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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: S.P.D. / Dekaranger

Power Rangers S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta) [2006] / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (Investigation Team Dectetive Ranger) [2005]

'Deka' also means 'ten,' they did indeed have Ten rangers in the range of the series. In Dekaranger, SPD stands for Special Police Dekaraner, while in Power Rangers, it was 'Space Patrol Delta.' Both were about police against aliens, except SPD for some reason was set in the year 2025 and on top of that kept going further into the future (2040).

Jack Landors / Ban Akaza (DekaRed)
Ban was the most hated character among fans, mainly because he is an obnoxious self-centered delinquent. Jack was also a bit self-centered but more tolerable, he sometimes was an opportunist but it was mostly because he didn't know what the heck he was doing. He longed for a purpose. Jack could walk through walls and is the second African-American leader of Power Rangers.

Sky Tate / Hoji Tomasu (DekaBlue)
Both Hoji and Sky both didn't tolerate their Red leader, Hoji was formerly the leader and Sky wanted to be the Red Ranger like his father. Hoji was serious and seemed arrogant. Sky was serious, strict, stern and didn't smile much. I guess culturally and acting styles differed. Sky did get to be the Red Ranger at the end when Jack left and once when he let him. Sky could create force-fields.

Bridge Carson / Senichi "Sen-chan" Enari (Deka Green)
Very similar in the respect that they both had the habit of standing on their heads to think better. Sen is absolute in his decisions once his mind is made up, unlike Bridge which was in middle in decisiveness. Sen's eccentricity was accepted as business as usual, while Bridge was not often understood. Sen was claustrophobic, but Bridge wasn't. Sen also loved Umeko. Bridge had gloves like Jasmine, he had a extrasensory power but not psychic, he could read if there was something strange.

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado / Marika "Jasmine" Reimon (DekaYellow)
Jasmine has extrasensory perception, physic abilities that assist her partners and sometimes lead somewhere else. She kept her hands gloved. Jasmine was teased for being psychic, Z was teased for having the ability to multiply herself. Z was a perceptive and emotional individual, while Jasmine sometimes came off as cold and stern.

Sydney 'Syd' Drew / Koume 'Umeko' Kodou (DekaPink)
Umeko is bubbly and cheery, she is infamous of loving bubble baths and bathing with rubber duckies. Umeko can sometimes be ditzy, I personally believe Syd is a parody of Umeko. While Umeko is considered 'cute' and 'fun' by the Japanese, such girly-ness and bubbleness is seen as a negative to Americans, so Syd was portrayed as a spoiled materialistic princess. Syd is rich and doesn't take the job seriously. Syd able to turn her hands into any element that she touches.

Sam (Omega Ranger)/ Tetsu Aira (DekaBreak)
Tetsu, even though appearing seventh, is considered a traditional sixth ranger for Super Sentai. Tetsu was a special detective, higher class than the others. He was originally cold because he was taught to be emotionally-detached. Sam, because the budget was over, they didn't hire a psychical actor, so they only had a voice actor. He was a kid they met in 2025 and he came from 2040, a full fledge ranger. Because of the time flux, he was a ball of light. He originally believed the newest gear was the best. Both were changed by the five.

Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger (Shadow Ranger) / Doggy 'Boss' Kruger (Deka Master)
Doggy was a stern, serious, and caring chief of the team, they called him 'boss.' He is from the planet Anubis. He is furry and had feelings for Swan. Doggie is from the planet Sirius, he is strict, but much more juvenile and prone to spazz attacks. Anubis also had a long-lost wife believed to be dead and he later rescued her.

Kat Manx (S.P.D. Kat Ranger/ Swan-San Shiratori (Deka Swan)
Swan was sweet and was understanding to the five younglings. Kat was tough and often rolled her eyes at the five. Kat was level-headed and intelligent, similar to Swan. Both are the tech girls, in charge of making the weapons, vehicles, etc. Swan wanted to become an officer, she got the promotion to be Deka Swan. She appeared as Deka Swan in two episodes. Her ranger outfit in fact is her jumpsuit she always wears. As for Kat, she never wanted to fight even though she is capable, she was given a morpher that would work only temporarily. She only became a ranger for 1 episode. Fans made a big to-do that Kat is the first character to have the exact name as a past Ranger: Katherine Hillard (MMPR season 3 - Turbo) The ranger outfit looks like a cat and a swan.

