives of Disney Store.

Red and Blue Jungle Fury, only these two were made; Disney Store exclusives.


Anonymous said...

i have the original mmpr red and green i have more original toys how about you

Unknown said...

When I was a kid, my parents got my sister and I a green ranger plushie (the one with the shield) for christmas. I think I still have it somewhere in my house...

Anonymous said...

I've seen blue and green SPD's

Unknown said...

A couple of years ago I went to the disney store and I saw the jungle fury red and blue plushies. I really wanted to buy the red one, but I was with my friend and she would have laughed at me.

Unknown said...

I had all the jointed MMPR plushes and the villain ones. I think they're all still in my parents' attic.

I also have the Green Mystic Ranger plush...I got Richard Brancatisano to sign the cape at the first Power Morphicon.

Sailor Sedna said...

I found an image of the White Ranger Action Pal with gold diamonds here:

Blue is here:

And Black here: