Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adapting and Summarizing Morals: Go-Onger to RPM

I thought since many liked my comparisons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I thought I would do some more, but in storylines and plots. Many times, Super Sentai stories are simplified or made light of in Power Rangers. Such simplifications can be considered culture differences or just stacked for time and squeezing in footage into one episode because the low episode count.

How Green and Black Rangers became Rangers was different. Go-On Black and Green forced themselves into the Go-Onger, for once, I didn't agree with how Super Sentai handled this situation. It showed that if you really wanted something and pleaded for it, you got your way. Gunpei and Hanto had stole Bomper and the Engine Casts. Dillon and Ziggy didn't really want to force themselves into being Power Rangers. Dillon had to be convinced into being part of the team. Ziggy didn't even think about being a Power Ranger yet, he wanted to please everyone and get them a Green Ranger. He only bonded with the morpher to not let evil get it.

Where the zords have eyes and don't talk, the Engines in Go-Onger actually talk and have personalities. They came from another dimension and when you insert the Engine 'Souls' into their arsenal, they talk. And they had to befriend them and convince them into helping. When Gun-phred (black) and Birca (green) came along, they didn't instantly get along with their Go-Onger. And Carrigator (Croc Carrier) was believed to be a villain and fought against the Engines. They would teleport an carrying case with the miniature casts and make them bigger by insert the souls, while the RPM Rangers would teleport them from their chests and insert the cells.

Whereas Renn/Go-On Blue was smart and the trusted mechanic (he created G-9 and other things), Dr. K is the trust scientist and Flynn is just the lowly mechanic. Go-On Blue's experimental Engine Soul saved the day, Flynn's experimental Engine Cell did not. Hiroto/Go-On Gold was the one behind the Go-Roader and it not working, Go-On Blue saved the day by fixing it. Flynn and Gema worked on Road Attack Zord together and Dr. K helped tweak it at the end. Hiroto had to learn how to trust others and not do things just on his own. Gema learned to not read a book by its cover and Flynn learned to trust in himself even when he fails and when others don't believe in him.

The episodes Maiden's Earnestness (GP-38) and "Dome Dolls" were very similar in that the girls Yellow and Silver were on their own. They fought between a different monster and their wheel arsenal was used differently. Shower Banki (who has 'obscene' nipples) froze all the male Go-Onger and Engines, so Miu and Saki only had BearRv available to use. While the Chemical Bot polluted the air of Cornith to make all the men in it to fall asleep. It was dealt with very differently, the Go-On girls freaked out entirely, while the women of Cornith had to deal with a bigger pandemic and dealt with it fine, except for Vasquez, who is not a Ranger but a soldier inside the tower where Colonel Truman calls an office. Gema did mentioned they were outnumbered but the Ranger girls barely broke a sweat and dealt with it with rational.

The Go-On girls eventually gave their all and BearRv entered the Go-Roader GT so they could fight together and defeated the Shower Banki's first life with a special finisher. Another difference is that RPM squeezed two episodes together so they had the Red Ranger use the Road Attack Zord against Chemical Bot, because that was his original counterpart (Straw Banki)'s opponent. Even though the producers probably thought they were saving footage, it looked like the men had to clean up the women's mess. Having the Red Ranger save the day didn't make sense but that's a common Power Ranger factor.

All other differences has to do that RPM is about an apocalypse and war and Go-Onger is about other dimensions and traveling the country.

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