Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Sentai: Villain and Monster Action Figures

Himitzu Sentai Goranger Kibitz
11 figures come with magent. Left to Right: Baseball Mask, Sunring Mask, Iron Mask, Black Cross Fuehrer, Golden Mask, Zolder and the Goranger. 2002.

Character Toei Goranger molding Part 1
Villains include Locomotive Mask, Cowshoe Mask, Baseball Mask, Command-in-Chief Golden Mask, and Zolder. 2006.

Character Toei Goranger molding Part 2
EVillains include Television Mask, Gold Mask, Black Cross Fuehrer, Cresent Moon Mask, and Poison Gas Mask. 2006.

SFX Goranger Sentai Heroes Poppy mini-statutes
(Left to Right, top row): Cowshoe Mask, Posion Gas Mask, Television Mask, Fire Mountain Mask Magman, Zolder
(Left to Right, second row): Stove Mask, Pinwheel Mask, Can Opener Mask, Clock Mask, Baseball Mask
(Left to Right, third row): Iron Princess Mask, Sunring Mask, Iron Mask, and Black Cross Fuehrer.
(Left to Right, bottom row): Deathbird Mask, Gold Mask, Steel Sword Dragon, Locomotive Mask.

Dark Knight of Sun Vulcan was released as a collectible figure.

Ultimate Solid Series: The Dark Heroes: Biohunter Silva

Liveman Figure Set
Set came with Ashura, Obular, Red Falcon, Professor Bias, Doctor Mazenda, and Beauty Beast Kemp.

Set of five figures: Wular, Dr. Rehda, Red Turbo, Zimba, and Princess Jasmin.

Nendora Machine
Playset with play-doh like containers to mold monsters out of.

Hanaranger Sakura Figure
Unknown if any other figures of the Hana no Kunoichi Team was made. I found this in a magazine scan of female figures.

Giant Roller
Came with three solid Baranoia villain statues.

Zonette - 1996
They had a trend of making figures of the villianesses. Nice detail, rather accurate.

Shibolena - 1997 (Megaranger)

Shelinda - 1998 (Gingaman)

Zylpheeza and Magma Golem were made in Bandai Japan first and later for Bandai America.
Jannu figure made for Abaranger. Came with other statuettes.

Wolzard figures and merchandise
Wolzard figure, his sword and shield, Wolzaphone and Wolzakaizer.

Sentai Hero Series: Black Lion Rio
Fully detailed and color-accurate rendition of the main antagonist of Gekiranger.

The only likenesses of Rio and Mele were in the Gekiranger mini-figures.

Girls In Uniform
(Clockwise starting from the grey one:) Queen Hedrian from "Sunvulcan," Chimera from "Dynaman," Mea from "Magiranger," Kegaleshia from "Go-Onger," Lije from "Abaranger," Zonnette from "Carranger," Queen Ahames from "Changeman," Furabiijo from "Hurricanger," Farrahcat from "Bioman," Shibolena from "Megaranger," Nai from "Magiranger," and Kirika from "Turboranger." Six of them (Queen Hedrian, Queen Ahames, Shibolena, Zonnette, Furabiijo, and Lije) are part of the Dark Heronies collection.

In August of 2009, the Japanese magazine Hyper Hobby (toys, hobbies) released a special edition of Mele, only available through them. You can look through the Yahoo Japan auctions, they have them up for like $50 and up.

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