Saturday, March 19, 2022

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Jam Session - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Javi's dad gives him a hard time about being more focused and not going from instrument to instrument. Dad wants him at a medal ceremony. Javi meets a roc band leader who is a jerk and has a dino key. He doesn't want to keep it. At the monster base, Santuara wants to know why Tarrick has her hide. He tells her the other villains only respond to him with the helmet. The Zord Jammer is ready to block zord signals. A sporix is released and Doomsnake returns. Javi tells Zayto about the key and he says it is the Freeze Key. They go to the lead singer of the Screaming Zombies with the rangers. They convince him to give the key if Javi plays guitar, but it is during the medal ceremony. Izzy makes up an excuse for their dad. Javi plays a guitar solo. The other Rangers enjoy the concert. Izzy watches Javi on her phone and Javi's dad doesn't like it and leaves in a huff. 

The lead singer gives Javi the key. Javi's dad Carlos berates him. Javi calls him a hypocrite, he says Carlos doesn't support him. The Rangers leave. Jane defends Javi and shows Carlos the concert with Javi's talent. The Rangers arrive near the zord and find large rocks. The rocks glow. The villains arrive. Red uses Hyper DIno Key and fights Void Knight. Aiyon joins in. Black and Green fight Doomsnake. Izzy tells Javi to go, Javi calls the SMash Dino Key and pummels the rock to reveal the zord. Zayto uses the freeze dino key and dons the armor. The zord flies out after the Zord Jammer. The Zord Jammer shoots lasers back. The zord freezes it. Red goes flying. Doomsnake fights Javi. Javi does Fury Smash and destroys it. 

Izzy got the Sporix. Aiyon fights Shipwreck. The monsters leave. Pterazord and Zayto meet. Zayto makes it go to Battle Mode. They enter the cockpit. Ptera Freeze Zord Battle Mode! Everything becomes icy. They face off against the Zord Jammer. Zayto calls the Mega Fury Saber and they do the Freeze Strike and destroy the Jammer Everything returns to normal. Back at the base, the monsters discover the machine is on. Void Knight stops it and goes in his secret room. He finds Santuara glowing and she transforms into a monster form. She appears in front of everyone and says her name is Void Queen, with new powers. Tarrick looks concerned. Back at Buzzblast, Izzy applauds Javi. Javi sees his dad Carlos come in. Carlos says he saw his performance and says his guitar playing is impressive. He thought about what he said. He always thought music was a waste of time and realized he was too hard on him. He says he will change. Javi says he was playing it for fun, he realizes he might want to make a career out of it. Carlos says he will be behind him every step of the way. They hug.

A pretty by the numbers episode. All I can say is that the monster costume for Void Queen is Madame Noir from Toqger, a sentai that has not been adapted into Power Rangers. Cosmo Royale was also a villain from Toqger. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Stitched Up - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Santuara is awake and Void Knight's name is Tarrick. She can't believe they are still on Earth. Izzy and her girlfriend Fern are talking and walking through a neighborhood. She asks her to prom. Izzy says she beat her to it. Izzy's mom is proud. Izzy's mom is a designer and wants to design their outfit. Izzy doesn't want a dress. Izzy's mom invites them to go to the store. They say they have homework, she leaves and she laughs. Mucus kicks the Sporix machine and a Sprix comes out. it eats trash. Void Knight comes out. The monster is called Junkalo and throws up metal. He recycles trash into new parts. Void Knight says he might be handy. He has a new Zord Jammer. Meanwhile at Buzz Blast, the gang talk. Javi has Izzy's prom outfit and she is less to stellar because it is a dress. She didn't like wearing dresses. Amelia wonders why Ollie's shirt is inside out. Izzy feels like her mom doesn't get her and throws the dress in the trash. A trash guy comes and complains. Zayto asks Izzy what she will wear.

Solon says a Sporix Beast is at the dump. He eats more trash and the Rangers arrive. The Rangers morph. The Rangers fight the Henchemen. Mucus collects the parts. Zayto uses Sprint key and rushes the monsters. He burps and the Rangers recoil from the smell. Mucus puts on a gas mask. Javi puts Blazing Battle Armor. The Rangers de-morph and don't like the smell. They ask if Izzy is okay. Izzy realizes her mom made a tux for her and Fern got it. And Izzy's mom did listen and Fern's dress is in the trash. They hear a whistle and it is the trash guy from Buzz Blast. The Rangers look through the trash. They find the dress but it is totally ruined. Izzy feels bad. Ollie thinks he has a way to track the monster.

