Saturday, October 16, 2021

Character Convert: Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers

 Beast Morphers ended almost a year ago, I can't believe I forgot to do the 'character convert'-- in which I often compare Sentai characters and Power Rangers characters. The last one I did was in 2018 and I guess I will be doing the Dino Fury one next year. Also I have to mention that Go-Busters came out in 2012 in Japan while Power Rangers Beast Morphers aired from 2019 to 2020 for two seasons. It was the first Power Rangers to be based on a Sentai that was 8 years old. 


Devon Daniels / Hiromu Sakurada
Both of them have a Cheetah-themed robotic buddy that becomes a motorcycle, both had super speed, and both freeze when they see either a chicken (Go-Busters) and a dog (for Beast Morphers). Hiromu froze more often. Devon did it rarely and the reason was strange because Cheetahs are not scared of dogs. Devon was into video games and had no job, his dad wanted to be more serious. Devon ended up being the leader of the Rangers and later a commander of Grid Battleforce. Hiromu was blunt and clashed with Yoko (Yellow) and his sister didn't want him to be a Go-Buster. The major difference was that Hiromu didn't have a father being a mayor. 

Ravi Shaw / Ryuji Iwasaki
Ravi and Ryuji both have super strength, a big gorilla robot, and overheat--having to be 'cooled off.' Ravi has this more often than others because of the footage plots. Ravi is the son of Commander Shaw and secretly liked art, which he had to hide from his mom. Also, he had a secret relationship with Roxy which eventually he could have and the rule of Rangers not being in a relationship was taken down--after Zoey and Nate. Cool-headed and reasonable, Ryuji lets his teammates bicker among themselves. He sees himself as an older brother instead of a father, and gets annoyed when people around him call him a father. The major difference was that Ryuji didn't have a relationship with Escape. 

Zoey Reeves/ Yoko Usami 
Both could jump real high, had a short rabbit robot, and had to eat something--Zoey eats carrots and Yoko ate candy. Yoko is srambunctious and tends to say things without thinking. She is also not afraid to say things as she sees it and had a strong dislike for Hiromu. Zoey on the othe rhand, gets along with her teammates, and especially well with Nate, as they end up in a relationship. Zoey is ambitious and believes in causes. Her mother is a news reporter who doesn't know her identity until probably the end of the last season. Because Yoko eats candy when she weakens, fans call her diabetic. Zoey eats carrots because supposedly rabbits love carrots but in real life they don't eat a lot of carrots, its not good for their diet. They eat a variety of vegetables.

Comamnder Shaw / Takeshi Kuroki
13 years ago, he was one of Yousuke Sakurada's subordinates. He then was left in charge the three children that escaped the transport to Hyper Space. Then he commanded the Go-Busters and his prime directive is to shut Messiah down permanently. Takeshi protects the Enetron reserves to prevent Messiah from amassing power, and makes tactical decisions that place the safety of the Go-Busters and Buddy Roids only second to finding weak points and discovering ways of beating Messiah and Enter. They both do not take kindly to being questioned, nor do they take kindly to being second-guessed or confronted about their methods. Shaw wasn't even given a first name, she loves to joh when not at Grid Battleforce. She is Ravi's mother and is a bit more flexible than Kuroki. She later becomes General Shaw.

Betty Burke / Miho Nakamura
Miho is the rookie recruited as part of the three-man support group of the Go-Busters. When Usada was kidnapped, Miho dressed up as Yoko as part of a plot to fool Enter. Betty is more impulsive and outgoing than both Miho and her brother Ben, often dragging her brother into situations he'd rather avoid. She means well, but her almost not-existant common sense causes numerous accidents. Ben and Betty are related to the General Burke. Miho and Toru mostly stayed seated in the command center, while Ben and Betty were more active. They were considered part of the team.

Ben Burke / Toru Morishita
 When assisting the Go-Busters, Toru maintains a calm composure. Toru has command of a degree of stealth as he was seen to have gone past an attacking MegaZord in order to plant a tracker in the Enetron it was siphoning. Ben is the more reclusive of the two, his older sister often forcing him to do things he'd rather avoid. Toru and MIho are not related, Ben and Betty are. 

Beastbots / Buddyroids
Cruise / Cheeda Nick
Jax / Usada Lettuce
Smash / Gorisaki Banana
They were definitely sentinant robots based on animals that became cockpit steering wheels and/or armor for the Rangers. The difference is they were Go-Busters' friends since they were little, while Nate made the Beast Bots in the Power Rangers and the Rangers met them after becoming Rangers. The Buddyroids were more in the story and plots in Go-Busters while the Beast Bots were not so much. Ene-tan, the frog Buddyroid was not adapted into Power Rangers.

Nate Silva/Masato Jin
Both genusises, Nate was younger of course. Masato Jin was a well-known engineer known for having a quirky, light attitude and a penchant for preferring quirks in machines rather than aiming for perfection. As an engineer, he also worked with the Energy Management Center and was one of the people who went into Hyper Space 13 years prior. Nate was a child genius who experimented with old morphers and (Spoiler alert) created Evox from the RPM Morphers. Nate created the Morpher technology like Masato did. Masato has an odd and somewhat playful, less serious personality.  Even before joining the Go-Busters Masato was noted for his utter disregard for rules and authority, stealing a large amount of Enetron in order to keep himself in the real world. Despite being the chronologically oldest of the Go-Busters at 40, Masato insists that he is 27 (his body was in statis). Nate was more serious and rule abding. Also, Nate created his brother Steele, Masato made J but wasn't his brother. Nate had a relatonship with Zoey, unlike Masato. After Enter was finally destroyed for good, Masato's avatar went off-line. Before he was lost, he gave some parting words to the Go-Busters and J, encouraging them to escape.