Nova Ranger / Lisa (Deka Bright)
Lisa appeared in one episode, she is Tetsu's higher-up and teacher. Lisa believed in being cold and detached, she was upset when Tetsu was not following what she taught him. She wanted to returned him back to their base to re-train. After being saved by him and his friends, she let him stay. Her ranger outfit is counterpart to Deka Break/Omega Ranger. Nova Ranger's true identity was never mentioned, she was simply referred to as 'Nova.' She appeared in the last episode to retrieve Sam the Omega Ranger to take him back to the future. The picture above is of the person they had in her place for a few seconds. Her voice actress was someone else.

Boom (Orange Ranger) / Emri (Abaranger, Abare Pink)
Boom from SPD dreamed of being a ranger, it was a bit based on Emri from Abaranger, which was adapted into Dino Thunder. Emri dreamed of being Abare Pink, she once made her own outfit and dressed up and tried to fight a monster. One time she wished with a wish-granting thing to be AbarePink but said AbarePig and became a pig. Boom made a suit to fight evil too, but he also had his own dream, in which there was a better outfit, the suit was based on the B-Squad uniforms but with a Zero and the helmet was the Yellow Space Ranger helmet. You can play Boom as a playable character in the Nintendo DS version of the Power Rangers: Super Legends game.

The tenth Dekaranger (DekaGold) was not used for SPD, but five other special-made rangers--the A-Squad Rangers (not from the footage but from old ranger costumes) appeared.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Dino Thunder / Abaranger

Power Rangers Dino Thunder / BakuRyuu Sentai Abaranger (Blast Dragon Squadron Outburst Ranger)

Abaranger was about a warrior and villains from a parallel dimension where all the dinosaurs went and evolved into the Bakuryuu. Three ordinary humans were chosen by the Bakuryuu to fight and the Bakuryuu spoke. On Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Tommy recruited three high school students with the Dino Gems to fight Messogog, who wanted to bring the pre-historic age back.

Connor McKnight (Red Ranger/Triassic Ranger) / Ryouga Hakua (Abared/Abaremax)
Ryouga always saw the bright side of the situation and even though a bit of a pushover, he got the job done. Unfortunately, Connor wasn't loved by fans. He was arrogant, ignorant, sexist, and loud mouth ethnocentric jock. Disney stressed they have other abilities other than when they were Rangers, so he had super quick speed. They both had a power-up: Abaremax/Triassic Ranger.

Ethan James / Yukito Sanjyou (AbareBlue)
Yukito was a cold and sly Chiropractor. Ethan was completely different, he is into computers and is a bit geeky, he even had a bully problem. He is also charismatic and more fun-loving than Yukito. Ethan had the ability to have strong arms.

Kira Ford / Ranru Itsuki (AbareYellow)
Ranru knows alot about mechanics and bomb technology and had a German motorcycle. Kira is an aspiring singer among the lines of Avril Lavigne or Ashley Simpson. Kira also had a thing for Trent, reminding Tommy of him and Kim. She was also sarcastic and a bit more open to things Ethan liked. Kira had the redundant screeching ability.

DR. Tommy Oliver / Asuka (AbareBlack)
Both were very different. Asuka was from another dimension. Tommy was a bit retconned, in which he became a doctor and archaeologist. He was tied in with the plot, in which he used to work for Dr. Mercer and lead to creating the technology Mercer's alter-ego Messogog's evil. Tommy was the kid's high school science teacher and wore glasses and was much more 'come on guys this is educational' and serious. Asuka, was unaware of our world and was a fish out of water, also a serious warrior. He had to deal with that his former love was the enemy and his daughter was also brainwashed (his seed was used in a rape by the main villain). Tommy could become invisible and was once stuck in amber, then in his ranger uniform, and then invisible for a while.

