Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toy Week: Opaque Yellow Ranger Key Mystery

 These are not my pics. Razzle1337 & Pocky Bandit have found these Opaque Yellow keys on eBay but there's no Yellow Ranger Costumes (like the Halloween kid costumes that have the all-color keys at Toys R Us). One eBay listing says its from SDCC but no one reported this key. Also, Saban Brands gave Power Force members at PMC the Opaque Red Super Megaforce key and translucent Mighty Morphin Green key that were reported to be at SDCC. Plus those all Red Keys were everywhere on the tables at the Power Force Breakfast. If anyone has any info, please let me know!!!

William Rodriguez says he went to the Nick Hotel Super Megaforce weekend they gave out the Pink, Red and Yellow Opaque keys. Pocky Bandit hypothesized that they were from the Nick Hotel since the eBay seller was from Florida. I live in Miami, I am out of money and wished I had gone.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toy Week: 5 inch to 4 inch to 5 inch again

5.5" figures to 5" figures
They went from 5.5" Auto Morphins in MMPR to 5 inch figures in Power Rangers Turbo. They remained that way until Mighty Morphin Reversion in 2010. No official reason has been given to why they change from 5.5 to 5 but through the years, the molds and articulation have changed. During the Disney Era, some figures were show-accurate and not show-accurate.

5 inch to 4 inch Figures
Bandai announced the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reversion figure would be to be 4 inches, along with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, because of the economy and to save on plastic. Fans didn't like this but by Megaforce they put up with it. 

4 inches back to 5 inches
For some unknown reason, they went back to 5 inch figures with Super Megaforce, they kept doing 4 inch but with limited paint and limited Rangers, no female Rangers. I think the reason they did 4 inch figures with limited articulation and color for younger kids. Having a 4 year-old nephew, he takes off a lot of paint off the figures with his play. But fans don't like the idea of kids having 'cheap toys.' Fans love the 5 inch 'Action Heroes' but no one knows about why the size change occurred.

Calf extensions
Picture thanks to andr0s81 of Rangerboard
Later Legendary figures are slightly taller, having long calves. Shades of Grey says that MMPR Red, MMPR Green, Lightspeed Rescue Red, Zeo Red, Samurai Gold (also TRU 6-pack), Samurai Red (also TRU 6-pack), and Megaforce Red (also TRU 6-pack) are ones he spotted with longer legs.

Size Chart
I attempted to write down what figure sizes from Bandai (not counting plush, jumbo or child size figures) were available through the years, I might have forgotten some, kindly leave a comment on it with attitude please. Only comment once, I have to approve it.
MMPR - 8 inch, 5.5 inch, 3 inch
Zeo - 8", 5.5"
Turbo - 5 Inch
In Space - 8", 5"
Lost Galaxy - 4", 5", 10"
Lightspeed - 5", 10"
Time Force - 5", Talking Figure size (?)
Wild Force - 5", 6.5", 12"
Ninja Storm - 5", 12"
Dino Thunder - 5", 6.5", 12"
SPD - 5", 6.5", 12"
Mystic Force - 5", 6.5", 12"
OO - 5", 9", 6.5", 3.5", 5.5", 8", 12"
Jungle Fury - 5", 6.5", 11", 12"
RPM - 5", 6.5", 7.5"
MMPR 2010 -  4", 2"
Samurai/Super Samurai - 4', 6.5", 10"
Megaforce - 4", 6.5", 10"
Super Megaforce - 4", 5", 6.5", 12", 10"
Dino Charge - 5"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Toy Week: Morpher and 20 Keys Package Spotted

 Thanks to @duleking16 for spotting this at Toys R Us. According to Razzle1337, this is now available on the west coast, hopefully soon throughout the USA. This is the Exclusive Deluxe Legendary Morpher and 20 Ranger Keys. Originally Razzle1337 found a pic it would have 5 members of MMPR, 5 of Megaforce, 5 of Samurai and 5 of Super Megaforce.
But later Fury Diamond of Rangercrew found a server pic that it would have the keys above, the box boasts that 3 are exclusive--Yellow Dino, Quantum and Silver Space Ranger.

But for now, Pink Zeo and Pink Turbo are also unavailable in packs. In upcoming packs, it said there will (or might) be In Space Set B, Time Force B and Dino Thunder B. I hope Silver, Quantum and Yellow appear in those, it worries me what will be in those packs. Fans are hating how the set is $80. But like most Toys R Us exclusives, it should lower soon. Not a lot. Another complaint I seen from fans on Twitter and boards is that the other keys are covered so it is hard to see if they have good paint jobs or not. I complained before about the keys available, I would have changed a couple. I am currently underfunded so I won't be picking this one up unless it is severely reduced.

Toy Week: Power Ranger Mega Bloks Blind Pack Codes

UPDATED 2/20/15
I have covered the blind pack figures before but I didn't put the secret codes before, so here there are. Samurai ones are not in major retailers anymore but maybe you still find the blind packs on ebay or discount stores. Megaforce ones can still be found at Walgreens. Super Megaforce ones are rare but have been spotted at Target. You find these codes on the back of the packages on the sides embossed, not printed.

