Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goofiest Power Ranger Villain Plots

This is not a definitive list. I know Super Sentai had ridiculous plots, but here are some from Power Rangers that I can remember...

I know in MMPR, they had pretty goofy plots, but turning the Rangers into bricks?!

Turning an innocent doll to life and have him collect junk for you?

Turning the Rangers into cardboard cutouts?

Trapping a boy in a spinny toy thing?

I am pretty much picking out when Rita and Zedd turned the Rangers into stuff. They turned them into footballs, Pachinko balls (which was inspired by Dairanger--but in Dairanger they were instantly turned back, it was to play with them) and more.

Reversing time, turning the Rangers into kids, not just once but twice.

In Turbo, they meant to turn the Rangers into animals, but accidentally turn a dog into a human and Elgar's zord into a camel. This was not a plot from Carranger.

Also in Turbo, four Rangers were shrunk and slowly turned into bugs. This was not a plot from Carranger.

Even though fans didn't like grandma Matchmaker and that Andros and the Stowaway episode, those were not evil plots, here is a In Space plot I didn't like was the Brazillian Stinger episode, couldn't find a picture. Oh and having sewer turtles run a space ship? lord.

In Lost Galaxy, stealing women's beauty anyone?

I know this is another transformation plot, but omg, how sexist is this? Turning the girls into trophies?

In Lightspeed Rescue, a tornado versus a space shuttle???!

In Time Force's Movie Madness, everyone was in danger, except for Katie, who was in a horirble musical, were her ears in danger?

In Wild Force, turning women into mannequins? How about putting them in a wood chipper?

In Ninja Storm, Tori is sent to another dimension through a water wave?! Not a Hurricanger plot.

Thunder Rangers trapped in popcorn? Not a Hurricanger plot.

The evil girls loose their PAM to a little boy?

Slowly turning Cam into a bug? Already saw it in The Fly and that did not fare well.

In Dino Thunder, turning a TV mascot into a monster?

Mesogog thought this spoiled actress was a perfect specimen and wanted to kidnap her? Ugh.

Turning a teacher into a monster? Also happened in Season 3 of MMPR with Rocky's teacher. Not a good idea then, not a good idea there. I mean, why not a warrior or a general or an assassin?

In SPD, the monster turned people into dolls for Mora.

Morgana gives a down and out magician named Mysticon a magic wand in exchange for his help in destroying the Power Rangers. He hypnotized Syd and kidnapped Omega and Shadow, reminded me of a 60's Batman plot.

As for Mystic Force, turning the Rangers into feathers! This was a response to the source Magiranger episode, where it was parasites in the tummy.

I might have forgotten some.

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Slasher49 said...

How about the time in Turbo when the gardener monster creates bee-colored clothing wearing drones to find Divatox's coin or whatever.