Friday, October 29, 2010

Poll Results: Who do you consider a Power Ranger?

Do you consider the Magna Defender a Power Ranger?
191 of 236 say yes

Do you consider Camile (PRJF) a Power Ranger?
158 of 229 say no

Do you consider the Phantom Ranger a Power Ranger?
186 of 236 say yes

Do you consider Rio and Mele Gekirangers?
111 of 210 say no, it was a close race.


Luca said...

I consider Morgana a ranger.

diego josé said...

Mele and Rio ARE Gekirangers, they even team up in the movie!

Adrenaline Rush said...

I would indeed consider Magna Defender, Phantom Ranger, Camille and Jarrod as Rangers.