Friday, October 29, 2010

Rita Repulsa Merchandise (Purple Rita)

UPDATED 10/12/15
We did not get a Rita Repulsa Action Figure but we did get various in merchandise and she had a purple dress.

Rita Repulsa plush figure

Above is the squeeze light and a small figurine that can with King Sphinx, Goldar, Putty, Squatt and Baboo.

Purple and pink Rita (with no breast cones) appeared in the 1995 World Tour stage show.

There was a Rita figure planned back in 1993 but it wasn't approved by regulations and was not mass-produced. Fans have wanted a show-accurate figure ever since. Rumors are that some in Bandai America do want a Rita figure but the higher ups believe it won't sell.

In the "The Wedding" two-parter, there was a wedding cake with Rita and Zedd on top. The Zedd figure is indeed the Bandai American Zedd action figure. Rita---it looks to me like the prototype form the last photo but it could be the puppet model made for when she was shrunk.

2011 Power Rangers Samurai Rita Repulsa
Released in 2011.

Rita Repulsa Loyal Subjects

SDCC 2015 Translucent Rita Repulsa Loyal Subjects

SDCC 2015 Metallic Rita Repulsa vs Pink Ranger Loyal Subjects
Rita Repulsa Imaginext
Comes with big old Goldar

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