Monday, January 17, 2011

Toy Week: Super Sentai Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are like Legos. I have no idea how many of these were made, I don't have pictures of them all. I don't remember which series had them, I know Abaranger, Dekaranger, Magiranger, and Boukenger had them, I am not sure about Hurricanger. It is really interesting that in these Mega Bloks sets, there was only 4 females: AbareYellow, Jannu, BoukenPink and BoukenYellow.


I do not know if this was one set or part of more, but here picture are four Abaranger, Triptoid, Gairudon, 3 Bakuryuu and Brachico.

This set had more than 1 version of a Ranger, along with Mikela and Voffa.

Left: The Abare Black set came with a vulture, cactus, Barmia Hei, Abare Black and Jannu.
Right: Abare Blue, Voffa, white Barmia Hei with bridge and water set.

Left: AbareRed set with Black Barmia Hei and Mikela. Right: Gairudon, Black barmia Hei, paradise trees, and Abare Yellow.


Dekaranger set came with PatStriker, two other vehicles, DekarangerRobo, PatGyro, MachineDoberman, DekaRed and DekaBlue.

This set came with blocks, Magi Red, Magi Yellow, the five MagiMajin and MagiKing.


This set came with 5 Boukenger, their vehicles and DaiVoyager.


This Shinkenger one is really weird because the only thing related to Shinkenger is Shinken Red and his sword, everything else is unrelated (tractor, police car, train, scorpion?).

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sdp said...

Many of the Mega Bloks came out in the US, at least the Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder ones did.