Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poll Results: Age of Average Blog Readers

don't be shy: What is your real age?
So the average age, more or less, judging by a month this poll has been up, is ages 18 to 21.

Ages 18 to 21 -- 105 of 338 votes [31%]
Ages 13 to 17 -- 101 of 338 votes [29%]
Ages 22 to 25 -- 49 of 338 votes [14%]
Ages 10 to 12 -- 30 of 338 votes [8%]
Ages 26 to 30 -- 21 of 338 votes [6%]
Over 40 -- 18 of 338 votes [5%]
Ages 31 to 39 -- 9 of 338 votes [3%]
Ages Under 10 -- 5 of 338 votes [2%]

I am 27, so I am one of 21 that are between the ages of 26 to 30. Now, I put 'over 40' cause I knew there was going to be a few. There ended up being only 18. I was surprised there was only 9 votes for over 30, I guess I should have just put it as 'over 30' instead of 'over 40.' And it is no surprise that the Tokusatsu target audience of under 10 only reached 5. It could be that those under 10 didn't see the poll and didn't vote or isn't aware of the website. Most in the under 10 set just play games online, I know this because I am an elementary school substitute teacher currently. And when they are online, they just play games and so does my 7 year-old nephew.

And it is not surprise that the most that visit this site is from the ages of 13 to 21 because Power Rangers started 17 years ago and that target audience is 2 to 10. So when it started, most of these people grew up watching it. This is a very interesting poll. I like it. The over 30 set is not a surprise either because Super Sentai started about 34 years ago, so same thing as Power Rangers--they grew up with it.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Back in Black Review

"Back in Black" Review

I had to review this episode, it was so father-trucking good!!! My insider friend has been telling for months that the last 10 episodes were kick butt and he was right. Spoilers below.

Basically Kit comes back but with the Onyx deck---which Eubulon gives him. He initially doesn't want to take it, because of his nightmares of him venting Kase and Len---which we get a long flashback of. So, the twist of Ryuki is that Kit is Onyx and Adam is dragon. When Kit returns to the base, Trent and him have a funny reunion--they don't know if to hug or shake hands. Len and Kase also have a happy reunion--no mention of she will get the Siren deck back yet. Price, Hunt, and Chance can't get over why everyone is scared of them.

Adam comes to save Maya and Kit comes in, we see the twins---very good double-screen effect, not cheesy at all. They did very well with the 'double' shoulders as well. Most times when they use an actor twice in two roles on television, we see too much shoulder of the 'stand-in' double. Here, we see veyr little, making it very fluid. And the scene was rather quick, leaving little time to the eye to dwell on the same actor playing dual roles. You can really believe they are two seperate people. Or maybe I am kissing too much butt. And in the end of the episode, Eubulon decides to give Adam the benefit of the doubt---leading to the next episode, should they trust Adam when Len and Kit clearly don't?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Poll Results: Your favorite female duo?

Trini & Kimberly
85 votes, they win! It was inevitable because they were the first girl duo ever and were a good one at that.

Summer & Gema
38 votes, second place

Cassie & Ashley
22 votes, votes started picking up by the last two weeks.

Syd & Z
13 votes

Kimberly & Aisha
10 votes

Maya & Karone
4 votes

Dana & Kelsey
2 votes

Aisha & Katherine
1 vote

Couldn't find pictures:
Katherine & Tanya -- 10 votes
Kendrix & Maya -- 4 votes
Jen & Katie -- 4 votes
Alyssa & Taylor -- 2 votes
Madison & Vida -- 11 votes
Rose & Ronny -- 7 votes

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 TV Jan Schedule

ABC Kids has release which episodes they will be airing. They begin airing on January 2, 2010, meaning the last four episodes of RPM will not be rerun. I must reiterate that these MMPR episodes are the old original episodes and not 'new' ones. They are just re-edited to be shorter [for commercials and FCC rules] and made to be in better quality. There is two episodes per week until January 23, where they go by one episode.

Saturday Jan 2
Day of the Dumpster
After ten thousand years, Rita Repulsa and her goons are free and they plan to conquer Earth. But, Zordon and Alpha learn about the danger and recruit a team of teenagers with attitude -- the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
Original Air date: Saturday 8/28/1993

High Five
As the kids climb to the top of the rope, Trini confronts an old fear of heights. Meanwhile, Rita unleashes a new plot against the Power Rangers. She creates Bones and sends our heroes to another dimension.
Original Air date: Tuesday 09/07/1993

Saturday Jan 9
The girls lead a drive to clean up the environment, but Rita has other plans when Kimberly and Trini walk into her waste dump. She also sends the mighty Minotaur to defeat our heroes.
Original Air date: Wednesday 09/08/1993

A Pressing Engagement
The girls lead a drive to clean up the environment, but Rita has other plans when Kimberly and Trini walk into her waste dump. She also sends the mighty Minotaur to defeat our heroes.
Original Air date: Thursday 09/09/1993

