Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adapting and Summarizing Morals: Boukenger to Operation Overdrive

I thought since many liked my comparisons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I thought I would do some more, but in storylines and plots. Many times, Super Sentai stories are simplified or made light of in Power Rangers. Such simplifications can be considered culture differences or just stacked for time and squeezing in footage into one episode because the low episode count.

Gahja steals the Leon Giordana's manuscript and remembers the information and makes the Anti-Parallel Engine, that he gives to the Ashu to make the Questers. They affected the Neo-Parrell Engines inside the Boukengers so that is why the Boukenger always suffered around the Questers. Only Bouken Silver was invulnerable to them. While Gahja went through a journey to make the engines, Flurious just popped the 'Gyros' out of an icicle with no explanation.

BoukenYellow, Natsumi's blood was very important since she was of the Lemura civilization, which most of the Precious were from. Her blood was used to release Ashu from a special mirror. That is why Natsumi was always kidnapped. Ronny, being yellow, was kidnapped to, but with no particular reason. The Fearcats just targeted her. They used the 'power' of her morpher to activate the mirror. And Natsumi's energy was used to power a Precious, Ronny too but Natsumi made more sense since she was of Lemura.

Akashi struggle through a lot to get the Golden Sword, you had to be pure of heart. In the Power Rangers, it didn't take one, but a whole team to take the sword---which was a good, to tie in with the group theme. But the Power Rangers barely broke a sweat, Akashi was all dirty, sweaty and bloody by the end.

BoukenRed sliced the monster in half with the sword while Mac did without his armor because he didn't ahve his powers. This was a bit strange since it hadn't been revealed he was an Android yet. And no one questioned how he was able to leap so high--when his 'genetic power' was just superhuman strength.

Other than differences like character (Kamdor and Yami no Yaiba, connection with Masumi, Tyzonn and Ragi and Eiji), those are the most that stand up. Check out other differences on the links below.

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