Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power Rangers: Villainesses

Villainesses are (so far) a common thread in Power Rangers, at most times one or two in a group of villains.

Rita Repulsa
What can I say? Saban took footage of Bandora, an old witch seeking revenge for her dead son and turned into a space witch whose voice didn't match her lips until after she is trapped into a container again by her boss Zedd and returns with a youth moon mud and marries Zedd. She then proceeds to be a torn in Zedd's side, nagging him and pleading to her father Vile for help. She is the first villainess we ever had, fans have fought her years to have an articulate action figure of her, any other merchandise of her has appeared in a purple dress, including her appearance in the Live World Tour stageshow in 1995. Rita was turned good by Zordon and then in Mystic Force, appeared as Mystic Mother, because the original actress played a new character in the source of Mystic Force--Magiranger and she had died recently.

Scorpina first introduced during the Green with Evil saga was a sexy warrior, who disappeared in the first episode of The Mutiny, when Zedd arrived because Saban had no more footage and had no American actress. She managed to appear in one episode "Goldar's Vice Versa." She was scheduled to appear in one episode in which the Rangers shrank, but it was cut for time and they couldn't get the actress back. She disappeared and never was mentioned again.

Queen Machina
Mother to Sprocket and Gasket, wife to Mondo, she was the queen of the Machine Empire. Her voice was supplied by Alex Borestein, best known for Family Guy and MADtv. She never actively fought the Rangers.

She was Prince Gasket's wife and an active fighter against the Rangers. Even though she was a robot, she had cleavage. She disappeared with her husband and never appeared again. Rumor is her and Gasket's costumes were falling apart, so they couldn't use them again.

Villainess in the Turbo movie and season, she was played by two actresses Carol Hoyt and Hilary Turner. I am not sure if she actively fought the Rangers or not. Her main evil plots involved detonating bombs in places or getting married with a molten piece of rock. Anyhoo, she didn't take it lightly to be replaced by Astronema in the next season. She had delightful banter with Rita in the movie, and in Space. It was alluded to that she was Dimitria's sister, Dimitria was Zordon's replacement since they were played by the same actress and when she was turned good, she looked like Dimitria. Divatox is the first villainess to get an action figure.

She first appears in Power Rangers in Space, put in charge by Dark Specter to fight the Rangers, which she did. It turned out she was the Red Ranger's sister Karone and slowly but surely she defected evil and joined her brother, but was brainwashed and she plotted to over turn Dark Specter. Andros bested her and with his tears, she became good. She later replaced the Pink Ranger the next season for a short time. Her outfits were new creations.

In Lost Galaxy, this princess of a scorpion-blob alien went from selfish to a strong warrior to a crazed mutant. Her outfits were new creations.

Not much to say about this Lightspeed Rescue villainess. Her outfit was from her GoGoV counterpart.

Ransik's daughter (probably a mutation genetically engineered) was selfish and rude, but slowly developed a heart. Her outfit was from the Timeranger counterpart.

A witch, who later turned good along with her comrade Jindrax. Her outfit was from the Sentai counterpart.

Her outfit was from the Sentai counterpart.

Her outfit was from the Sentai counterpart.

Her outfit was original. She was an innocent woman brainwashed to be evil and disguised as a high school principal in Dino Thunder.

In SPD, Mora was a little girl who created monsters by drawing them. In reality, she was an adult woman warrior. She later became Mora again and was confined into a card by Shadow Ranger.

In Mystic Force, she was the Queen of the Vampires and conniving. She had a daughter named Leelee and in the end, she sacrificed her life for others and became a human named Niki. Her costume was from her Sentai counterpart.

She had a new original outfit, other than her Sentai counterpart. She served Kamdor and was trapped in jewelry.

She served Dai Shi in Jungle Fury, fell in love with Jarrod and turned good, helping out the Rangers. She is the second villainess to receive an action figure and the first to have a zord. She 'morphed' into a Chameleon beast form and later into a Phoenix form.

Tenaya 7/15
In RPM, she believed herself to be an android but turned out she was Dillon's blind sister. She was brainwashed and then saved by her brother.

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