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New Dino Supercharge Dino Charger Power Packs spotted

UPDATED 12/11/15 8:30 PM EST
Updated the Dino Chargers List
8 new packs were found under the Dino Supercharge label. It seems the translucent Dino toys are under "Series 2" and regular ones are "Series 1" regardless of season. There will also be re-packaged toys under the "Supercharge" label, some spotted have been Sledge and Puzzler among others.
Pics from @AdamEric26 who lives in Colorado Springs.
 Translucent Dino Slow with All-Blue Dino Slow Charger and "Egg" Ptera Charger and Translucent Dino Helio comes with All-Blood Orange charger and "Egg" Pachy Zord Charger.

Super T-Rex with the Supercharger and #23 Dino Clone Fossil Charger and Translucent Dino Armor X with All-Orange charger and "Egg" Ankylo Charger.

Plesio with regular Plesio charger and Fossil Victory Charger and Ankylo with regular Ankylo Charger and Fossil Supercharge T-Rex 1+.

 Following from @rangercrew 's Ranger Crew Media Instagram page
Translucent Dino Cupid with All-Magenta charger and "Egg" Dino Squash and Dino Blaze with All-scarlet charger and "Egg" Dino Cycle charger.
Maximum T-Rex (Gold) with Fossil #7 and Translucent and Glittery Maximum charger.

Translucent Ankylozord with All-Aqua Ankylo Charger and Egg Plesiozord.

Silver Victory T-Rex with Fossil Plesio and Translucent and Glittery Victory Charger

Dino Clone with #23 and Fossil Maximum charger

#16 with All Indigo Charger and Egg #23
Oviraptor with #17 all-color and Egg 1+
Translucent Plesiozord with All-Purple and Egg #1

If all Chargers have four versions: Regular, Fossil, All-color (Animation) and Translucent All-color with Yellow (or Egg), then we are missing about 24 more chargers. There are 15 so far, if all waves have 12, 9 more for the next wave (Fall 2016). Since the Maximum and Victory Chargers are glittery and translucent, they might do that for +1 T-Rex Supercharger.

We are missing 15 which would be 7 packs:
 1. Brachio Charger
[I assume Brachio pack]
2. Dino Armor Charger (Egg)
3. Brachio Charger (All Silver)
[I assume translucent Brachio zord]
4. Brachio Charger (Fossil)
5. Brachio Charger (Egg)
6. Dino Laugh Charger (All Lavender)
[I assume Dino Laugh Translucent]
7. Dino Hypnotize Charger (egg)
8. Dino Helio Charger (egg)
9. Spino Charger
[I assume Spino zord pack]
10. Spino Charger (egg)
11. Spino Charger (fossil)
12. Spino Charger (all navy)
[I assume Translucent Spinozord]
13. Egg Victory Charger
14. Egg Maximum Charger
15. All Silver Dino Clone Charger
It really saddens me that this much effort has been put in the Dino Charger packs when there was so little in the Ranger Key packs. There is so far over 32 Dino Charger Power Packs and there will probably be over 48 of them. As for the Ranger Keys, they had around 40 packs. I understand that Super Megaforce only lasted one year and that Dino Charge is running for two but it is still unfair they had to discriminate against gender.

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Wishing for a Hero - Episode Review

