Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Possible Prototype Box Art for Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Thanks for the find. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read the rest and click 'read more.'

This has been found on Instagram, it is not known if it is for real or not. I personally think is real. I think it is really exciting! It is box art for what seems to be a Red Ranger Cycle but without the toy. It has the Super Megaforce logo and Gokai Red.

 I can't believe I have to explain why I keep this as a spoiler. Not everyone watches Super Sentai, some Power Ranger fans like being surprised. And why is a big deal that box art doesn't get leaked? Believe or not, toy companies like keeping these things under wraps--until it is revealed on the toy fair showcase or the toy shelves. Why? So other toy companies don't steal their ideas. Or also if the boxart or product changes. You know that products do change color details or other details and even the boxart (look at the Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels). They rather avoid it but it does happen.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VOTE for "Design Your Own Megazord" Contest

 UPDATED 5/5/13
The Poll will be up from April 30th to May 7th, here are the designs. Please go back to this over and over when you vote. I will have a link above the poll. I got my Guardians of Justice cards, so I changed the prizes a bit:

Rescue Delta Megazord
Existing Series: SPD
Contestant: Tony Citrus
Entry: 1

Mythico Megazord 

 Contestant: Joel
Entries: 2

Shadow Stallion Megazord

 Contestant: Joel
Entries: 2

Friday's Tchotchke Megazord
Contestant: Mr. Radical
Entry: 1
In his words: "When an evil health food store moved in across the mall, they sent their Health Food Agents to try and sabotage everyone's favorite red and white striped bastion of cheesy goodness. While Friday's management remained unaware of the saboteurs, a team of teenaged cooks and servers fought to defend their restaurant. The spirit of Friday's manifested itself in five mystical tchotchkes that flew off the walls and into their hands. By holding one of tchotchkes to the sky and shouting "IN HERE IT'S ALWAYS FRIDAY", the teens transformed into the Friday's Rangers. When things get too out of hand for just the rangers to handle, they summon the Friday's Tchotchke Megazord.

Forming the right leg is a Garfield figure. He chooses to protect Fridays because "hates Mondays..."
Forming the left leg is a Cylon with bunny ears. He chooses to protect Friday's because there are no other establishments that would condone such an odd combination.
Forming the body and arms is the Kool-Aid man. He's taken his love of crashing through walls to another level by crashing through the evil health food monsters.
Finally, the head is a rubber fish. The fish has all of the powers of a real fish!"

Safari Supreme Megazord
Contestant: Josh Frisch
Entries: 2
In His Words: The Safari Supreme Megazord is composed of a rhinoceros (red ranger's), an iguana (green ranger's), and a pangolin (gold ranger's).

Velocity Strike Megazord
Contestant: Josh Frisch
Entries: 2
In His Words: The Velocity Strike Megazord is composed of two jets (pink ranger's and black ranger's), a formula 1 race car (yellow ranger's), a bullet train (blue ranger's), and a giant rocket motorcycle (red ranger's).

Jungle Pride Megazord (Lion)

Existing Series: Jungle Fury
 Contestant: Victor Yanguas
Entry: 1 
In His Words: "Well, in a Little fan fiction of mine of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, the season starts the same as the series, but is Casey and not Jarrod who runs away from Dai Shi and ends up possessed by Dai Shi. Jarrod remains with Lily and Theo and becomes the Black Lion Ranger. This is how the Jungle Pride Megazord would look like if we replace Casey’s Tiger Beast Spirit with Jarrod’s Lion Beast Spirit. The Lion Beast Spirit would transform in a similar fashion to the Tiger Beast Spirit to form the Jungle Pride Megazord. This Megazord is armed with the Jungle Saber, which is the Lion Beast Spirit’s tail."

Dragonzord Buster Mode

 Existing Series: MMPR
Contestant: Gamboge Ranger
Entry: 1
In His Words: the new zords would be the Purple Plesiosaur, Cyan Dimetrodon, and Orange Stegosaur. The first two aren't exactly original ideas after Kyoryuger and Abaranger got to them. Then again there's plenty of red tyrannosaur and blue triceratops zords.