Steel Silva/Beet J Stag
Both were creatred by the Gold Rangers and both are Silver Rangers. Both are a bit of egotists. J appears to have no concerns except his own, but Steel is bit more humble--compared to J. J has quirks, which Masato likes and he has a 'cool' personality. Steel has boasts he is 'half human' but it is not seen physically and supposedly has Nate's DNA--which would make him a cyborg and Nate's son, not brother but whatever. Other difference is Steel becomes human at the end and he is young and doesn't have the deep voice. He even went as far as threatening to destroy Jin's avatar, for the sake of getting the data, counter-intuitive as it may be. When Jin's data backup deactivated, J showed remorse and sadness over the loss of his creator.

Blaze / Enter
There are major similaries and major differences. If you are only aware of Beast Morphers, Blaze became a Ranger from the first episode of Beast Morphers and in season 2, Blaze was a Blade Runner-like robot that had a monster form. Enter on the other hand, was humanoid for the majority of the series, his 'ranger form'--Dark Buster only appeared in one episode and his monster form for a couple episodes at the end of Go-Busters. Enter is a member, and later the leader of, Vaglass. Both ENter and Blaze were avatars. As an Avatar, he has the ability to transcend Hyper Space and uses this ability to speak to Messiah in person via his laptop. He has a propensity for thin disguises, though his goggles can be a giveaway. After Messiah's death, Enter embarked on a mission to evolve beyond his programming into the ideal being. Blaze went to the Cyber Dimension to visit Evox and bring him to the real world. Fans believed Chip Lynn was inspired by Enter's goggles and gave Heckyl of Dino Charge googles but he denies this. Blaze, doesn't have the iconic goggles but the monster form does have similar marks. At the end of season 1, Blaze was awoken and was human again--hence Evox created the robots. Blaze later became a stunt actor.

Roxy / Escape 
While Roxy appeared since hte first episode of Beast Morphers, Escape didn't appeared into half way through Go-Busters. Her monster form was only purple and not considered a Ranger in Sentai. For Beast Morphers, Hasbro turned repainted the purple costume to dark yellow (Olive) and got rid of the name "Escape" from it. Roxy was a human that was in a romantic relationship with Ravi, while Escape didn't have that connection. Escape had a worthy opponent in Ryuji Iwasaki while he is under the influence of his weak point. Escape is overbearing and arrogant towards most people, though she loves Messiah like a father in more ways than one. Like Enter, Escape had her own perception of emotionless morality yet loves to fight. In fact, unless ordered by Messiah or finding someone who can thrill her with a fight she could barely win in, Escape rarely fights. Roxy does fight. Roxy was releeased from her statis and left Grid Battleforce and Evox made a robotic Roxy. Roxy and Ravi ended up together at the end. Escape was destroyed.

Evox / Messiah 
Both were viruses that assimilated inorganic matter and spread far and shared monster forms. Their oirgins were different. Messiah was originally a computer virus that mysteriously infected the Transport Center's computers and underwent an evolution from the Enetron in the system. However, the scientists sacrificed themselves to teleport the entire Transport Center into Hyper Space to trap Messiah. Messiah used this to absorb the scientists, save Masato Jin who evaded capture, to use their collective intellect in serving him as both his "Engineers" and as source material to create Enter and Escape. Similarly, Evox ended up in the Cyber Dimension and Scrozzle helped send the Megazord-like Gigadrones and Robotrons to Coral Bay. Messiah later got a body form called Messiah Cell near the end of the series. Evox got the body form until the end of season 1 and also took over the body of the Mayor. Evox was also a cobra-inspired form as a virus. Now here are the spoilers. If you already watched Beast Morphers, you already know that Nate created Evox with cobra DNA and the original code of Venjix from the Cell Shift Morphers (RPM). Evox was basically Venjix. Of course, there was no connection like this on Go-Busters. While Evox/Venjix was the true villain of Beast Morphers but Messiah wasn't the true villain, it was Enter. 

Chaku/Geki Jumonji
Chaku was an alien cyborg cop that had to be upgraded to have his suit. He didn't want to show himself to Starlight, his daughter. The Rangers then were able to fix him so he could go back to his daughter. Geki Jumonji joined SARD and took a mission to Mars. His space shuttle mysteriously disappeared. Geki had spent the last year training at the Galactic Union and now worked as a provisional Space Sheriff in the Gavan-Type G combat suit.  Geki convinced his Commander Qom to give him another chance and returned to Earth. Geki is deployed to Earth to pursue Rhino Doubler, a Doubler Monster of the Space Crime Organization Makuu. After encountering the Go-Busters, Geki asks for their help in tracking down Rhino Doubler.

Scrozzle was not in Go-Busters and is an original creation and no counterpart. Vargoyle is not so different from Danganloid except for his connection to Scrozzle.