Trent Fernandez (White Dino Ranger) / Mikoto (Abare Killer)
Mikoto was psycho and much more serious than the Power Rangers counterpart, since his name was 'Killer.' He lead the villains for a while and even had a romantic link with Asuka's daughter, who was grown into a woman. Mikoto joined the team near the end and then died. Trent was way more watered down, a normal well-meaning artistic kid. He was brainwashed into being evil for a while by the White Dino Gem. Trent could camouflage himself into any environment. He was turned good and joined the team. Because of the footage of Killer, they made a 'evil clone' of the White Ranger to excuse the footage.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Ninja Storm/Hurricanger

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) / Ninpuu Sentai Huricanger (Ninpuu Team Hurricane Rangers) [2002]

In a secret ninja academy, students were trained to be ninjas. Aliens attacked and took their students, leaving three from one school and two from another to fight evil. Major difference between both is that in Hurricanger, the students were killed and in Ninja Storm, they were captured and in the last episode, they were saved.

Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger) / Yousuke Shiina (Hurricane Red)
The Hurricangers were actually the principal three, they were of the Wind Academy, hence the Power Rangers being the 'wind rangers.' Yousuke was a young go-getter, he really went to great lengths to get Ikkou on his side and to be his friend. Shane on the other hand, was laid-back. Neither liked training but when trouble came around, they stepped up. Shane was also a skater.

Dustin Brooks (Yellow Wind Ranger) / Kouta Bitou (Hurricane Yellow)
Kouta was a strong, yet nice and gentle guy. Dustin was the 'fan boy,' geeky, cute, and a little gullible. He always saw the best in people. Kouta was always concerned about his sister, he didn't anything to happen to her. Dustin was the one most effected by the Thunder Rangers and the one betrayed by one of the 'villains.' This never happened in Hurricanger to Kouta specifically.

Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger) / Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue)
Tori was the first female blue ranger, to be succeeded by Madison in 2006. Nanami was actually the third female blue warrior, followed by Urara in 2005. Nanami was an aspiring singer, her manager trotted her around everywhere. She was sweet and caring, and was the one betrayed by a villain, not the Yellow warrior. Tori on the other hand is sarcastic and keeps her boys in check. Tori also became very jealous when other women were around her man Blake.

Hunter Bradley (Crimson Thunder Ranger) / Ikkou Kasumi (Kabuto Raijer)
The leader of the duo Goraijer, Ikkou is serious and a bit stubborn and doesn't care much for Yousuke at first. The Goraijer have a heavy rivalry against the Hurricanger, they want to be the best and don't care killing them, hence teaming up with the enemy. The Kasumi brothers' father was screwed up in the head, he trained his boys to kill each other, leaving one the victor (in theory). Ikkou was also given a deadly bug that was slowly killing him and he refused to take care of it. Ikkou is one of my favorite characters.

As for Hunter, he was much more severely toned down than Ikkou. He was the leader of the Thunder Rangers and he and his adopted brother were tricked into joining the bad guys, believing the Power Rangers' mentor killed their parents. He was then put 'under a spell' to try to destroy his brother. Hunter was just there really, no real character development, just a one-episode rivalry with Shane.

Blake Bradley (Navy Thunder Ranger) / Isshuu Kasumi (Kuwagata Raijer)
Kasumi followed his brother, he was shy around girls and quiet. He spent more time with the Hurricanger than his stubborn brother did. Even though he resented his father, it didn't mean he didn't feel free from his hold and felt extreme pride in his school's fighting style and ways. He was once influenced by his father's spear. He had a crush on Nanami but never told her. It was hinted she felt the same way.

Blake was a fun-loving smart aleck 'cool' guy. While Nanami and Isshu's love was never explored, Tori and Blake did date. Unlike their counterparts, Blake and Hunter immediately joined the main three. Instead of being consumed by his father's spear, Blake just trained with a special weapon with a former senior student, who Tori became jealous of.

Cam Watanabe (Green Samurai Ranger) / Shurikenger
Shurikenger was unique in that he had no real identity. He was once Kagura Asuka, a great student that was chosen by a higher power for this honor, but unfortunately he would loose his identity and body. His body became Shurikenger. He spoke in a mix of Japanese and English, which obviously they couldn't translate to Power Rangers. So what Shurikenger did was take the identity of the guest star of an episode to trick the enemy or the heroes. Past Sentai heroes would guest star. Shurikenger, himself, was a comical character. He did end up dying.

