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Power Rangers RPM - Episode 30 - End Game

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End Game
Episode Summary:

The twins fix a Grinder out in the wasteland. It wakes up and they tell it to 'go home.' They parade. Dillon comes own the stairs, saying good morning, saying he feels great. He looks own at his hand and it is robotic. It is a nightmare and wakes up. Meanwhile, Kilobyte has a new device. Venjix has called her, he has a new Attackbot (Chirakasonne) Venjix tells Kilobyte to stay still, saying being part human is needed to fight humans. Black comes down the stairs, in same sceanrio as the nightmare and Summer deduces it was a nightmare. K finds the twins in her lab, they did a homing program, they show her that it is heading home. She says they are brilliant. There is a breach, Venjix, Crunch, Tenaya and the new bot are in Corinth. The 7 Rangers face him. They gasp at his new body.

The new bot eats the Ranger's energy and throws it back. Black tells Green to stop, he has a headache, and then says he is okay but is clearly not. He takes down the bot. The 7 form their blasters. The new bot absorbs the attack and throws it back. They all de-morph. They fall back. After the commercials, the Rangers return to the lab. K says the bot disturbed the bio fields. She can repair them for a bit but they has destroy the bot. K notices something wrong with Black, he says he is okay and leaves. The twins say the Grinder must be lost, going in circles. Black and Ziggy are outside, Black says there is no point--the virus will get him. Ziggy says he will take him by force to get the scan (to tell if the virus is worse)--showing off new moves, making him laugh and they go. They get attacked by the new bot, morph & battle.

They use their blaster, when the others arrive. The bot absorbs it, the others attack the rebounce and Black and Green go down but so does the bot. Venjix does the download and the bot grows. Ziggy is take Black to K. High Octane and Mach fight the bot, who creates a twister. He splits the zords apart and the others fall out. Black and Green form their Megazord. K reconfigured it somehow and it blasts at the bot, overfeeding it and destroying it. After the commercials, yet another new bot (Kettei Banki) has been made. Kilobyte's device to activate the hybrids. He is invisible to Venjix, as he leaves with Tenaya. Kilobyte says he is almost absolute. He says he needs to rpove himself. K does a scan on Dillon. The virus has reached more than half, 51%, that Venjix can take over his thoughts and actions. Scott says that it is not over.

K has been working on an antidote, saying it is too dangerous, it could destroy him. She has to run more tests. Kilobyte activates his device, it goes into Hicks. Scott fights his dad about Dillon, saying to attack Venjix. Hicks shoots at Truman, they realize the urgency. K says Hicks is a hybrid and that he is 53% under control. She has made a scan and that Hybrids are everywhere in Venjix, that a magnetic wave would be sent. Truman says he wouldn't listen before, Scott says they ahve to do this together, Truman says they will go with his plan, he will take the lead. Scott has a plan. Everyone smiles. Scott says it is the real deal, find the palace--they found it thanks to the grinder.

Venjix is upset with Kilobyte for activating Hicks and throws him down and tells him to get out of his sight. Kilobyte leaves. Venjix is for attacking, sending the new bot and Crunch. Tenaya gets the case from "Run Ziggy Run." Venjix tells Tenaya to destroy Kilobyte as soon as they get control of the city. Kilobyte overhears this. In Corinth, Tenaya dumps a soldier and opens the case, activating something. It is like a bomb, with a countdown. After the commercials, shields are on maximize power. The bomb goes off, a massive magnetic wave is sent. Everything shuts own. The Hybrids have been activated. The cars don't work. Dillon starts loosing control in his car, Ziggy is next to Dillon. Vasquez is a Hybrid too and points her gun at Colonel Truman. Grinders come in and Venjix, Venjix says he works for him now.

Episode Review:
Very good, sort of rushed, but not much advancement, it's more of the same. Bascially, it is slowly moving to the final end game. As for Hicks and Vasquez being Hybrids... what a twist! Great ending though! Can't wait until next week!

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Power Rangers RPM - Episode 29 - If Venjix Won

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If Venjix Won
Episode Summary:

Ziggy wants to hang out but all the Rangers are busy. Dr. K comes up behind him and puts a hat on, Ziggy is suspicious but they go. Ziggy thinks K doesn't want to have fun, she is difficult as always. They encounter Kilobyte and Grinders. Ziggy morphs and fights. Kilobyte targets K, Ziggy and K fight over a pole to use as a weapon and inadvertently use it to double-team the Grinders. Kilobyte wants to get K. Ziggy teleports them... but into a cave. She told him not to de-morph, so now they are stuck. Gem and Gema are locked out of the system. Ziggy trips over something, K has a flashlight. Ziggy tells her to be nicer to him and she lifts him up. She says the twins won't be able to figure out her password and they have five more chances until deletion. The computer defaulted to a video of K saying they must have failed if they are viewing this message.

