Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poll Results: Henshin Grid Logo / Red Ranger / PR Samurai promos

Which latest Henshin Grid logo--I did--did you like?
Old One 153 (63%)
Last Week's Red One 63 (26%)
This Week's w/ no images 45 (18%)
Dunno-post pix please 33 (13%)

What promo have you seen on Nickelodeon on your own TV?
Good, Bad, Ugly Promo 94 (41%)
Red Ranger Promo 148 (65%)
Pink Ranger Promo 120 (52%)
Blue Ranger Promo 95 (41%)
New 88 (38%)

What do you think about the Blue Samurai Promo?
Can't Believe the Suits are Real 155 (53%)
The Suits are ugly 58 (20%)

Awesome! Epic! 119 (41%)

No Comment 29 (10%)

Do you agree with Red Ranger being the official representative of either PR or Sentai?
I do 224 (73%)
Red is Overrated 58 (19%)
Whichever 37 (12%)

Not Necessary 45 (14%)

Do you think there will be a Pink Ranger in 2012 Sentai?
Yes 203 (66%)
Maybe 82 (26%)
Don't Know 35 (11%)

No 28 (9%)


Anonymous said...

oh dear this doesnt seem right

Luca said...

I think the logo misrepresents the website, since all you usually talk about is PR, and it has characters from different series on it. The red ranger should indeed represent it because red is my favorite color. I haven't seen the promos because I only watch the History Channel. There will probably be a pink ranger in 2012.

Lavender Ranger said...

Luca, I don't think it is a misrepresentation. Everyone gets an equal opportunity, I do occasionally talk about other stuff other than PR and SS, and I do want it. It is to represent that I am open to covering it.