Cam on the other hand, had been on the show since the beginning and later joined the fold. Cam's first counterpart is Oboro, the daughter of the ninja's mentor. He is smart, intelligent and sarcastic, and much older than the others. He traveled to the past, he gained the power from his mother, who is now deceased. Because of all the work, he created a holographic robot copy 'Cyber Cam' to work on the tech stuff. Well, definitely Shurikenger and Cam are different.

Sensei Kanoi / Mugensai
Both Senseis were accidentally turned into little furry creatures, only Sensei became a guinea pig and Mugensai became a hamster. The guinea pig was all CG, while the hamster was half a real hamster and half a horrible fat puppet. Mugensai had a gruff voice and kept secrets from the gang, he also was a bit bumbling. Sensei spoke a serene voice and was somewhat stubborn. Also, the main bad guy was his twin brother.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Wild Force / Gaoranger

Power Rangers Wild Force [2002] / Hyaku Juu Sentai Gaoranger (Hundred Beast Soldiers Growl Ranger) [2001]

Young people chosen by animals to fight monsters created out of ordinary things bent on polluting the Earth.

Cole Evans / Kakeru Shishi (GaoRed)
Kakeru is an animal vet that is sympathetic, genial, and amiable. He has the empathic ability to understand animals and communicate with them, he does this by closing his eyes. Cole was orphaned as a child when the main villain killed his parents and he became a Tarzan-like lad. He is unfamiliar with the modern world and can speak to the zords. They are similar although Cole is more of a jungle boy.

Taylor Earheart / Gaku Washio (GaoYellow)
Other than the gender difference, they are very much alike. Both were air force pilots and very stern and had problems with the red warrior being the leader. Gaku dyed his hair not to be recognized by the air force, who thought he was dead. Taylor was somewhat romantically linked to Time Force's Eric. Taylor is the last female ranger to have a male counterpart from the original source.

Max Cooper / Kai Samezu (GaoBlue)
They are both the young ones, the kids basically. Difference is acting and cultural tweaks.

Alyssa Enrile / Sae Taiga (Gao White)
Sae is the basic girl of the group, Alyssa was more of a 'perfect' student, nothing seemed to dent her facade. Her ethnicity was one of question, but her father was Native-American. They had the same father issues, in which their fathers wanted them to continue their martial arts style. Another difference was that Alyssa was a college student and Sae was a high school student.

Danny Delgado / Soutarou (Gao Black)
They were both gentle souls that were weak when it came to women. Major difference was acting and cultural quirks. Soutarou was more reserved, while Danny was just a big old geek.

Merrick Baliton (Lunar Wolf Ranger) / Tsukumaro "Shirogane" Oogami (Gao Silver)
Both Merrick and Shirogane were warriors from the past who riskily put on an evil mask that let go a beast that took them over and then when brought to our time, fought the Rangers. The spell was broken but both tried to stay away from the team because they felt guilty for all the bad they did. The major difference was that Merrick was romantically linked with the priestess Shayla, but that storyline didn't go anywhere. And his wolf self was split and in the end of the story, he went off on a journey with him. Shirogane just became a nomad.

Princess Shayla / Tetomu
Tetomu was the Gaoranger's guidance, her grandmother was the one who dealt with the original warriors like Shirogane. Shayla was the just the original one, who kept young through eternal sleep. They both held from a turtle-shaped island and saw our world through a spring of water. Tetomu was much more braver and tolerable, Shayla was a bad Disney Princess meshed with Celin Dion.

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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Time Force / Timeranger

Power Rangers Time Force (2001) / Mirai (Future) Sentai Time Ranger (2000)

Same storyline, team from 3000 traveled to our time to stop criminals. There they met a direct ancestor of their leader.

Jen / Yuuri (Time Pink)
Jen and Yuuri were pretty similar. Yurri was a hard-as-nails and rarely smiled and took her mission seriously. Jen was also a stern leader, but did so a bit more emotion, it probably was a cultural thing. Major difference was Yuuri's damage was that a criminal killed her entire family. Jen's fiance Alex was seemingly killed and then when she went to our time, she met Wes which was Alex's ancestor and exact double.

Wes / Tatsuya (Time Red)
Wes and Tatsuya were both sons to rich strict fathers and they were both free-spirited, wanted to conduct their own future. Wes was bit more wild-streaked, probably just cultural differences. They both had romantic involvements with the Pink warriors. They never got to kiss them.

