Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adapting and Summarizing Morals: Magiranger to Mystic Force

I thought since many liked my comparisons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I thought I would do some more, but in storylines and plots. Many times, Super Sentai stories are simplified or made light of in Power Rangers. Such simplifications can be considered culture differences or just stacked for time and squeezing in footage into one episode because the low episode count.

King of Majins / Rock Solid
Where in Magiranger they were siblings and Urara (blue) was protecting her little brother Kai (red) and was turned to stone, Madison (blue) was protecting a guy she was gathering the courage to speak to and was turned to stone. Kai and Urara had a fight about something Kai broke before and Kai felt bad. Nick (red) had told Madison she was too wishy-washy and took no risks and he felt guilty for telling her that. One moral was not to be afraid to take risks and the other was to forgive each other and no matter what, family will defend you.

Let's go on the Magic Express / Inner Strength
Makito (green) and Xander (green) were both sent to prehistoric times by the sixth warrior and were both accept at them. They faced different obstacles to protect their four other team members. The Ozu family feared a Mammoth but Makito was able to confront it and use it to save them. The other four feared an Ogre and Xander was about to confront it and trick it into helping them. Both had the same moral and story essentially but, Makito was more beat up about the focus on Hikaru and had inner turmoil boiling. Xander was just plain angry.

Lunajel did not want the help of the Magiranger and locked them out, but Clare, when she was the Gatekeeper, she was helping them out and had to stand up and live up to the legacy of her mother.

When Sungel was a frog, he let Urara know about the villain's pattern (above), Urara was afraid of frogs. Madison was also afraid of frogs, she had to kiss Daggeron back like Urara did with Sungel, but Madison came up with the pattern herself, probably because of time constraints.

Snowjel and the Snow Prince both had to demote Sungel/Daggeron and had them follow in the steps of Kai/Nick. The major differences were that Snowjel was female and Snow Prince was male, Snowjel had been introduced before but Snow Prince seem to come out of nowhere and finally that, in the end, Daggeron rod Nick's bike while Hikaru and Kai made cakes together. There were slight differences but they were pretty much the same moral.

Where the Snow Prince and Clare came along to save the day, it was Lungel and Snowjel. Lunagel was the one that went running to Magijel, not Snowjel, where in Mystic Force, Snow Prince went to go get Mystic Mother. Nai and Mea revived Bravejel and Sunjel, Necrolai revived Leanbow and Daggeron---Necrolai became human. Nai and Mea were already human-ish. But the finale was pretty much the same. Also, with Smoky/Genji comes out of nowhere--neither was explained how they returned or where connected to their masters.

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