Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Vented Score Card #3

This is after Episode 30. Richy/Incisor was vented by Wing Knight in Episode 4, Grant/Camo was vented by Torque in Episode 9, both Brad/Thrust and Drew/Torque were vented by James/Strike on Episode 14. And if you want more statistics, Incisor appeared at the end of Episode 2 and lasted 3 episodes. Camo appeared in Episode 8 and only lasted 2 episodes. Thrust appeared at the end of Episode 8 and lasted 7 episodes. Chris Ramirez/Kamen Rider Sting was vented by Kamen Rider Strike in Episode 19 "Semper Fi." Albert Cho/Kamen Rider Spear was vented by Dragon Knight in Episode 21. Axe was vented by Strike in Episode 25 and Strike vented Siren today on Episode 30. Kamen Rider Strike has vented five riders: Sting, Thrust, Torque, Axe, and Siren. Torque had vented Camo and Wing Knight vented Incisor. Now, the only riders left are Dragon, Wing Knight, Strike, and Wrath. Next week has to deal with Wrath and Xaviax.

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RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Rider Universe's account is suspended. is region locked. I need your Help. What should I do? I only see the preview of episode 30.