After the commercials, K talks about Venjix and Corinth. Basically a clip show we are served, where Gem and Gema are taken away from K and Venjix is released from the Soup. They try Corinth as a password but doesn't work. K talks about the Ranger program, each ranger. We see Scott's past, him loosing his brother Marcus, reporting to his dad about his bro's death, the first morph we saw. Then Summer, we see her party, when Venjix attacked and her abandonment, the butler bringing an Ice Cream truck, Andrews' death, Summer going out to rescue Scott. Then Flynn, we see him come into Corinth and hear the plee of a mother and run into a bus, save the girl (she asks if they are going to die), and his dad saying he is proud. K talks about Green and Black at the same time. She says they are important. She then says Gold and Silver were thought to gone but are vital. K carries Ziggy and throws him off. They continue walking through the cave.

After the commercials, video K goes over the Zords. High Octane, ValveMax, Zenith, Mach, SkyRev, and of course, the single-operated PaleoMax, also the Road Attack Zord--designed by Flynn and Gema. And finally, the RPM Ultrazord! K talked about the first suit of Venjix, clip shown of him beating up Red and then being defeated. His upgraded suit being shown and being destroyed. Kilobyte giving hima new body. K then covers Dillon and Tenaya, the hybrids. Tenaya 7 is shown. Them meeting, Dillion telling Tenaya he is her brother, her falling and him rescuing her, her being kidnapped by Kilobyte and Tenaya 15--memory being erased completely according to K.

The Rangers only have 2 tries left to guess the password, they try High Octane Megazord and doesn't work. Ziggy and K have stopped by some cobwebs. Ziggy wants to know one thing, why she wanted to go otuside with him. Is it because she likes him? She says it is her birthday and she wanted to go outside. She thinks about when she is little and had a birthday, man and woman tell her she is sick and can't go outside. Ziggy knows what he will give her for her birthday. He gives her the flashlight. Scott thinks through the problem, with only one shot. Ziggy does a heart warming shadow puppet show about Venjix and K. She smiles, he likes it, she says just in time. Their eyes close, as they are suffocating.

Summer thinks what could be illogical... she thinks back to how K hates Ziggy. All the chances he gives her. Summer goes to the computer and types in Ziggy. Everyone is surprised. She doesn't explain. Gema re-energizes Green Morpher. Ziggy brings in K, both gasping, out of air. Flynn wants to know the password. Summer says it is the last thing you would ever think. K throws darts at her from her eyes. Summer says it is "Mr. Marshmallow." K thanks him for curing her from ever going outside again. Flynn says she is stronger than she looks, that she carried him for a mile. They leave, K smiles.

Episode Review:
The Rangers thought up of horrible passwords. But the last one was sweet. The scenes between Ziggy and K were awesome. But K's video made no sense, how would that help if Venjix won? It just chronicled the adventures so far, but it didn't really have new info. The description for the episode had me thinking she would show a simulation on what would happen if he won. And what kind of video would start and stop in order for them to guess the password?

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Goseiger Pictures & Footsoldiers





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It's a GIRL!!! The Real Shinken Red

UPDATED 12/17/09 2:35 PM EST
Natsui Runa is to play Karou (which is a unisex name), the REAL 18th head of the Shiba clan. She is to appear in Episode 44 of Samuari Sentai Shinkenger in January. Yes, the plot twist turns out to be that Takeru is not the real Shinken Red, but it is Karou. No other details have been revealed yet (like what is Takeru's real role in all of this), only that there will be two Shinken Reds. The news broke out two days before the pictures so many wondered if she would get a skirt. This has sent shock waves through the English-speaking Super Sentai fans, to be the first female Red Ranger in Super Sentai history. One theory is for this to show off the Super mode and Hyper mode at the same time outside of the teamup and special, other than it being a fascinating plot twist. Kudos to the producers! This is really awesome!

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Xaviax Action Figure picture in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Video Game

I got the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video game for the Wii, and in the back of the booklet it has pictures of the wave 1 toys, except for the Xaviax toy & the new Strike Cycle, which was said to be released with wave 2. But now with news that the CW4Kids has canceled the series, if Bandai America will release the second wave is unknown. The pic I originally had here was blurry, I finally got my scanner working.

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Power Rangers RPM - Recap - What has happen so far

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For those fans who have miss out on the show for more than a month, check out this recap I am supplying here. Because of technical difficulties on YouTube, I will be uploading the four new episodes here on Blogger. Those finicky, ornate and picky people will like to know that episodes #29 an #30 will be up on this blog... eventually! And because I won't be uploading it on Youtube, the episode will be up in full. No guarantees that the episode will be upload on time, people.

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