Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poll Results: Like Color Changes of Gokaiger

Which one of the All White Change would you like to change for another? 
Gao White
  107 (41%)
Kiba Ranger
  93 (36%)
Big One
  97 (37%)
Deka Break
  79 (30%)
Abare Killer
  77 (29%)
Geki Chopper
  118 (45%)

Which of the All Pink Change would you like to exchange for another? 
Denji Pink
  115 (44%)
Bouken Pink
  75 (28%)
Pink Flash
  80 (30%)
Ptera Ranger
  85 (32%)
Five Pink
  86 (33%)
Mega Pink
  74 (28%)
Oops, DynaPink.

Which of the All Green Change would you like to switch? 
  89 (33%)
Green Flash
  90 (34%)
Mido Ranger
  82 (31%)
Denji Green
  102 (38%)
Shinken Green
  93 (35%)
Shishi Ranger
  65 (24%)

Which of the All-Yellow Gokai Change would you look to change for another? 
Gosei Yellow
  112 (46%)
Hurricane Yellow
  67 (28%)
Kirin Ranger
  77 (32%)
Bouken Yellow
  79 (33%)
Gao Yellow
  73 (30%)
Tiger Ranger
  94 (39%)

Do you like the choices for the All White Change in Gokaiger vs Gavan? 
  196 (76%)
  11 (4%)
  72 (28%)

Did you like the choices for All Green Change in Ep43? 

  187 (71%)
  14 (5%)
  45 (17%)
  59 (22%)

Do you like the choices for All Yellow Change in Ep44?
  190 (77%)
  14 (5%)
  59 (24%)

Do you like the choices for All Pink Change in Gokaiger vs Gavan? 
  182 (73%)
  24 (9%)
  56 (22%)

Most excited for? #2
199 vs. 40
  324 (66%)
Gokaiger vs. Gavan
  269 (55%)
  267 (55%)

GOKAIGER 44! Surprises! Wow!

Usually I watch using Keyhole but couldn't tonight, it didn't have it. So I haven't seen it, just these pics:

 This girl becomes Gokai Yellow using Mobirates.

This image is hilarious.

Ahim as Gosei, Don as Hurricane, Gai as Kirin Ranger of Dairanger, Luka as Bouken, Marvelous as Gaoranger and Joe as Tiger Ranger of Zyuranger.

Luka as MagiMother (I saw the Raw now and saw it was Luka)



Ahim as GingaRed, Don as Shishiranger (Dairanger), Gai as GoseiKnight, Marvy as GaoRed, Joe as Go-On Blue and Luka as Yellow Lion (Liveman); they are all lions. There are other lions: Hurricane Yellow and Shinken Red (even though no lion on his helmet). Maybe Hurricane Yellow wasn't picked because they used him for 44 all-yellow change.

 I just realized that they could do an all-Tiger change too: Tiger Ranger, Geki Red, Kiba Ranger, Go-On Silver, Gosei Yellow, Gao White.  I see GokaiRed as Geki Red, Gokai Yellow as Gosei Yellow, Gokai Pink as Gao White, Gokai Silver as Kiba Ranger, Gokai Blue as Tiger Ranger and Gokai Green as Go-On Silver.

OMG!!! 3 out of 5! My readers voted for MagiBlue, TimeBlue and GosieBlue. Here is MagiBlue, TimeBlue, AoRanger, GoseiBlue and Blue Dolphin. I think Ahim is Magi, Don is Time, Marv is Aoranger, Joe is Gosei and Luka is Liveman.

Unfortunately this episode will air January 8 according to

Correction! 4 out of 6, Shinken Blue is in the background.