Saturday, February 6, 2010

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Ep 49: The Samurai Sentai is Eternal

Not to spoil much, but there isn't much to spoil for the finale for Shinkenger. The heroes save the day. But I am disappointed to report there is no epilogue, nothing to the future. Doesn't say anything about what happens to them. I was hoping maybe Takeru would marry Mako or Kotoha or that Chiaki would end up with Kotoha. And to make matters more Freudian, Ryu would end up with Kaoru, the real 18th head.

Anyhoo (Anyway), they probably didn't do it because there will be a sequel DVD special in June, Return of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Special Act will be featuring a remaining member of the Gedoushu named Demebakuto who traps the Shinkengers in a series of different dimensions (all different film genres) in order to destroy them. The story will also feature Michael Tomiokain a guest starring role as Ginshirō.

I am happy to report that everyone survived, everyone is alive. People had theorized that Takeru or Karou would die.

Most Attractive Sentai Hero this Decade?

Not as many as there was for the girls. I don't think much people will vote for this one as the girl one.

Shirogane (Gao Silver of Gaoranger)

Ikkou (Kabutoraijer of Hurricanger)

Hikaru (Magi Shine of Magiranger)

Akashi (Bouken Red of Boukenger)

Eiji (Bouken Silver of Boukenger)

Gou (Geki Violet of Gekiranger)

Gunpei (Go-On Black of Go-Onger)

Chiaki (Shinken Green of Shinkenger)

Takeru (Shiken Red of Shinkenger)

Hyde (Gosei Blue of Goseiger)

Poll Results: Most Attractive Female Power Ranger?

One complained I didn't add Z (SPD), but I made these based on past polls and what people had said in boards and forums in the past. There wasn't enough room for them all.

1 vote

15 votes

15 votes

Kat (SPD)
15 votes

18 votes

17 votes

21 votes

25 votes

59 votes

Karone & Maya
Karone got 72 votes, Maya got 8

87 votes of 357 votes

Poll Results: Most Attractive Male Power Ranger?

I realized I totally forgot about Ryan, Chad, Cole, Merrick and a bunch of others!

1 vote

2 votes

3 votes

4 votes

5 votes

5 votes

Nick & Xander
Nick got 6 votes and Xander got 5 votes

11 votes

11 votes

14 votes

36 votes

44 votes

87 out of 238 votes!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - I, Eye Guy - Episode Review

Billy has a little smart friend named Willy and togehter they make a virtual reality game for the science fair, but because of the involvement of Bulk & Skull, he is disqualified. Rita is after his brain so Eye Guy kidnaps him and it is up to the Rangers to save him but Eye Guy keeps building himself again.

Remember when Willy was put on that spinning thingy, that's memorable. When they zoomed in into the Blue Ranger, that scene touched me alot, it was like when an actor is seen thinking in front of the screen without speaking or thoughts outloud, many directors like doing that. This scene made me love Power Rangers even more. Look at the screen cap at the top left, it is Zack enjoying the virtual game. But the revisionists decided to give it all those zany graphics, it is a bit off-putting when seeing it.

Remember when Rita and Finster are talking about Eye Guy kidnapping kids and we see an Asian girl being kidnapped? Well, this was from the original footage. And in the episode itself, when Billy goes to attack the main eye, we see the girl briefly, he is protecting her but the shot is used so quickly, I guess even the revisionists didn't notice it enough to delete those few seconds. The screen shot at the right is from Zyuranger, Tottopatto (Baboo) is a vampire and is trying to get blood from the little girl.

Goseiger NEW SPOILERS - Ostrich and GoseiKnight

The series Tensou Sentai Goseiger hasn't started yet, and we already have spoilers and spoilers over new Headers and more and more stuff. Here is Gosei Knight, who has not been confirmed as a sixth ranger, but in mine, is more like Wolzard.

SH06 Gosei Knight
Knight Power Release Device, LeonCellular
Gosei Header Series LeonLaser
His theme is a Lion and his colors are black, silver and red.

Knight Power KaihouKi (Release Device) LeonCellular
Price- 3,465 yen
GoseiKnight's transformation device

GoseiHeader Series LeonRazer
Price- 3,990 yen
GoseiKnight's weapon
Most likely to be released in July

Mystic Brothers Set: Mystic Runner
Includes the MysticRunner, and EggHeader. Can combine with GoseiGreat to make MysticGoseiGreat, and DatasHyper, to make MysticDatasHyper. I think the Ostrich is kicking.

I was hoping for a green sixth ranger with a giant sea turtle, for Seaick tribe, but you never know.


W Cyclone Joker Extreme (upgrade) and Accel Trial (upgrade)