Friday, October 29, 2010

Toys of the Main Arch Villains

UPDATED 10/12/15
Lord Zedd
For more on Lord Zedd (he had around 13 figures), check this out:

Rita Repulsa
It was made in 2011 during Power Rangers Super Samurai, unfortunately it did not sell well and can still be spotted in stores.

Ivan Ooze
Ivan Ooze got 3 figures (two in 1995 and one in 2014), so did Mordant, Hornitor and Scorpitron.

Master Vile
He only has two figures, he was a big threat for a while, not exactly a big boss but I still consider him so.

The first of two figures of villianesses but the only figure of a female boss. She had 'cape' action.

Captain Mutiny
Captain Mutiny came in as 'Space Buccaneer' probably because they didn't have a name yet and he came in late in the series. It was a very detailed figure.

In Lightspeed, not the main boss but he was the main villain for a while. He was first made in Bandai Japan, the rare villain figure.


RansikThe first exclusive toy that was only from Power Rangers and not Super Sentai was Ransik. Ransik came not only by himself but with Quantum Ranger in the Control Center set. He didn't have much articulation, I think only with his arms.

Master Org
This Savage Battle pack that came with five Rangers except for white came with Master Org, who didn't have much articulation.

Lothor came along with the Mobile Command Center and a hamster Sensei figure. I don't have a picture of the sensei and most fans say that Lothor ahd a different design and colors than the one in promotions, I don't know if this one is the before or after.

The Triceramax Command Center came with Mesogog but he could only move his arms.

Dai Shi
Dai Shi figure came in Jungle Fury, he also had another figure.

Moltor and Kamdor
Figures came out for PROO late in the game.

Master Xandred
A Deker action figure was also made along with Scorpion Zord that came with a small Xandred. Xandred also had a Squinkie and Mega Bloks figure.

Vrak was hard to find as it could mostly be found at CVS Pharamacy and sometimes at Target. It did come with other Megaforce Ranger figures at Toys R Us. He did get MegaBloks figures.

Prince Vekar
His figure was easier to find than his brother, as he has been spotted at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us, he is also available with the Super Megaforce figures. He has yet to have a Mega Bloks figure.

As of October 2015, has not be release. Most likely he will be released in late November.

Big Bosses that didn't get figures:
King Mondo
Dark Specter
Queen Bansheera
Emperor Grumm
The Master (his eye did come in a set)
Venjix (any of his forms)


agent-chliever said...

You'd have to wonder WGY there are so few villain toys. You'd think it'd be a huge market.

Andrew said...

i thought rita had a figure. it was all purple instead of her show colors.

Lavender Ranger said...

She did, she did, but not an action figure.

Sam Lavey said...

Rita Repulsa did have a prototype action figure, but was never finalized or released.