Pictures from Power Rangers Twitter
The Rangers orchestrate an elaborate plan as construction workers to find a new Purple Ranger by putting Kendall in fake danger but only find a guy wanting money. Kendall berates him and Chase gives him money. Kendall and the boys do it again and again but with no results. The Energem does not react. She says an unbonded Energem will be dangerous if it falls into wrong hands. Fury stops Wishstar from attacking them, saying he is after the Purple Energem. Wishstar freezes Fury with a wish and runs off. A fortune teller calls the Rangers' attention with her wish cards which WishStar tampered with. Tyler and Shelby bump into them. Koda and Chase make wishes. Koda's wish comes true with a burger and Chase with a girl. Shelby, Tyler and Ivan also make wishes.
Sledge is made at Fury about losing Wishstar. Sledge figures out a plan and digs out the dangerous solitary confinement cell.. Heckel (Power Rangers Twitter spelling)/Heckyl (Closed Captioning spelling), which scares the other monsters. Sledge says Heckyl looks human and wants him to get the Purple Energem. Heckyl wants blows up two blue guards and a partnership. Heckyl opens the cages and Fury closes them. Sledge says they have a deal. Tyler wants a picnic but only Shelby is in. Kendall and Riley keep searching for the Ranger. Ivan covers Chase's shift. Koda is sick. Shelby's wish was to be alone with Tyler which is coming true.
Shelby gets wet with bubble soap on the picnic. Shelby's good turns out to be full of CGI ants. Tyler and Shelby shake off ants. Shelby slips the word 'date' in. Tyler gets distracted by a man who she thinks is his dad, chases after him and bumps into Wishstar. Shelby blasts it and Wishstar runs off. Shelby thinks both their wishes went bad. Shelby doesn't admit her wish was a date. Ivan's wish comes true in saving a Damsel in Distress in an employee falling after talking with Kendall. Kendall figures out all the wishes of the Rangers.  Kendall goes to wish for a Purple Ranger while Ivan's shoulder hurts.
In the cave, Ivan complains of injuring his back. Koda has a stomach ache. Chase returns, saying the girl broke his heart and his skateboard. Tyler and Shelby arrive and they figure out the wish cards are cursed. They run off to stop Kendall. They can't stop her in time and she gets saved by Heckyl when almost run over by a car. She thinks he is her Ranger and eve though the Rangers arrive, she tries to give him the Energem. His hand glows blue and the gem ends up with Wishstar. Heckyl runs off. Fury arrives and wishes him to explode and takes the Purple Energem and leaves. The Rangers morph and fight Wishstar. They make the T-Rex Chopper and Triple Striker and take down Wishstar. With Dino Spike, he is out and made giant. The Megazord calls Ankylo and Pachy and are held back by Vivizords. Pterazord helps them. They destroy the villains.
Wrench makes Sledge a blaster with the Purple Energem. Heckyl returns and call Sledge a partner. He wants to put Heckyl in his cage. Heckyl gets knocked back in thanks to the Purple Energem. Heckyl says Sledge will pay. Back at the cave, Ivan wishes they didn't make wishes. Keeper says a weak speech. Kendall says the obvious. Riley wants to use logic and break into his ship to get the Energem.
(Picture from Davi Santos' Twitter)
Heckyl is a hell of a villain, I would rather have him replace Sledge as the main villain. He is great and I feel great chemistry between him and Sledge. Heckyl's monstrous side is Snide and Snide will get an action figure soon. Heckyl's actor is great and deliciously wicked. The suit for Snide is actually Neo Gieldon from Kyoyruger vs Go-Busters. So technically Heckyl doesn't have a counterpart in Kyoryuger but he pretty much serves as a wrench in the cogs like Deviot of Lost Galaxy, Serrator of Samurai or even Vrak of Megaforce. I like the progress between Shelby and Tyler but dislike the obviousness of Tyler wishing for his dad. Would've been nice that the surprise was that Tyler didn't wish for his dad.

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Super Sentai: Different shades of Colors 2015

Here is the third round of the colors used so far for auxiliary mecha in Sentai. All of them have different shades in their subcategories as well. Many of the auxiliary mecha have debatable colors, is it cyan or aqua or green? Power Ranger names are in italics. I guess this post isn't friendly to those who are color blind. To be clear, I am only covering auxiliary 'zords' and any mecha belonging to antagonists (like Wolzard, and Mele), not main zords of Rangers.

Orange (13)
Gao Giraffe/Giraffe Zord was more like a carrot orange, Gao Jaguar of Gao God/(not given a name) is a pale light orange with tinges of amber color (Crayola's Atomic Tangerine). It is close to peach-orange or coral but it's not. Ankyloveilus/Ankylozord was a yellow-orange or Gamboge, GoGo Drill/Drill Driver was a plain orange, maybe like Home Depot orange, Carrigator/Croczord is a vivid strong shade of orange and Kabuto Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is almost like a orange-red-y color. TyrannoHeader of Goseiger (2010) is a bright orange and one of the Exotic Brother dragon headers is a pale orange-yellow. Kabuto Headder is a dark orange with silver. Toqger (2014)'s CarCarrier Ressha and Claw Ressha are light-orange while Toq6Gou's BuildRessha is a darker orange. Dino Maru from Ninninger (2015) is a similar orange to GoGoDrill.

Different shades of Green (13)
Gao Gorrilla/Green Gorilla was a regular green, Gao Ligator/Alligator was a dark green, but the toy was just a darker shade that Gorrilla. Gao Deer/Deer was a light paler green. Trance Spider/Spider Power Sphere was a basic green, the same shade as Shurikenger/Green Samuari Ranger. Parasarokkiru/Parazord was lime green. Rin Chameleon/Chameleon was a basic green. GoGoMixer/Cement Driver was like a JohnDeer Green. GekiElephant/Elephant sure does stand out with the other greens doesn't it? I really feel it is part of the teal/cyan ones but EVERYONE, many fans, say it is green. So I put it here to show it is not really that green. I believe it is a dark teal or dark Cerulean. One of the Exotic Brother dragons of Goseiger (2010) is a toxic acid green and the Mystic Runner is a dark shade of forest green, almost the shade of the Trance Spider. Shield Ressha of Toqger (2014) is a dark green, Paonmaru from Ninninger (2015) is a similar green to Trance Spider and Mystic Runner. FS-00 from Go-Busyers (2012) is a regular green, similar to Gao Gorilla.

