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Super Sentai: Villainesses


Sarome (Battle Fever J)
Egos American branch officer who came to Japan to aid Hedda with her super strength.

Keller and Mirror (Denjiman)
Female spies in sliver and gold respectively. Keller can change into a shield, and Mirror a vanity mirror.

Queen Hedrian (Denjiman/Sunvulcan)
Soga Machiko played her. Hates beauty and wants to pollute the world. She finds happiness in the suffering of humans. Her Sun Vulcan form got a Girls in Uniform figure.

Zero Girls (Sun Vulcan)
Four female spies.

Amazon Killer (Sun Vulcan)
Vader field officer who came from space.

Dr. Zazoriya (Goggle V)
A Dark Scientist scorpion-woman who builds mecha-motif robots. Rival of Dr. Igaana. Put to death by Deathmark.

Mazurka (Goggle V)
Serves Deathdark faithfully and with extreme fierceness against those who oppose Deathdark. She dies when showered with the powerful Hightron energy that makes her invisible and intangible while draining her life force considerably. She was expected to die from the process and the necklace given to her by Deathdark would explode for in reality it was a bomb. She took the control from Deathgiller and set the bomb to try to destroy Deathgiller, but failed.

Princess Chimera (Dynaman)
Megiddo's cousin and a witch has four tails. She has a Girls in Uniform figure.

Farrah (Bioman)
The female member of the Big Three. Uses beam weapons and leaves the dirty fighting to Faracat. Often disguises herself as human in her schemes. Later rebuilt.

Farrah's bodyguard who did the dirty work. Faracat is quick, agile and acrobatic. She had three assistants. Farrahcat got a Girls in Uniform figure.

Vice-Commander Seema (Changeman)
Princess of Amanga with a man's voice (until she defects to the Changemen).

Queen Ahameth (Changeman)

She is from Amazo and has a three-headed pet dragon. She had a Girls in Uniform figure.

Ley Nefel/Nefelura (Flashman)
Catlike field commander who can transform into utterly bestial Nefelura. She had two assistants called Ulk and Kilt.

Prince Igam and
Ninja Fumin (Maskman)
True heir to the throne. A woman raised as a man. Ends up a nun after realizing the error of his/her ways. Fumin is a Kunoichi assumes guises. Though she learns her mistress's identity, Fumin remains by Igam's side until she is killed in the Underground Castle.

Doctor Mazenda/Machine Mazenda/Robo Mazenda (Liveman)
Formerly Senda Rui, Megumi's rival at Academia.

Princess Jarmin and Kirika (Turboranger)
Jarmin was a magician able to change herself into a snake-faced form. Kirika was a half-human, half Violent Demon that changes into student Tsukikage Sayoko. Armed with the five-pointed Ringknife. Can combine with Armor Violent Demon to become Armored Kirika.

Doldora and Zaza (Fiveman)
Doldora was a female scientist in gold armor over black tights. Zaza was Doldora's underling in black tights with purple armor.

Mari a (Jetman)
She was formerly known as Ryuu's true love Rei. She has a tragic story, she was turned evil and then died in Ryuu's arms.

Empress Juuza (Jetman)
She was the previous ruler of Vyram, Juuza along her underlings Radiguet, Grey, and Toran had conquered many dimensions. Thought to be dead in the last battle in the back dimension, she returned after a long sleep, and came to Earth via a meteroite om Episode 17.

Bandora had a son name Kai, he was squished by dinosaurs after playing with dino eggs. She became a witch to get revenge. She loved her son dearly. Soga Machiko played Bandora and many many other characters.

Grifforzer's wife. Lami had a son by the end of Zyuranger. She is the first villainess to switch back and forth to human face to costume and not become a fully-costumed monster at the end.

In Dairanger, she was the lone woman, she had a vendetta against a woman named Kujaku and she had two forms, but she turned out to be a clay copy.

[Kakuranger had the Hana Ninjas as villainesses.]

Empress Hysteria
Hysteria was the most devoted and loyal wife and mother. She helped her son Buldont get a new form. She risked her life for her grandson. She is the first Sentai villainess to not have a human face but to be in a costume completely.

Princess Multiwa
Niece of Hysteria and wife of Kaiser Buldont. She had a son by the end of Ohranger.
She is the second Sentai villainess to not have a human face but to be in a costume completely.

Field commander who rules Machine Beasts with whip and had a human disguise. Didn't appear in Zeo but part of her costume was used for another background monster. She is the 2nd villainess to switch back and forth to human face to costume and not become a fully-costumed monster at the end.