Void Knight thanks the monster for the parts for the Zord Jammer. Mucus comes with toothpaste and cleans the monster. He swallows Mucus. Santuara watches what is happening on a screen. Void Knight leaves with Junkalo. Izzy talks to his mom. She confesses what happened to her mom. She apologizes. Her mom says she understood. She says it took a while, she learned she is her own person. Later, Void Knight works on the device while Junkalo burps out Mucus. The Rangers spot areas for Junkalo. Izzy, Javi and Aiyon fight Void Knight and fight. Aiyon tries blasting the Zord Jammer. Void Knight charges up. Meanwhile, the other trio fight a giant Junkalo in the city. They call the zords. They make the blade formation of Megazord. They use Elasto Key and do Elasto Lash on the monster.

He burps on them. He falls. Red calls the Pacha Smash Zords, the Zord Jammer detects it. Javi calls the Blazing Fury Armor. Void Knight teleports away with his device. Smash Formation is made and all six Rangers are in the cockpit. They call the Mega Fury Saber and do the final attack. Junkalo is destroyed. Izzy gets the Sporix from Mucus. Tarrick takes off his helmet and talks to Santuara, who wants revenge from humans. He wants to leave the planet and doesn't want revenge. He tells her to rest. Carlos, Javi's dad, hies a camera in a plant. Izzy and Fern come out in their outfits. Fern thanks Rina, Izzy's mom. Carlos wants to take photos. Izzy agrees. They take pictures. Javi appears in a limo. Izzy is shocked. He opens the Limo to reveal their friends and they say Surprise. Aiyon says the snacks are free. Carlos does one more photo. 

Episode Review:

The warm review from Power Rangers fans about Izzy going to prom with Fern has been great. I am glad this is now the media for kids, that love is love and it is perfectly normal. A lot of children's media has done similar things such as Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, having gay guy parents and a gay recurring friend. I am surprised the two seasons have gone above and beyond with Izzy just having a girlfriend being a minor character. In fact, Fern is more seen than any other non-Ranger romantic interest in Power Rangers history. Chase's girlfriend only lasted two or so episodes, Angela hasn't much of a character in MMPR, and other non-Ranger romantic interests haven't lasted more than one episode. As for the episode itself, it is the usual outing, and not much info on Santuara yet. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Tiny Trouble - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Occulo searches the forest for Sporix and finds one. The Ranger strain in Dino Henge while Aiyon snacks. Ollie wins but his balloon pops. Aiyon keeps on talking about Earth desserts. Amelia spots the Pacha Smash Zord. Aiyon says it is much smaller than it was before. Aiyon uses the Grow Dino Key. Zayto says he has been watching the infomercial channel. Aiyon says Pacha trust her. Pacha jumps away. He blasts a whip cream can by mistake. Zayto tries catching Pacha but it blasts Zayto full of whip cream. The others try catching it. It throws donuts on the others and a bunch of donuts becomes huge. Ollie catches Pacha but is full of donut. They go into the base. They can't find the key. Pacha jumps around the base. Aiyon stops it before it gets in the Key rack. Aiyon says to trust him. Ollie gives him a  leash. 

Occulo gives Void Knight the last Sporix but it is not enough for the machine. Occulo tells him about the zord. Wreckmate is sent to help him capture Pacha. The Rangers find out the key is inside Pacha. Auton is looking for Pacha. The Rangers and Solon aren't so sure. Aiyon has indeed lost Pacha. He spots Wreckmate and Occulo with Pacha. He calls for backup. He gets his weapon. The others teleport next to him. They listen to the foes. Ollie berates Aiyon. They sneak around the foes. The Rangers morph and fight. Pacha jumps away. Wreckrate chases after Pacha. Zayto fights Shipwreck while Ollie and Aiyon looks for Paca. Solon tells them Pacha is a new zord, not Pacha herself. She is a baby Pacha. Apparently the first Zord child. Aiyon realizes he was wrong. Ollie uses a dino key to listen for Pacha. 

They spot baby Pacha. Ollie uses Vision Enhance key and spots the real Pacha Smash Zord, which is stuck in the mountain. Ollie thinks of throwing a boulder and tries liftuing one. Aiyon gives him a pebble. Ollie throws it and Aiyon makes it big and it smashes the mountain open to reveal the mother zord. Pacha roars, Baby Pacha goes inside. Baby Pacha gives them the Smash Dino Key. Aiyon's stomach gruggles. He burps. They teleport away. Shipwreck imprisons the Rangers until Ollie and AIyon save them. Occulo becomes big. Aiyon calls the Mosa Razor Zord. Blue fights Shipwreck. Aiyon fights Occulo. Ollie dons the Smash Battle Armor. He fights Shipwreck. Shipwreck teelports away.