Periwinkle / Cyan / Teal (16)
Gao Elephant/Elephant Zord, as I mentioned before was the first to be of this unique combination of the colors blue and green. This color is the most highly debated color, is it green or blue? Gao Elephant is teal or cerulean and Gao Rhino is Colombina Blue or a mix of maya blue with cerulean. Gao Condor was like a dark cyan. Tortuise Hammer/Turtle Mace, one of the Karakuri Balls, was a Cornflower Blue. Dimenokodon/Dimetrozord was like a light teal, Go Go Shovel/Shovel Driver was cyan (brighter than periwinkle), Geki Shark/Shark Zord was aqua, K-Line/(not given a name in RPM) is light periwinkle, very pale, and Marlin Kaijiki/Swordfish Zord (Shinkenger 2009/Samurai) is a dark cyan, it is more blue than green. And as for Goseiger 2010, we got the three Seaick Brothers that are more or less the same shade of teal. The Sawshark is a bit darker and the Mantaray is brighter. And one of the Exotic Brothers is a light sea-green shade too. In Kyoruger (2013)/Dino Charge (2015), Kyoryu Cyan has a periwinkle Ankydon/Ankylo Zord. Toqger (2014) has Tank Reesha that is cyan and Ninninger (2015) has UFOmaru which is the same shade.

Indigo / Navy (12)
Whatever people might call this color, purple or blue, it is a darker shade of blue. I would consider Squid Attacker/(no name given), GoGo Crane/Crane Driver, and GekiBat/Bat Zord indigo. Gorai Stag/Navy Beetlezord is of course Navy. Jumbo-whale/Whale Zord is Royal Blue, a light navy color if that makes sense. Carnoryutus (Abaranger 2003) is a interesting shade, like a pale Ultramarine and a bit grey-ier. Goseiger (2010): Gosei Bird is indigo-cobalt blue, Sea Lion is regular blue and Gosei Dolphin is dark blue with yellow. Li-Oh of Go-Busters (2012) is highly debated if Indigo or purple. Tobaspino/Spinozord from Kyoryuger (2013)/Dino Charge (2015-2016) is navy. Drill Ressha from Toqger (2014) is also navy. 

Purple / Violet (10)
GaoHammer/Hammerhead Shark was the first purple anything in Sentai history, it was a vivid and perky shade of violet. GaoMajiro/Armadillo Zord was a lavender color, light violet. Kabuto Gani/Sting Blaster was a like a Royal Purple. Bakikeonagrus/Cephalazord is a mildly-dark violet with mixes of red or Electric Indigo. Geki Wolf/Wolf Zord was more of a purple than a violet. Violet is tangy, more pink-ish. I am covering GekiViolet/Wolf Ranger's mecha/zord because there is so little purple. Ika Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is white and lavender. One of the Exotic Brother Dragons of Goseiger (2010) is a tangy purple. Plesion/Plesiozord from Kyoryuger (2013)/Dino Charge (2015-2016) is purple with white. Toq7Gou's Ressha (2014) is briefly seen and purple re-color of Build Ressha. SurfMaru from Ninninhger (2015) is a similar purple to Kabuto Gani. 

Non-Ranger White (8)
These are auxilary zords that don't belong to White Rangers. Gao Polar/Polar Bear and Gao Panda were silverly-white. (Gao Panda only appeared as a toy and CD exclusive) Gattling Leo/Lion Laser was just plain white. Unikirion/Brightstar was plain white, maybe a bit pearl-y. T-Line/(not given a name in RPM) was like a silver-y or grey-ish white. Tora Origami of Shinekenger (2009) is white and black. Crow Header of Goseiger (2010) is white, red and silver with green eye.

Crimson / Maroon / Different shades of Red (17)
The Gao Sawshark of Gao God/(not given a name) was a violet-tinged Maroon and so was Kishamoth/Paleozord. Gorai Beetle/Crimson Insectizord was Crimson. Stegsorideon or Stegazord was Burgundy. Stryacosaurus/Mezodon Rover was like a red-orange. The ones that were just plain red was Gao Kong, Gao Falcon/Falcon, The Stamp/Super Stamp, Pitashito Hitode/Star Blazer and GogoJet/Sonic Streaker. Kyoryu Origami is like a dark crimson and the Bull Ushi Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is a shade of red like Stryacosaurus. Ushi Origami of Shinkenger is just red. Kyoryu Origami is a scarlet and maroonish color. HawkHeader of Goseiger (2010) is red, a bit deeper shade than the Dragon. GoseiSkyleon is bright red. In Toqger (2014), Diesel Ressha is maroon and Fire Ressha is bright red-orange. In Ninninger (2015), Lion Ha-Oja is just red. 

