Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animals used for the Kamen Rider Monsters Part 6 (Avairy, Plants and more Mammals)

updated August 31, 2010

BATS (7)
No Pic: Bat Kikkaijin (Stronger), and Human Bat (Kamen Rider)
Koumori Man (ZO)

Zu-Gooma-Gu (Kuuga)
3 forms.

Bat Mutant (Black)

Bat Orpnoch (Faiz)

Bat Undead (Blade)

Bat Fangire (Kiva)

OWLS (5)
No Pic: Owl Lord (Agito)
Go-Buuro-Gu (Kuuga)

Owl Man (Kamen Rider)

Owl Orphnoch (Faiz)

Owl Imagin (Den-O)

No Pics: Kaiser Crow (Super-1), and Garaox (Kamen Rider)-half Ox.
Crow Imagin (Den-O)

Corvus Intonsus (Agito)
Crow Queen Lord

No Pic: Division Commander Wild Eagle (Kamen Rider)
Eagle Mutant (Black)

Eagle Undead (Blade)

No Pic: Me-Gaperi-Gu (Kuuga)
Pelican Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pictures: Taka Roid (Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!), Satan Hawk (Super-1)

No Pics: Mushroom Beastman (Amazon), Kinokomorgu (Kamen Rider), Kinokojin (Skyrider), Me-Ginoga-De (Kuuga) and Namekujikinoko (Kamen Rider)--half slug
Mushroom Mutants (Black)

Toadstool Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pics: Saboteguron (Kamen Rider) and Sabotenbat (half Bat in Kamen Rider)
Cactus Mutant (Black)

Cactus Orphnoch (Faiz)

CATS (4)
No Pic: Nekoyamori (gecko mix in Kamen Rider), Doronyango (Skyrider), Black Cat Beastman (Amazon)
Black Cat Mutant (Black)

No Pics: Ring Bear (Skyrider), Strong Bear (Super-1 Movie)
Bearkonger (KR)--half bear

No Pics: Scissors Jaguar (V3), Hasami Jaguar (V3), Isoginjaguar (KR)--half-sea anemone
Jaguar Man (Kamen Rider)

Bearkonger (KR)--half jaguar

Pantheras Magistra (Agito)
Queen Jaguar Lord

Jaguar Undead (Blade)

No Pics: Momonga Beastman (Amazon), Musasabader Brothers (Skyrider), and Musalabisala (Black RX).
Musasabeedle (KR)

Kodama Flying Squirrel (Kamen Rider)

No Pic: Gynaninpo (Stronger), Mantle Kong (Skyrider), Fire Kong (Super-1), Kikkaijin Mecha-Gorilla (Stronger), Tengu (Hibiki)-half parrot
Gynaninpo (Black RX)-ape

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Mr. Nurgle said...

Say, regarding Kamen Rider, will your site be covering the apprentice Oni from Hibiki when you get to that section? The ones that only appeared once or so?

Lavender Ranger said...

Mr. Nurgle, I have to ask my site partner Mike. It depends on the book he has.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a bat grongi in Kuuga?