Ollie frees the Rangers. Ollie calls the Pacha Smash Zord and it beats up Occulo. Solon sends the rest of the Zords. Ollie uses the key to combine the zords into Dino Fury Megazord Smash Formation. They fight Occulo. They punch him endlessly. They do Smashing Barrage attack. He flies down. They call the Megafury Saber. They do the Pacha Mega Punch and destroy Occulo. Void Knight got the Sporix. Aiyon says he will train more. Ollie sats 6 or 8 hours. He freaks Aiyon out. Void Knight puts the Sporix in the machine. The purple energy goes in the machine. Santaura wakes up. 

Episode Review: 

Great episode. Aiyon is still a bit annoying. Ollie was solid in this episode though. If Aiyon has so much experience, how come it didn't don on him that Zords could have babies? Technically in Sentai, Pacha isn't the first spawn, the Turbo Falcon Zord was Mechalcon--son of Bearv and Speedor.

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Missing Pieces - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

Void Knight fixes Shipwreck and Occulo arrives, saying he can see through anything. Slyther has an amulet to mess with the memory of the Rangers. Solon is having a cyborg update from Ollie. Zayto and Aiyon are searching the universe for Rafkon which probably moves in eons. Amelia forgets how she hurt her shoulder. Aiyon suggests using the light dino key, which repels witch spells. Amelia feels the same. Javi thinks of making a portal to Rafkon. Solon wakes up, she says they won't be able to find it. She decides to make another calculation on it. Later. Javi and Izzy are walking down steps when they get called by Solon about a Sporix. They spot it but Ocolio and Slyther get there before. The siblings morph and fight.

Javi uses the Flare Key and uses the Flare Flash on the villains. Izzy tries hitting him but he dodges. The others arrive. Slyther mixes up their memory and tells them a story to confuse them. They are hypnotized. The villains leave. Solon says she has found Rafkon. The Rangers tell Solon what happened--or not happened. They talk about pickles. Solon thinks they have been messing with their memories. Rafkon shows Splon the false memory. Solon says memory can be unreliable. Aiyon is untrusting of Solon. Ollie wants to do another update. Solon shows them the three suns on the map. Aiyon wants to go with Zayto. Zayto says he will be right back. Solon thinks Rafkon can wait. Solon reluctantly agrees and the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord is formed for Zayto. Zayto opens the gateway to Rafkon. He enters outer space and finds the three suns but no Rafkon. He scans the star system. 

Back on Earth, Amelia's shoulder still aches and checks Buzzblast. She watches a video from Jane. J-Borg downloads about massage and massages Jane, very roughly. J-Borg massages her with her feet. Jane stops her. They roll another clip of when they spot Occulo and the Rangers fought him. The Rangers don't recall this. The beast through Pink on a column and she figures out why her shoulder hurts. They figure out Solon was right. Zayto finds a message beacon, but no planet. The message makes a sound he knows. The Rangers get an alert about Oculo. Zayto has the Light Key which they need. The Rangers teleport away. The Rangers arrive and morph. They fight Hengemen. Occulo does an attack. Slyther mixes up their memories once again. Red arrives on his cycle. 

He takes the Amulet and destroys it. Zayto uses the Light Key and uses the Spell Breaker. All the Rangers fight the villains, except for Mucus, of course. Blue and Black use Flare and Slick Keys to blind the villains. The Rangers slash at Ocolo. They use their keys and do the "Dino Fury Force" attack. Void Knight arrives and stops them. He says he is sick and tired. He races towards them and they fight. He slashes the ground. Everyone drops down. The villains exit. (Mucus says "pay rises" but I think she meant "Pay raises.") Void Knight doesn't have enough Sporix to power her machine. The Rangers apologize to Solon. Aiyon asks Zayto what he found, he says there are suns but no planet. He plays the message for them. Amelia says it sounds familiar. It's the old broadcast from Space. Ollie figures they are puzzle pieces. They play them at the same time and they heat an English message. All the Rangers say they want to find it. 

Episode Review:

Interesting episode, I like the concept of the Rangers already had a memory wipe and not aware of it. Unfortunately, it goes nowhere, the plot is overshadowed by Zayto looking for Zayto. Also, it is not a normal episode as there is a Megazord but no Megazord battle, which is fine by me. I wish the memory wipe came with a flashback to an actual memory that tied to the messages. Maybe that would've felt more complete. Also an interesting way to tie in Jane and J-Borg in the episode is watching videos of them.