Monday, October 25, 2010

Power Rangers: Warrior/Bodyguard Villains

Since Sean Akizuki already covered this or something like it for Super Sentai, I decided to cover it for Power Rangers, since in some cases it changed.
Goldar (MMPR)
The first of his kind in Power Rangers, very favorable by fans. His Super Sentai counterpart Griffozer was a rough and tough villain, a brute force that later got his wife and became a father, but didn't loose his dignity. Many fans point out Goldar went through an evolution or in other people's opinion, de-evolution. Goldar started out as a dangerous lug (season 1), then to a traitor to Rita and slowly in a comic relief by season 3, being partnered up with Rito. He ended up being comic relief through Zeo to Space, in Zeo he and Rito lost their memories due to the Command Center explosion or implosion (I forgot), they became Bulk and Skull's servants. They got their memories back near the end of Zeo. He is one of the first main villains to interact with the American cast exclusively in the first years, he fought Jason in Green with Evil; he took the power coins from the five Rangers when Tommy returned; and he tormented Tommy when he lost his powers.

Rygog (Turbo, 1997)
He first look super strong and a warrior, but he rarely fought the Rangers in Turbo. He was the first main villain in Carranger. I think it was because it was hard to move around in that costume that he wasn't used much.

Ecliptor (1998)
A dangerous villain, right up there with Goldar. Ecliptor was unique as he had character development within a year. He was a tough fighter and hard to beat, but he also cared deeply for Astronema, he raised her and was much like a father. Even though he was evil, he had a notion of honor. He often butted heads with Darkonda as Darkonda was more vile, rushed into things and conniving. Darkonda was not above betraying Ecliptor and Darkonda. Ecliptor was later brain washed along with Astronema and was destroyed by Zedd's energy wave.

Furio (PRLG, 1999)
He was the first general of Scorpio that we saw. He didn't last much, as he was quickly defeated--he self-destructed in an attempt to kill the Red Ranger. So, yes, he committed suicide. Furio was not from the source series Gingaman and was the final form of Hinelar from Megaranger. Rumor is that the costume for Villlamax had not arrived yet from Japan so they had to use this one. I liked one image in the theme song of PRLG where Furio's face came from Scorpius' eye, that was cool.

Villamax (PRLG, 1999)
He was the first general in Gingaman, he was to be the first one in PRLG but his costume came in late. Villamax saved Trakeena from being attacked and trained her to become a skilled warrio. Villamax is an honorable warrior who keeps his word, and loyally served and protected her. When Trakeena absorbed Deviot, she was changed, and Villamax was destroyed when he defied her. He is sort of a tragic figure, as his student killed him.

Barbarax (PRLG, 1999)
Captain Mutiny's right hand man. Barbarax was killed when Mutiny's castle was destroyed by Trakeena. There was not much to him.

Diabolico (PRLR, 2000)
Even though he was considered the main villain, Queen Bansheera was later revealed to be the big boss, Diabolico did fight the Rangers quite a bit. He made a bargain with Captain Mitchell to save Ryan but raised him to be evil. Later on, Diabolico did try to help the Rangers out. He was brainwashed and destroyed.

Retinaxe (PRWF, 2002)
He was just a mindless drone, fooled to fight. He fought the Rangers but was not successful. Master Org later destroyed Retinaxe to prevent him from revealing his true identity.

Zurgane (PRNS, 2003)
Even though there were other generals, he mostly was the main rough and tough warrior. Zurgane is constantly frustrated by the lack of seriousness on the part of those who work around him. Vexacus destroyed Zurgane.

Zeltrax (PRDT, 2004)
A tormented figure as he used to be Smitty and felt betrayed by Tommy, being transformed into a monster. Zeltrax ultimately went crazy and was destroyed.

Morticon (PRMF, 2006)
Mortion was first considered the leader but the Master was revealed to be the boss. He is so powerful that it makes it difficult for him to summon his power to the surface world. He was ultimately destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Snapper, Scorch and Whiger (PRJF, 2008)
They came in later on but they were generals and fighters. They didn't receive much development, except for Whiger. They were loyal to Dai Shi but not Jarrod, they killed Jellica.

General Shifter (RPM, 2009)
He was loyal to Venjix but was sabotaged by Tenaya, leading him to work on his own but ultimately was trumped and destroyed.

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