Monday, January 17, 2011

Toy Week: Card Warrior Kamen Riders

Based on an all-new story, which will be serialized in Manga graphic novel features random kamen Riders and their adventures in a "Parallel Mirror World" where they get help from "Ride Monster Cards" to recieve power ups. The plastic figures come with foam-board cards that feature pop-out pieces that can be assembled into a Ride Monster. The Rider's armor to change them from "Normal Mode" to "Super Mode". Initial characters included Agito, Ryuki, Knight, Faiz, and Blade. I think these were made around 2005 and 2006.

Ryuki, Gattack (Kabuto), Hibiki, Chalice (Blade), and Kamen Rider

Another Agito, Kabuto, Kaixa (555), Exceeded Gills, and Kamen Rider V3.

Ryuki, Gattack (Kabuto), Hibiki, Garren (Blade), and Kamen Rider

Faiz Power Up, Hibiki Power Up, Ryouga

Blade Power Up, Agito, Dark Kabuto

Den-O, Decade, Kuuga, Kiva

Double and Kuuga

Knight and Faiz


diego josé said...

Someone had a lot of free time today! Hahaha, well done dude, you kept me reading for a long while...

PS: got the last automorphin at walmart Hallandalle today! It was red, I'm looking at it right now! It's weird that it morphs into a ninja, reminds me of the bootleg kakuranger automorhin I had as a child. But I love it, reminds me old times! Now I can teach my little sister history! Hahaha. I wonder if they have green and blue somewhere arround here (aventura/ north miami). Dou you know something? You live arround here, right?

Good night.

Lavender Ranger said...


Anonymous said...

your final post should be dice-o

Lavender Ranger said...

Dice-O is not a toy but merchandise, would you guys excuse me covering merchandise for Toy Week?

As for free time, it is a holiday. Also, it was pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

You got Chalice's name wrong and posted it as Garren.

Luca said...

This is the cutest anything I have ever seen!

Mugen said...

So the have pieces of fooam board to attach to them...probably not the best materrial to make those pieces of.