Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toy Week 2 Continues

Those of you that were fearing Toy Week 2 to be over, there will be much more this following week. I have summer break now so I will be doing some more posts. I'm the boss and I make up the rules, who cares if a 'special week' lasts two weeks? Leave any requests (for Toy Week only please) on this post.

-Lavender Ranger

Gokaiger Episode 17

The Gokaiger use the Goseiger powers

Gai introduces himself to the team but they ignore him.

Yellow as MegaSilver, Green as Dragonranger, Red as TimeFire, Pink as AbareKiller and Blue as MagiShine

Gai's daydream

Gai pops out of nowhere with the GokaiSilver powers. I don't have pics of his henshin but it reminds me of Titanium Ranger and Quantum Ranger as it comes up from up high.

I like how Silver's Final Wave is brutal but maybe will be changed if and when they do it as Power Rangers. Also, I was a little disappointed that his Final Wave doesn't have a special name or even called 'Silver Final Wave.'

Episode 18 (June 26):
Next week the 5 Gokaiger transform into Silver Sixth Rangers. From how GaoSilver is holding his sold, I am to guess that is GokaiGreen and how BoukenSilver is in the center I am to believe it is GokaiRed. GokaiPink as Go-On Silver because of height.Suit Actress Mizuho Nogawa (Gokai Pink) played Go-On Silver originally. And by elimination, I am led to believe that MegaSilver is Yellow and Gosei Knight is Gokai Blue.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Poll Results: Hime Shinken Red Key/Violence/PRS New Episodes in Fall?

(The above picture I doctored through a photo program)
Do you think a female Shinken Red Ranger key is strange?
Makes no sense
68 (26%)
Who cares? Epic!
125 (49%)
Either Way is fine
78 (30%)
Don't Mind
66 (25%)

Would you be okay with no new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai for the summer and then new ones in September?
139 (46%)
162 (53%)

If there is no new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai for the rest of June and also July and August, how long can you wait for new episodes?
238 (82%)
15 (5%)
4 (1%)
30 (10%)

Do you think Power Rangers is violent for kids?
21 (6%)
325 (93%)

Is Power Rangers violent for you?
Play Violent
92 (26%)
Just Violent
15 (4%)
Real Violent
11 (3%)
Not Violent at all
230 (66%)

Which season of Power Rangers do you find most violent?
Season 1
48 (13%)
Season 2
30 (8%)
Season 3
24 (6%)
28 (8%)
27 (7%)
86 (25%)
Lost Galaxy
107 (31%)
Time Force
118 (34%)
Wild Force
44 (12%)
Ninja Storm
30 (8%)
Dino Thunder
39 (11%)
51 (14%)
Mystic Force
27 (7%)
29 (8%)
Jungle Fury
40 (11%)
192 (55%)
45 (13%)
45 (13%)

Gamespot reviews Power Rangers Samurai Game and Comic-Con

"Right now, Samurai is shaping up to be respectable beat-'em-up for fans of the series. The simple combat certainly won't lure in veteran players, but the smart use of the license will keep people who love the show invested."

Also the Comic-Con contest, TV says never-before-seen footage will be seen. Maybe Episode 1 and 2?:
The top videos will be selected and posted to the Samurai Facebook page where people can vote on their favorite until July 8.

Panel Details:
  • In addition to having the Samurai Power Rangers on the show floor at the Nickelodeon booth, Saban will also be hosting a panel for Power Rangers Samurai on 7/23 at 7 pm.
  • The panel will include all six of the Power Rangers Samurai actors and it will be moderated by fan-favorite actor Paul Schrier, who has portrayed the character Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier since the very first “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series debuted in 1993.
  • Additionally, an exclusive screening of a never-before-seen episode will take place at the panel.

Power Con Details:
  • Saban is hosting Power Con – an exclusive contest which allows fans to power up their Comic-Con 2011 experience with a video contest running in advance of the convention to give attendees the chance to win VIP treatment at this years event.
  • Fans who visit the Power Rangers Samurai Facebook page can get all the details about how to upload their homemade videos to the Power Rangers Samurai YouTube channel between June 1 and June 28.
  • The top videos will be selected and posted to the Samurai Facebook page and visitors can vote for their favorite video up until July 8.
  • Six winners—one for each Ranger—will be announced on July 11.
  • The VIP prize package will include VIP seating at the Power Rangers Panel, a special VIP meet and greet with the cast, as well as an exclusive one-of-a-kind t-shirt signed by the entire cast
  • For more info, visit:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Toys

These toys have been spotted at some Toys R Us all over the United States.

