Monday, October 25, 2010

Lord Zedd Merchandise

UPDATED 10/12/15

8 inch Deluxe Space Aliens (1994)
The first Lord Zedd figure, I have this one, he came with a grey 'Z' staff with a pointing end. he was a bit bulky.

Collectible Figures Series 2 (1994)
I believe I have this guy too. It is a small collectible statue. There was going to be a second figure for season 3 but was never made.

Evil Space Aliens Evil Light Lord Zedd (1994)
5.5' inch figure, similar to the 8 inch one but it lit up. Well, the chest did, a dim light.

Red Ranger's Micro Morphin Playset (1995)
Power Morpher opened up to reveal playset with Red Ranger and Lord Zedd mini figures.

Micro Machines Red Ranger Set (1995)
It came with Red Ranger and Putty small figures and bigger Red Dragon Thunderzord and Lord Zedd by Hasbro/Bandai.

Lord Zedd Soft Figure (1995)

Lord Zedd Squeeze Light (1995)
Night Light.

5.5' Lord Zedd (1995)
His torso was a bit skinner and he didn't light up. This also came out with the Movie Edition figures.

Talking Lord Zedd (1995)
Came out during Season 3, he was to match the 8 inch talking Rangers, bascially the same as the first Lord Zedd but spoke.

There was to be a Lord Zedd playset back in 1995 but never was made.


Super Legends Lord Zedd (2008)
A chase figure of Lord Zedd came with the Jungle Fury line. Green Ranger was also released. This is the most articulate and detailed Lord Zedd we have ever gotten. Came with silver Z staff with no point.

Collectible Pink Ranger and Lord Zedd Set (2010)
Made for the MMPR 2010 toy line, the set is extremely hard to find. But the two can be found in a big set with the others.

Mighty Morphin Figure Pack (2010)
A less detailed Lord Zedd came with other figures.

Lord Zedd Figure (2010)
Hard to find, released mid-way in 2010. 4 inch tall, less detailed and articulate as the Super Legends figure. Came with black Z staff.

Lord Zedd Adult T-Shirts (2009-2010)
T-Shirts came out recently. I don't like the one to the left.

 Legacy Lord Zedd (2014)
Came out in a box similar to the triangular 1993 8 inch Mighty Morphin figures even though he originally came in a rectangular box.

Metallic Lord Zedd
SDCC 2015 Exclusive with White Ranger

 Lord Zedd Loyal Subjects

Lord Zedd Translucent Loyal Subjects
SDCC 2015 Exclusive

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Luca said...

I actually made up a backstory for this guy that involves the Soul Edge, as well as a reborn version of him (I'm not familiar with MMPR, but I assume he died) where he's more attractive and human-like but with pure white skin.