Megaforce Micro Action Figure Series 1
Red Ranger with Mega Blaster w/ Red Dragon -  Common - A06122MM
 Translucent Red Ranger with Red Dragon Sword - Ultra Rare - A05122MM
Black Ranger (Translucent) - Rare - A11122MM
Blue Ranger with Mega Blaster with Shark- Common - A12122MM

 Pink Ranger with Mega Blaster - Rare - A04122MM
Battle Damaged Yellow Ranger with Mega Blaster with Tiger - Common - A10122MM

Loogie with two axes -  Common - A03122MM
Robo Knight- Secret Rare - A07122MM
 Megaforce Micro Action Figure Series 2

Battle Damaged Red - Common  A06053MM

Red Ranger Ultra Mode Translucent - Ultra Rare - A13053MM

 Battle Damaged Black Ranger - Common - A07053MM

 Translucent Blue Ranger - Rare - A09053MM

Yellow Ranger with Tiger Claw - Common - A08053MM

Transculent Vrax with claws - Rare - A15053MM

Glow in the Dark Loogie with two axes -  Common - A14053MM
Translucent Mighty Morphin Red Ranger with Blade Blaster - Secret Rare - Unknown

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Toy Week: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Items

All items here were, are or will be only available at Toys R Us unless other wise specified.

Legacy Power Morpher
 Deluxe Power Morpher, even better than the Zyuranger version and the MMPR version. There was different versions of these morphers, the first wave had glitches. It came with five different coins. The back look like the Zyuranger Dino Buckler. It can fit as an adult buckle. It came out in 2013. This item was originally 60 to 70 dollars.

Deluxe Legacy Dino Megazord
This came out in 2013, not available in 2014 but said to be re-released for a short time very soon. It is diecast. This originally was 70 to 80 dollars in the US.

 Legacy Mask Collection
This originally came out as $30 but it wouldn't sell, it eventually decreased to $15 for a little bit. Some come with mistakes, like two red helmets or wrong name on the wrong mask.

 Green and White Ranger's Power Morpher
At the San Diego Comic Con 2013, a special gold version was released. Later this was announced and released in early 2014. It was the same price as the morpher with 5 coins, this only comes with two coins.

 Legacy Dragonzord
This has come out in late 2014.

 Dragon Dagger
Came out in 2014, it comes sounds.

 Legacy Red and Green Rangers
5 inch figures put in similar boxes to the 1993 8 inch figures. These two came with White and Lord Zedd in one wave. They have been re-released after the other wave of the other colors. Green comes with silver stripe on helmet, which was accidentally put on a Morphin Madness $5 off coupon. The Action Hero MM Green has no silver stripe.

 White Ranger and Lord Zedd
Came in same wave as Red and Green. Lord Zedd was exclusively sold at SDCC 2014.

 Legacy Blue and Black Rangers
5 inch figures in 1993 8 inch similar boxes. Came in same wave as Pink and Yellow.

 Pink and Yellow Legacy Figures
 Came with Blue and Black figures. Each sold separately.

Legacy Titanus
It has recently been spotted, it is around $200. Only Dragonzord is available so Legacy Dino Megazord will be re-released soon.

 Movie Legacy Figures
From the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie, these figures are based on them. Blue will come with Stega Stinger and Pink with Thunderwhip. They all come with Blade Blaster. They might be released in early 2015.

White Ranger Movie Legacy Figure
Above image from thanks to FuryDiamond/RangerCrew. Ivan Ooze will also be available. They will be released in early 2015.

 Legacy Saba
Will be released in 2015, it is real big.

 Legacy Power Morpher White Ranger Movie Edition
Comes with Whtie Tiger and Falconzord Movie coins in 2015.

White Tigerzord
Coming out in 2015, it comes with Zord Builder plugs but unknown if it the other Thunderzords will be released.

Toy Week: Non-Halloween All Year Masks

Since Halloween is upon us, I figured I'd cover the masks they made. Japan has them for many years since Sentai started I believe.
 Samurai Red Masks
The one on left is from Bandai and is Mega Mode. It is heavy duty, with a nose protector in the back. The one on the right is from Party City, a basic mask with skinny string on back.

Samurai Blue and Gold Masks
Both in Mega Mode, I think there was a regular gold one too. 

Green and Pink Samurai Mega Mode Masks
First time there was a Pink Ranger mask outside Halloween, these came out in 2012.

Red Shogun Ranger Helmet
It is a full kid helmet, it fits some adults, it is like the Mission Helmets but without sound effects.

Robo Knight and Red Megaforce Mask
Deluxe masks with nose guards and black straps, came with cards

Blue and Black Megaforce Mask
Masks with nose guards and black straps, came with cards

 Super Megaforce Masks
Red, Blue and Green.

Mighty Morphin Pink Adult Mask
Mask for women, I forget what year it came out in.

Mighty Morphin Red Adult Mask
Mask for men, mostly available for Halloween.

Operation Overdrive Mission Helmet
Not show accurate but it was for kids, some adults and had a video game inside.

Red Jungle Fury Mission Helmet
Similar but of the Master Mode, show accurate with the claw gauntlets.