Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poll Results: Goseiger Epic Episodes 32 - 50

Episode 32 got 105 of 133 who liked it, 33 got 120 of 155 who liked it.

I lost the one for Episode 36, I guess I didn't capture it. 141 of 176 favored Episode 34 while 150 of 197 liked it.

138 of 164 liked episode 37 and 180 of 209 liked 38.

I can't find the one for Episode 41, I guess I didn't capture it. 235 of 263 liked 39 while 295 of 332 favored 40.

182 of 202 loved 42 while 237 of 256 like 43.

Episode 44: 282 of 298 liked it (this one was up for 3 weeks because one week had no new episode) and 240 of 267 liked 45.

46: 227 of 263; 47: 223 of 256

48: 233 of 257

49: 242 of 265 liked it; Only 157 voted for 50 because I had it only for a week and I wanted to get this out of the way.

Gokaiger First Episode Pictures and Video

A review will come as soon as I see something subtitled. You can see a low-res version of the entire raw episode on this link. No sure if it will always be up. I've seen the whole episode and so far I like what I see. I am surprised to see the Ranger keys more than I thought they'd show them.
This is a promo they show in the beginning for 'Super Hero Time' which started in 2005.

Opening Theme:

Episode itself:

Favorite scene of the episode

They changed into three teams: Goranger, Magiranger and Shinkenger.

Closing Credits:

Clips from nest episode:
I'm guessing this is Gokai Green as Shinken Red.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Toy Site shows the toys have the MMPR Actor FACES!

The Bandai America site has the Power Rangers Samurai section up now. The Switch Morphin toys (so far only Red and Blue have been seen) have the mega helmet and then the Ranger with the black face mask and you can see their eyes. The Blue Ranger has dark skin just like the actor. But the site has pictures of their heads in civilian mode and it is JASON, BILLY, and TOMMY! I am sure it is Tommy, because it looks like he has a ponytail in the back. The toys that are out, don't have these faces, maybe this was just a prototype. But I wonder what David Yost thinks about this, or the other actors, that their likenesses are being used after so many years. Maybe they made the mold of the heads for some MMPR 2010 project but when Saban spearheaded Samurai, they used the heads as a prototype. This is just a guess.