Shogun Battlized Ranger

Samurai Morpher

There was a special Demo Day last Saturday (I didn't know! argh) at participating Toys R Us that gave out goody bags with stickers.

And says they are getting some toys (Deker, Gold Ranger figures, regular Red, Green and Blue figures and Octozord) in August and September:

Toy Week 2: My Collection Part 1

In honor of Toy Week 2, I decided to show a bit of my Power Ranger collection, I got some Super Sentai and Kamen Rider stuff. This is half of the collection, I got some more I might show later. I might be missing some bit and pieces that are in storage. Most of these are pretty dusty. I miswrote Gun mode as Sword Mode on the subtitle.

Poll Results: Gosei Adapation and Kamen Rider Saban Adapation

These are 'what if' situations, we do not what will happen for Power Rangers in 2012 nor 2013, we don't know if Goseiger will be adapted for 2012 or 2013.

What you rather have for 'season two' of Samurai?
Goseiger ala MMPR S2
66 (18%)
Goseiger ala Zeo
84 (23%)
New footage ala Zyu2
68 (19%)
Use movies & new scenes
80 (22%)
New cast/Goseiger
236 (66%)

Realistically, what do you think Saban will do for 'season two' of Samurai?
Goseiger ala MMPR S2
69 (20%)
Goseiger ala Zeo
56 (16%)
New footage ala Zyu2
60 (17%)
Use movies & new scenes
67 (19%)
New cast/Goseiger
162 (48%)
Choices 2, 3, and 4
78 (23%)

Do you think they should use the Goseiger suits and footage for 'season 2'?
207 (60%)
110 (32%)
Just Zords, no suits
48 (14%)

Do you think realistically Saban will adapt Kamen Rider Decade?
Yes, ala KRDK
108 (32%)
No, not at all
106 (32%)
Maybe only for Samurai
142 (42%)
Not even for PRS
43 (12%)

Would you want Saban to adapt Kamen Rider Decade?
151 (63%)
88 (36%)

Which Kamen Rider series would you rather Saban adapt first if they take on the franchise?
58 (26%)
48 (22%)
36 (16%)
66 (30%)
81 (37%)
60 (27%)
76 (34%)
76 (34%)
80 (36%)

Would you want the Gokaigers to transform into Kamen Rider OOO's forms in the Gokaiger-OOO summer movie?
212 (65%)
55 (17%)
56 (17%)

Would you want GokaiSilver to use other keys other than the Sixth Ranger Keys?
Yes, Core Keys
160 (48%)
Yes, Extra Hero Keys
257 (77%)
32 (9%)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gokaiger Wii Game

I know about the game, I've known for months and lots of people have mentioned it. Everyone is excited about it. It will be released soon for the Wii, "Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross" is coming this Fall. I haven't mentioned it because I haven't had good enough pictures and the graphics looks a lot like Dice-O. My friend has a Japanese Wii, if I have the money. I might buy it if he'll let me play it on his Wii. It has five teams: Gokaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger, Go-Onger and Goranger.

Lavender Ranger and Violence in Power Rangers

Monday, June 6, 2011

Namco will reveal Power Rangers game next week

Five Samurai Power Rangers will be in Los Angeles next week (June 12th week) for the 2011 E3 expo. The upcoming 'Power Rangers Samurai' video game is set to be formally announced next week during the trade show.

6/7/11 11pm EST Update
Watch video:

The new title for Nintendo Wii and DS looks to be a fast paced action game.

“There are few other long-standing cultural icons as influential as the Power Rangers with their spirit of heroism, teamwork, and physical fitness,” said Vice President of Marketing at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., Carlson Choi. “For the millions of fans that have grown up with the Rangers over the last two decades, or for parents looking for high quality entertainment with a positive message for their children, we’re incredibly excited to bring this franchise to a new generation of players in a way that truly allows everyone to experience what it means to be a Ranger.”