Saturday, April 6, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Taking Care of Business - Episode Review

Devon is washing cars because his dad doesn't know he's a Ranger and has him to prove himself. He is late to meet the general, who is Betty and Ben's dad. They show off the Dogtonic, made from parts of Tronics. Nate gives the idea to the General that they can use Gigadrone parts. The Rangers collect parts with their zords. The mayor helps out Devon wash cars. Blaze makes a Robotronic out of a saw--Slicertron. At the secret base, Nate moved stuff from his lab---including a robot head (J from Go-Busters making an early cameo). Yellow and Blue arrive to fight Slicertron and Blaze.

They morph. Blaze also transforms. Devon finally gets the call and says its an emergency to his boss. Blaze kicks them around. Slicertron slices a pole that falls on them. Devon arrives and spins the debris away. Blaze tries to get to them. The Rangers blast the villains while Red quickly slices them. The bad guys leaves and the Rangers de-morph. Ravi almost overheated. Zoe tells Devon to quit. Devon says his dad is proud of him and gets called by his boss and leaves. Nate says the Gigadrone parts explode and are useless. The boss tells Devon he can't leave, if he leaves again, he will be fired. Ravi and Zoe come to help Devon. 

Roxy sees the wrist coms and vunerable and Blaze steals them and Slicertron slices the,. They go to a Morph-X Tower. Ravi's mom arrives and says the tower was knocked down. They find the com pieces. Devon goes to tell the boss he has to go and says he'll be fired. He leaves and Boss threatens to tell the dad. Blaze and Slicertron are stopped by the Rangers. Mayor gets call from Devon's ex-boss in his limo and sees the Rangers. A little girl screams as a saw flies her way. 

Devon races and grabs her out of the way. Her mom takes her away. He shares a look with the mayor. Blue strikes Blaze down. Blaze teleports away. Scrozzle is using a Gamma model Gigadrone and sending it to the city. The rangers beat down the robotron. Devon leaves to use Racer Zord. Ravi and Zoe fight the Robotron. The Racer Zord in battle mode fights the Gigadrone but it has a shield and crashes their systems. It opens the tower and sucks out the Morph X. The commander tells to Jax and Smash to pilot the zords themselves. They distract the Gigadrone. Zoe and Ravi destroy the monser with Beast X Blast. 

The systems are almost rebooted. Devon tells Nate he will reboot the Gigadrone. He throws his sword and it breaks the sheild. The saw gets stuck on the zord but the Gigadrone falls down. Zoe takes the Gigadrone to the hanger of the secret base. Nathan is amazed the Gigadrone is in tact. The General asks Devon what's wrong. Betty gets caught in a Gigadrone hand thanks top Ben. At the local hangout Devon calls the Mayor and asks if he is okay. The Mayor is mad. The Rangers see the Mayor on the TV and he says the Rangers are heroic. He says he is proud of them. Devon says he will know it some day.

Nepotism! Ravi is the Commander's son, Devon is the Mayor's son, Zoey is the city reporter's daughter and Ben and Betty's dad is the General of Grid Battleforce. So who are Nate's parents? A basic episode but it would nice to have a BeastBot centered episode.