Non-Ranger Black (10)
A new shade I decided to cover. Gao Bear/Bear Zord was a pale black, GaoLeon was a Gunmetal black in Gaoranger (2001). Valkyrion/Catastros of Magiranger (2005) was black. RinLion of Gekiranger (2007) was black and gold. The three Engines of the DaiShogun of Go-Onger (2008) were black with red and yellow accents. KuwagataHeader of Goseiger (2010) is a different shade of black. Crocodile Headder is silver and black . In Toqger (2014), Police Ressha is black, white and grey.

Non-Ranger Shades of Yellow (4)
Goat Crusher/Ram Hammer of Hurricanger (2002)/Ninja Storm was just yellow. Spin Bee/Bee Spinner was a golden yellow. Rhino Header of Goseiger (2010) is a lemon-y yellow. And Elephant Header is orange-yellow.

Power Rangers at White House for Easter Day 2011-2015

Doing a post on past Thanksgivings, had me thinking of Easter appearances:

Samurai Rangers:
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Pink Ranger
Green Ranger

Samurai Rangers:
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Pink Ranger
Green Ranger
Gold Ranger
Megaforce Rangers:
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Pink Ranger
Black Ranger
Robo Knight
Super Megaforce Rangers:
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Pink Ranger
Green Ranger

Dino Charge Rangers:
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Black Ranger
Pink Ranger
Green Ranger





2010-2015 Power Rangers at Thanksgiving Parades

The Samurai Rangers walk down the parade with an Earth balloon.
List of Rangers:
  1. Samurai Red
  2. Samurai Blue
  3. Samurai Green
  4. Samurai Yellow
  5. Samurai Pink

Samurai Rangers with Gold Ranger save Al Roker from Moogers. We hear the actual actors voices in the NBC broadcast. First time they do a show (dance/martial arts).
List of Rangers:
  1. Samurai Red
  2. Samurai Blue
  3. Samurai Green
  4. Samurai Yellow
  5. Samurai Pink
  6. Samurai Gold

The 19 Red Rangers and Megaforce five doing martial arts and dance routine. Second time they do a show. Robo Knight was later in the parade with the Megaofrce Rangers and the Earth globe balloon. 

List of Rangers:
  1. Megaforce Red
  2. Megaforce Blue
  3. Megaforce Black
  4. Megaforce Yellow
  5. Megaforce Pink
  6. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  7. Red Alien Ranger
  8. Zeo Ranger V Red
  9. Red Turbo Ranger
  10. Red In Space Ranger
  11. Lost Galaxy Red Ranger
  12. Lightspeed  Red Ranger
  13. Time Force  Red Ranger
  14. Quantum Ranger
  15. Wild Force  Red Ranger
  16. Ninja Storm  Red Ranger
  17. Dino Thunder  Red Ranger
  18. SPD  Red Ranger
  19. Mystic Force  Red Ranger
  20. Operation Overdrive  Red Ranger
  21. Jungle Fury  Red Ranger
  22. RPM  Red Ranger
  23. Red Samurai Ranger
  24. Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
  25. Robo Knight

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Rangers and Mighty Morphin Rangers do a martial arts show and dance routine. Third time they do a show. Last use of the Earth balloon.

List of Rangers:

  1. Super Megaforce Red
  2. Super Megaforce Blue
  3. Super Megaforce Green
  4. Super Megaforce Yellow
  5. Super Megaforce Pink
  6. Mighty Morphin Red
  7. Mighty Morphin  Blue
  8. Mighty Morphin Green
  9. Mighty Morphin Black
  10. Mighty Morphin Yellow
  11. Mighty Morphin Pink

First time the Red Ranger balloon premieres. In the NBC broadcast of the parade, they mention the new 2016 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and new Dino Charge season. 

Second time Red Ranger balloon. They mention the 2017 movie and new season of Dino Charge. 

Thanksgiving Parade Red Ranger Balloon


Today was the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Since 2010, Power Rangers have been a part of it. In 2010, the Samurai Power Rangers went along with a globe balloon. In 2011, they did a show and fought Moogers. In 2012, 20 Red Rangers did a show (kicking and flipping) with the Megaforce Rangers. In 2013, Super Megaforce and Mighty Morphin did a show (kicking and flipping). In 2014 and now 2015, the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger balloon went with the parade.