Thursday, October 29, 2009

2010 MMPR toys released

Well they aren't completely released yet but some pictures have been revealed on the Toys R Us website. Some pictures are still missing. I will be posting up when I see them available in my area (Miami, Florida).
I find this two white stripe with one diamond design interesting.

I like that they used the Pink Ranger for this one.

Check them out at this ToyRUs link

Some fans are already saying they are not liking how these toys (vehicles, zords and armors) are looking. I don't want to judge the line prematurely. I really do think Bandai America is doing the same thing they have been doing for the past ten years and just going to not doing anything 'new' with Mighty Morphin. Just doing the same mis-mash just before, not really re-inventing MMPR, but just making cheap and un-inventive toys. You will sell more if they are well-made (and authentic to the show), have lots of colors (meaning paint in every where there is a different color) and stickers. In doing a few great toys is better than making a bunch that are really bad and that they don't sell.

Pictures taken by Rodder, member of Rangerboard.


Anonymous said...

I really don't like the way these new toys are looking. Hopefully when they do release the morphers, they'll look authentic and cool. These new toys look very fake.

Mark said...

I still say they should make a set of new Rangers. I WANNA PARASAUROLOPHUS RANGER!!!! And make her teal!