Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Megaforce 3DS game thanks to RangerCrew Blog EXCLUSIVE

Above picture from Ranger Crew Blog
My buddy Fury Diamond at RangerCrew Blog has another great exclusive. Power Rangers Super Megaforce was announced by Bandai Namco recently for the Nintendo 3DS. At the E3 expo this week, they had an exclusive secret preview of the game. RangerCrew was able to get some pics and info and even play the game! There is 30 playable characters (including the six Super Megaforce Rangers), you can play as silver ranger, apparently you can fight two rangers at once and you can scan the Ranger Keys (perhaps just Red Rangers)! More information soon. Stay tuned.
Check his blog for more info:
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My guess at the 30 playable Rangers:
  1. Red Super Megaforce
  2. Blue Super Megaforce
  3. Yellow Super Megaforce
  4. Green Super Megaforce
  5. Pink Super Megaforce
  6. Silver Super Megaforce
  7. Red Aquitar Ranger
  8. Red Zeo Ranger
  9. Red Turbo Ranger
  10. Red Space Ranger
  11. Red Lost Galaxy Ranger
  12. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  13. Red Time Force Ranger
  14. Red Wild Force Ranger
  15. Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  16. Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  17. Red SPD Ranger
  18. Red Mystic Force Ranger
  19. Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
  20. Red Jungle Fury Ranger
  21. Red RPM Ranger
  22. Red Samurai Ranger
  23. Red Megaforce Ranger
  24. Red Mighty Morphin Ranger
  25. Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger
  26. Black Mighty Morphin Ranger
  27. Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger
  28. Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger
  29. Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
  30. White Mighty Morphin Ranger