Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power Rangers: Monster-making or Monster-providing and/or Scientist Villains

Finster (MMPR)
The first and premiere monster maker, he sculpted them out of clay and put them in his Monster maker, making a monster. He also got the super putty to make super putties. He would design monsters from time to time in season three and created a new super scepter for Rita in Zeo. In Season 2, Zedd made monsters. And then with Rita in that season and season 3. He was destroyed by Zordon's wave.

, Porto is the scientific advisor. Once he tried to prove his unappreciated worth, and grew to an enormous size so he could walk all over Angel Grove. Like Rito and Scorpina, he did not appear in "Countdown to Destruction," so it is unknown if he was destroyed.

Jinxer (PRLR, 2000)
Jinxer summons monsters and makes them big. He was destroyed by the Omega Megazord.

In Dino Thunder (2004), Messogog, Zeltrax and Elsa would take turns mixing things together to make a monster.

Mora (SPD, 2005)
Broodwing and Morgana would provide aliens, but Mora drew monsters. I didn't like this factor as there were so many planets in this season but why couldn't they just provide alien criminals, why did have to make more aliens exist?

Venjix (RPM, 2009)
Venjix, General Shifter, Crunch and Tenaya all made Attack Bots from time to time.

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