Monday, January 17, 2011

Toy Week: Kamen Rider Kubrick Figures

These are not MegaBloks, and are similar but are called Kubrick. Kubrick has done Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and various others. is a line of collectible block-style figures and associated products created by Japanese toy company MediCom Toy Inc. The name Kubrick may also be seen as a hybrid word of the Japanese word kyu, meaning the number nine, and the English word brick. "Kubrick" was chosen in honor of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. In further homage to the filmmaker, the Kubrick logo is designed in the style of the logo created for his movie A Clockwork Orange.

The Original two Kamen Riders, Hibiki, Todoroki and a villain.

The helmets pop off. They had the red version of Hibiki as well. Even though it says 'Vol. 1', there didn't seem to be a Volume 2.

This package came with the original Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider Ryuki.

These Kamen Rider Dragon Knight figures are very well detailed. Dragon Knight, Torque, Sting, Thrust, Camo and Siren.

Onyx is a extra, meaning it is harder to find, but its there. These didn't seem to pop off helmets.


Unknown said...

That's pretty cool, the should make Goukaiger.

Anonymous said...

please do a post on this

Anonymous said...

And ranger strike. And the new automorphins (and the old ones too). And rangers that morphed into tger stuff like zords, dragons, cars, etc.


Luca said...

It's a shame I don't live in Japan.