Lucas / Ayase (TimeBlue)
Ayase and Lucas were both serious and quiet race car drivers. The big difference was that Ayase was much more serious and he criticizes Tatsuya all the time. He also fought with Domon. Ayase was cocky, sarcastic and ballsy. He hides a secret, that he has a terminal illness and will die soon. After time was altered at the end of the series, a cure for Osiris Syndrome was found and Ayase was cured. Lucas ended up dating one of the former villains Nadria.

Trip / Sion (TimeGreen)
Trip and Sion were both aliens from outer space planets with funny-looking hair and the tech experts. Major difference was that Sion simply dyed his hair and was an orphan from his planet Hummard (Kal El situation). Trip's hair was actually green and he had a crystal on his head. He was from the planet Xybria, his people had precognitive and other psychic abilities. Sion was much more child-like and innocent, due to his alien physiology, Sion only needs to sleep once per year, but it takes him a week of hibernation when he does it. However, Trip was treated more like the nerdy awkward one.

Katie / Domon (TimeYellow)
Both are very very different, other than gender. Their only similarity was that they were both strong. Although, Katie was abnormally strong, due to genetic engineering. Domon was a girl-crazy erratic former pro-fighter. He fell in love with a reporter and she bore his child at the end of the series. Katie is bubbly and loves hugs.

Eric (Quantum Ranger) / Naoto (Time Fire)
Eric and Naoto were very similar in the respect that they had pasts with the Red one (Tatsuya and Wes). While the latter wanted to be friends, Eric/Naoto wouldn't have it. They both had selfish motives and wanted to be on top. They both wanted to kill the enemies, as those were merely escaped prisoners, not really monsters. Only differences were cultural and acting changes, also Naoto died trying to save a little girl from the enemy. Eric went on to partner up with Eric.

Alex / Ryuuya
Both series had two characters in the year 3000 that were the descendants of the red warriors the team met in 'our time' (2000/2001). Major differences was their alliances and how they were treated. We never officially met Ryuuya in the beginning, we just saw him. Villainess Lila took his image and randomly picked the Timeranger. Later on, the real Ryuuya came and took the place of TimeRed, took them back to the future, and tried to erase their memories. Alex proposed to Jen and then was seemingly killed by the main villain Ransik. His persona later changed with no explanation and no longer wanted to marry Jen but did assist them by sending them Time Shadow, Eric's battle armor and healing Wes' father. Both Ryuuya and Alex were stern then on.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Lightspeed Rescue/ GoGoFive

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue [2000] / Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo V (Rescue Battle Team GoGo Five) [1999]

Go Go V is a pun, since 'Go' means 'five' in Japanese, but in this case it meant go as in the English word. So it was basically Go Go Five. Both series were about rescue-vehicles against demons. Major difference was that GoGoV were all siblings. They were the second Sentai team to be siblings, first was Fiveman (1991) and the third was Magiranger (2005).

Carter/ Matoi (Go Red)
Carter was a straight-forward goody-good corn-fed white boy leader. Matoi was a bit more lenient and fun-loving, but just as stern leader.

Joel / Shou (Go Green)
Shou was the most angry and bitter towards their father. He and Nagare constantly argue. Completely different from Joel, who was a novelty 'Sky Cowboy' pilot. He like country music and provided much of the comic relief in his chasing of Dr. Fairweather, the female technician. The only other similarity was that they were both pilots.

Chad / Nagare (GoBlue--origin of my e-mail addy)
Nagare is responsible, likes planning things out. He works for the Chemical Fire Fighting Brigade. Chad was a water-park stunt guy with Killer Whales before becoming a Ranger and afterwards, became a lifeguard. Chad was modest but a good fighter.

Kelsey / Daimon (Go Yellow)
Kelsey is a bit of a controversial character with fans because she was a extreme sports fan and was more masculine than most of the girls on the other shows. Because of one episode of her befriending a lady space pilot, many joked she was a lesbian. Daimon is a Sergeant at the Capital Police Department and the youngest of the boys. He was a bit of a hot-headed.

