Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toy Week: Candy Toppers

There are candy toys in Japan, in which they have megazords, zords and Rangers, simpler versions, sometimes without candies. For the first season of MMPR, there were candy dispensers, candy holders, etc. Unfortunately we never got PEZ dispensers, PEZ is awesome.

Candy Dispensers
These were around a lot. They came with Jelly Beans. I am not sure if there was Green Ranger, I know for sure five of them.

Here is White Ranger Spin Pop Candy, I don't know if there were others. I know that Disney had spin pops for their seasons.

These were not PEZ, I wish they were, these were Gumball dispensers. I am not sure if there was Green Ranger. I think they were called Flix.

Dino Thunder Spin Pops, came with Black and Blue Rangers with their Raptor Riders. I believe they had Red Ranger as well.

Mystic Force Spin Pops


Anonymous said...

i had a power ranger candy maker and a light up coloring station and power ranger fruit roll ups

transformationscene said...

Darn, I had one of those spin tops for years.