Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adapting and Summarizing Morals: Hurricanger to Ninja Storm

I thought since many liked my comparisons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I thought I would do some more, but in storylines and plots. Many times, Super Sentai stories are simplified or made light of in Power Rangers. Such simplifications can be considered culture differences or just stacked for time.

Scissors and Kunoichi / Snip it Snip it Good
Nanami and Tori both had to go after the tortoise. But Nanami had to complete a mission from before, which the boys had help her the first time because her ankle was sprained. So basically Nanami had to be independent. Also, might I mention that Red and Yellow get under a spell to go against each other by the monster and how they snapped out of it was very drastically different. In Ninja Storm, the Sensei snapped Shane and Dustin of it. In Hurricanger, Red and Yellow's heads had to be smashed into car window glass to be snapped out of it. I personally liked the Nanami story better, it was empowering. The Tori story really didn't have anything in it.

When the Goraijer/Thunder Rangers got to the island, both Ikkou/Hunter were effected by the gas of the island. But Ikkou was actually going to kill his brother. But the Thunder Rangers targeted Dustin, in his regular life. The Goraijer didn't do that, but they targeted the entire trio. The Thunder Rangers kidnapped the Sensei, the Goraijer didn't do that. The Thunder Rangers were made to believe the sensei killed their parents. The Goraijer never blamed the Hurricanger for their father missing in action, they just knew they had to team up with the Jakanja to be able to defeat the Hurricanger and they did plan to defeat the Jakanja on their own afterwards. Oh the reason Ikkou wanted to kill Ishuu was because of their father's influence, he said only one could survive, only one ninja.

Punch and Rival / Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
Remember the episode that Shane and Hunter have like one bit of rivalry? Well Ikkou and Yousuke had a rivalry throughout the series of Hurricanger. Hurricanger fans always state this episode for being a one-shot kiss-off of that. Shane and Hunter were competing in a race meet or something, while Yousuke had to work with Ikkou at his job. They had one up each other. And the fighting footage had to be excused for their behavior, hence the Ninja Storm storylines.

Bow and Arrow and Seabathing / I Love Lothor
Isshu and Shuirkenger disguised as a teen idol were hit by the monster's (Chuupid) love arrow and fall for Nanami. Marah and Kapri spike a smoothie for Blake and Cam to fall for Tori. But Tori is kidnapped for a TV show hosted by Lothor. And the monster was to brainwash the masses. Cam and Blake take their feud into the beach. While in Hurricanger, Shurikenger went out on a date with Nanami and Isshu tried to win her heart with a cow. Shurikenger takes Nanami to the beach and Isshu interupts and then later the monster comes. Nanami actually tries fighting and is knocked down.

Idols and Friendship / All About Beevil
While in both stories, Furabijou/Marah both got attention for Furabijenu/Beevil and then kicked out because of the red robot. But Furabijou went to Nanami (blue) for help while Marah went to Dustin (yellow). It was mentioned in the show that Dustin was targeted because he was the weak point. Marah and Furabijou were on the same wavelength of emotions in that they both had to get the target Ranger to feel for sorry for them and then totally betray them. But of course, Dustin and Nanami were different in feelings and dynamics. Nanami didn't trust Furabijou at first and wanted some sort of sisterhood friendship. Dustin trusted Marah all the way through. And when Nanami was betrayed, she was truly betrayed and her face and emotions completely changed. She is a woman not to be crossed. And as she says, 'this is unforgivable.' Dustin is just bummed. And Dustin is a guy who has trusted the Thunder Rangers before and felt betrayed but then in the end, they are all friends. And he gets credit for trusting at the end of the episode too with a stranger who took his bike. And for Nanami, this betrayal she will not forget.

Demon Spears and Balloons / Double-Edged Blake
Isshu was on a riff on being against everything, he didn't want any changes in Gouraijin, he didn't want to complete the Victory Gadget and he got the spear his dad cursed. Blake just got a new weapon that he was being trained with by a former student. Isshu wanted to use the spear because it kept him in the tradition of his father, his brother was concerned him using it. Isshu splits it in half and is able to surpass his past with his dad. Blake just split it to split it.

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