Sexy girlfriend of Gynamo, She fell madly in love with Red Racer. Radiata Fanbelt (White Racer) is her sister. She returned during the finale and talked Gynamo into teaming up with the Carrangers. She had an action figure and had a Girls in Uniform figure.

Modeled after Hinelar's dead daughter, she died in the end. She had an action figure and had a Girls in Uniform figure.

She had an action figure. helinda also had a personal dislike for Hayate. While in battle one time she received a bloody injury by him and she never forgave him for it. She was defeated and resurrected in a teamup. She had an action figure.

She is an Egyptian-themed, spiteful, and ambitious sorceress.She arranged Budou's death, having grown too impatient to wait for her turn against the Gingaman and to revive Daitanikusu. Having succeeded, in becoming the new general, she intended to revive Daitanix through sorcery. She had a more powered-up form too.

In GoGoV, she was the queen mother of the demons, was the final villain and defeated. She is the third Sentai villainess to not have a human face but to be in a costume.

Daughter of Grandiene. She used a spider parasite to siphon life force from Matoi to Zylpheeza but she was stopped so she sacrified her own life force to resurrect Zylpheeza in episode 47.

Disguise expert partner whom actually selected the four Timeranger to traveled to the 21st century, in the guise of Team Captain Ryuuya. After Dornero's death, Lila went into hiding.

I forgot about her. She enlarged monsters and returned in the Hurri vs Gao teamup and Bouken vs. Sentai special. She became a fully-costume monster twice (two different forms--Onihime and Armored Tsuetsue) at one point for a short time.

Wendinu and Furabijou
Space Ninjas, Wendinu was the sexy one, Furabijou was the fun one. Furabijou had a Girls in Uniform figure.

She invaded the body of Mahoro, Asuka's lady love and fought him often. In the end, Mahoro returned to normal. She had a Girls in Uniform figure.

Little girl, really was Kasumi, Asuka and Mahoro's daughter, that was used as a conduit for the main boss. She later speed-grown into Rijewel, who tried to use her sexy feminine wilds for her crush over Mikoto. Rijewel became a costumed monster (DezumoRijewel) for one episode. She later returned into a baby girl. Rije got a Girl in Uniform figure.

Vampire Queen, sole female of the bad guys in Magiranger. She flirted with Buranken and Wolzard.
A man played her in costume. She is the 3rd villainess to switch back and forth to human face to costume and not become a fully-costumed monster at the end.

Nai (left) and Mea (right)
Vancuria's other form, they both got Girls in Uniforms figures. They became good and had reviving abilities.

Sphinx (Magiranger)
After N. Ma's defeat, Sphinx became the new ruling leader of the new Infershia, ending the war between her kind and Magitopia peacefully, and she began rebuilding the Kedomono Realm.

Kazu no Shizuka
She was a ninja treasure hunter. She became a fully-costume super monster at one point for a short time.

She was the first villainess to have a mecha. She had an exclusive Girls in Uniform figure, only available to a few. She died with her love Rio. She is the fourth villainess to switch back and forth to human face to costume and not become a fully-costumed monster at the end.

Rageku from Gekiranger
Rageku is the Grand Mistress of the Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist, whose fighting style focuses on pain and suffering. She can deflect their attacks and mastered to use her opponent's Ki against them. Much like Kata, Rageku uses her students and makes them suffer. She is more dedicated to jealously and betrayal. She also had a relationship with Master Shafu long ago.

Go-Onger villainess, she had a Girls in Uniform figure. She was in charge of the Water Bankijyu. She grew huge once. She was part of the G3 singing group with Go-On Yellow and Silver. She ended up dying but helped out the Go-Onger.

Complicated villainess from Shinkenger, was once human. She is the fourth Sentai villainess to not have a human face but to be completely in costume, eleven years since GoGoV's Grandinne (Vancuria and Mele had human forms). A man played her in costume.

Metal Alice of Agent
In Goseiger, a villainess that came in late. She is part of the third group the Matrintis. She is the fifth Sentai villainess to not have a human face but to be in a costume. A man plays her in costume.

Development Technical Officer Insarn is Zangyack's green-skin mad scientist, supplying the Action Commanders with powerful weapons and modifications. Using a special energy gun, she can resurrect an Action Commander who were defeated and make them grow giant.


Unknown said...

did you forget tsue tsue from gaoranger?

Luca said...

And out of all of them, the worst looking (Bandora)just HAD to become the most iconic...

Anonymous said...

Rije was Asuka and Mahoro's daughter, not mother. After reverting to be a baby she was renamed Mikoto in memory of AbareKiller.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Mazurka from Goggle V

Anonymous said...

some others: Zenobia from Dynaman, Sphinx from Magiranger, Rageku from Gekiranger; and Ilies as well (Gingaman)