Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toy Week: Still need HELP! Power Morpher in need of help

It has been six months and... I still need help!!!
I bought my morpher in 1993 and never changed the batteries.

The batteries were all old and corroted. I have the two new batteries but two parts popped out. The red thingy below and a spring. I forget how the red things goes. Please some one has to know how to fix this!
I have the two batteries, red thingy and spring which is needed to open and close the morpher. I have everything.



diego josé said...

I don't think readers here can help you... You should go to rangerboard.

Tom said...

these two pics should help.
i just opened my morhper to take these pics.
the first is just the seated red piece

the second is with the spring included

if you need more help shoot me an email

love the blog by the way.