Saturday, October 30, 2010

General and Warrior Villain Action Figures

8 inch Evil Space Aliens Series One
Squatt, Goldar, Baboo, King Sphinx (Sphinx was just a monster of the day and was meant to be more involved but his costume was a mess). There was also a 8' Finster.

PVC Figurines Series One
Goldar, King Sphinx, Finster, Baboo and Squatt

A 5.5' inch Goldar was released during Season 2 (1994).

5.5' inch Rito Revolto figure was released. There was a PVC Rito was planned but not made.

Goldar and Rito figures were released in Zeo.

Rygog and Elgar were released in 1997 for Turbo.

Ecliptor was released in 1998 for In Space.

Barbarax was released as Space Android in 1999 for Lost Galaxy.

Frax was released in 2001 for Time Force.

Jindrax figure released in 2002 for Wild Force.

Zenaku was released with spin-action morphing into Lunar Wolf Ranger head.

Zurgane was released in 2003 for Ninja Storm.

Vexacus was released in 2004 for Ninja Storm.

A regular Zeltrax and a Crimson Zeltrax were released in 2004.

Broodwing came with the Power Rangers Mobile Control Center in the color above and was released on his own in magenta and red, not show accurate.

Knight Wolf was released in different forms, and a white/red re-color, he had 5 figures (not including the Megazord figure nor the small set figures).

This is the Legendary Battlizer figure and the Mystic Light Knight Wolf Knight Edition.

6.5" Dragon Morphin Knight Wolf

Wolf Warrior came in Ultimate Figure Set.

Camille released as 'Melle.'

Goldar was re-released (new mold) in 2010. Goldar has had six Action Figures, and over 10 toys/figurines all together.

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