Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween on Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1
"Trick Or Treat"
It first aired May in 1994, but it was regarded the Halloween episode. "Life's a Masquerade" was mistaken for a Halloween episode, but it was actually a costume party but not actually Halloween. This episode didn't take on Halloween either, Kimberly and Skull competed for a car on a game show called "Trick or Treat" and Tommy had to face the Pumpkinrapper because he couldn't go, he had to go to a martial arts thingy. Kimberly was dressed as a princess, Jason, Zack and Billy were Musketeers, Trini wasn't dressed up, Skull was a prisoner and Bulk was a mummy. For "Life's a Masquerade," Trini was a Native American, Zack was Egyptian (King Tut?), Billy was Sherlock Holmes, Kimberly was a Princess (with a cone-head), Jason was Robin Hood, Angela was a gypsy dancer, Ernie was Coutn Dracula, Alpha was Alpha, Bulk & Skull were punks, and Tommy was Frankenstein.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2
"Zedd's Monster Mash"
It was Halloween again and it actually aired October 28 and it was the first episode not to feature Jason, Zack and Trini (their excuse was that they were taking care of kids at their school), it had another voice actor playing Jason's voice. The Peace Conference was also mentioned. Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Bulk and Skull were in charge of taking kids on trick or treating. Lord Zedd trapped Tommy in a graveyard dimension with an unnamed gravestone monster and we also saw another unnamed monster, a key creature. Billy was a mad scientist, Kimberly was a Harlequin clown, Tommy was a pirate, I don't know what Ernie was but he was dressed up, and Bulk and Skull were gladiator knights. I also like this episode because a little black girl was dressed as the Red Ranger. There a lot of kids dressed as Rangers in this episode (including Putties disguised as kids).

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
"Ronny on Empty" Part 1 & 2
Ronny was in the Halloween spirit but Will wasn't into it. At the end of the second part, they had a costume party inside the mansion. Mac dressed up as a robot, scaring his 'father' who was dressed as a Mad Scientist. So, yeah, Mac was a robot, Will was a skeleton-like guy, Dax was a raver punk, Rose was some kind of pink wigged cat, Tyzonn was a generic superhero, and Ronny was some vampire witch.

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