Saturday Jan 16
Different Drum
Kimberly's student lives in a silent world of the hearing impaired but that doesn't stop her from saving her friends from Rita's Gnarly Gnome. This episode including others didn't get re-run on ABC Family.
Original Air date: Friday 09/10/1993

Food Fight
Angel Grove is having a food festival which soon turns into a food fight. Meanwhile, Rita is under the weather and sends the ravenous Pudgy Pig to take it out on Earth.
Original Air date: Saturday 09/04/1993

There was 60 episodes in Season One, if it is 2 per week, then it will only take 30 weeks. And since there are 52 weeks per year, I am guessing there will only be 22 weeks of 'repeats' or let's call them 'encores' for argument sake. Season 2 had 52 episodes, that can be covered in 26 weeks or so, so maybe there won't be 'encores' and just straight season 1 and 2 for 2010--well the last 8 episodes of season 2 would be in the first four weeks of 2011 if they decided to run season 1 straight without interruptions and run season 2 after. --- It has since revealed that they won't have them 2 per week after this.

UPDATED 12/2/09
I will be posting the ABC episodes but not right after they air. It is being a real hassle getting up at 5am [because that is when my local ABC channel airs them] to record the show and upload it online. So I will upload them whenever I have time [or feel like it] and I will not say when, YouTube viewers be inconvenienced. I will be working on Saturdays starting January. And I won't be posting any other season episodes before or after the new final four RPM episodes air because I don't have any.

Saturday Jan 23
"Big Sisters"
Trini and Kimberly have to mind over a mischievous brat Maria who is kidnapped by Rita.
Only one episode that day.

Saturday Jan 30
"Switching Places"
Billy and Kimberly switch places thanks to a malfunction to his machine thanks to Squatt.
Only one episode that day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - keeping track of the mirror twins

This is to keep track of the Ventaran and Earth Riders, I will update this when more twins are revealed. The biggest way to tell the difference visually is that the Ventaran Riders wear black all the time.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kit / Adam
This post isn't about telling them apart, it's more about the names, keeping track of them all. There is a lot of differences between them, what happened to them but it's all about choices. I think in the core, they are the same guy. Adam was the youngest of the Ventaran Riders and wanted out, he was 'tricked' by Xaviax and gave him in the 'in' to where the other Riders slept. Xaviax vented them all and Adam came out as the traitor. Adam and his girlfriend Sarah currently reside in a dimension Xaviax created in order for Sarah to think it's still Ventara. Kit was just a normal kid when his dad gets kidnapped by Xaviax in order to manipulate him and he had to prove himself as a warrior.

Drew / Chance
I am sure fans love that Chris Foley is back. Them having different names is interesting because it is like they are physically [dna] the same person but their parents named them different names--all by choices and differences in their planets.

James / Price
I am not crazy about the name, sound richy and stuck-up.

Danny / Hunt
It is still too early to tell the difference between the two but it seems they are both loners but danny was more about family.

I didn't cover Siren because even though Maya is the Earth Siren, she is not her mirror twin.

Lady Gaga is a Sentai Villainess

While ItsMorphinTime of Rangerboard has covered this in September, I have more comparisons to how Lady Gaga's outfits look like they are inspired by Sentai & PR villains/and or characters.
Most of these outfits are from the Video Music Awards
Above left: Her white mousy outfit looks like Furabijou of Hurricanger/Marah of Ninja Storm; Above right: the white bloody outfit looks to be inspired by Lira of Timeranger/Nadira of Time Force and a bit of Shelinda's [of Gingaman]; Bottom Left: the seashell one looks a bit like Shibolina of Megaranger; Bottom right: the last one looks more inspired by European styles but has a touch of divatox of Power Rangers Turbo and Bandora of Zyuranger/Rita of PR.

ItsMorphinTime also mentioned this outfit above looks a bit like the red judge of the Tribunal of Magic in Mystic Force, who was not technically a villain--nor good or evil, it was neutral. The headdress is different and Ms. Gaga is showing panties.

I chose not to cover the bird nest outfit, but I agree with ItsMorphinTime that it looks like Lokar/daiSatan.


Now people are comparing her American Music Awards outfit to either Shrieker (Mystic Force), Lord Zedd or Skellerina (MMPR Season 2 monster).

(1993) ZZ Zeri/ Delisha Ennivel's glasses probably inspired Lady Gaga's Cigarette glasses.

Poll Results: Do you think the vented Kamen Riders will Return?

Do you think the vented Kamen Riders will Return?
Only Dragon Knight because it is his show -- 26 out of 145 [17%]
All of them -- 114 out of 145 [78%]
No, Never -- 5 out of 145 [5%]

I have a new poll asking which Kamen Rider Sting should Master Eubulon take out of the Advent Void, if our dear Earthling Chris that we have grown to know or the original Ventaran Rider? Now, the show has already been shot and edited almost a year ago now, so this poll has no real pull, but I thought it would be interesting to know where fans were in the subject.