Dana / Matsuri (Go Pink)
Dana and Matsuri were somewhat similar, in that they were both brave and caring. They were do anything for her friends and those in danger. Major difference was that Matsuri had four brothers and Dana had just one brother--Ryan, the Titanium Ranger who had no counterpart in GoGoV.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Lost Galaxy / Gingaman

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [1999] / Seijyu Sentai Gingaman (Star-Beast Team Milky Way Man) [1998]

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, we started with a new team which would continue every year such as Super Sentai. Power Rangers in Space was the last team that would gain whole-new powers. Supposedly 'not so distant future,' there is a space colony from Earth that headed to a new world. Three soldiers, a brother and a mechanic landed on a strange planet (Mirinoi) and picked out legendary swords with one native and became Power Rangers. They swore to protect Terra Venture, the space colony. They later entered the 'Lost Galaxy.'

As for Gingaman, it was much much different. But curiously the characters and some of the storyline was similar. The whole team was of a special magical land hidden in the Earth that (yes) pulled out swords out of stone and became the Gingaman. They wore tribal outfits, road horses and never traveled the galaxy.

Leo / Ryoma (Ginga Red)
Ryoma doubted his own responsibility and was kinda childish, more fun-loving than anything. Leo was much more rule-breaking, he snuck aboard Terra Venture and accidentally got everyone to Mirinoi. They both had a lot to learn and both dealt with their brother's supposed deaths. Both older brothers were more responsible and respected and fell down a chasm.

Kai / Gouki (Ginga Blue)
Gouki was a nature-loving shy big lug, while Kai was a stuck-up know-it-all. He conflicted a lot with Leo. They differed in confidence.

Maya / Hikaru (GingaYellow)
Other than obvious differences, Hikaru was much more playful and risky. Maya on the other side was nature/tofu girl. She loved nature and spoke to their Galactabeasts, while the Gingaman spoke to all the Gingabeasts.

Kendrix / Saya (GingaPink)
Saya was basically the girl of the group, while Kendrix was the 'Billy' of the group. Intelligent, techno-savy, caring, and a bit flirty. Because the actress playing Kendrix fell ill at the time (leukemia), she was temporarily replaced and came back at the season's end. Kendrix was the first Ranger to ever die, she came back though, but technically she did die.

Damon /Hayate (GingaGreen)
Damon was a spaceship mechanic and strangely was used as a 'decoy' at times. He was strong and brave. Hayate fought with the villianess of the series on a regular basis and mourned his girlfriend. The villianess made a copy of his girlfriend to tease ad kill him.

Mike (Magna Defender) / Hyuuga (BullBlack)
Both Mike and Hyuuga were respected and responsible guys who were meant to the leader and then fell into chasms made by a foe. They were both believed to be dead and their little brothers were forced to become the leaders and they doubted their leadership. They later came back, taking the powers of a warrior who took their life force temporarily. Differences were just cultural things and acting.

Karone / Saya
Karone came in when Kendrix died, she was formerly Astromena of Power Rangers In Space. She always wanted to be a Power Ranger and when the opportunity came, she wanted to redeem herself. In one episode, she had to face a warrior she turned to stone and face her own evil self to gain a Battlizer for Leo. Very different from sweet Saya.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Space/Megaranger

Power Rangers In Space (1998) / Denji (Electromagnetic) Sentai Megaranger (1997)

The new Power Rangers from 'Turbo' went into space and pretty much forgot about school half-way in. While Megaranger was set primarily with high school students and rarely left the Earth.

Andros / Kenta (MegaRed)
Kenta was basically a goofball slacker, he is a big gamer and doesn't like computers. He hates studying. Not complete opposite but distinctly different from Andros, who rarely smiled and was stern and serious about his job (being a Ranger and space navigating). He came from a space colony on KO-35 and longed for his sister who was kidnapped when they were kids. She turned out to be the villain of the picture... Astronema. He was the first Red Ranger or Power ranger that matter to have a Battlizer, special armor exclusive to the show (not found in Sentai originally).

T.J./Shun (Mega Blue)
T.J. was the same guy as ever, a good friend and voice of reason ("I don't know about this guys.") Shun was a social hermit and cared deeply for his deceased mother. Shun was also a good strategist.

Carlos/Kouichirou (Mega Black)
It could be consider Kouichirou was a goody-goody straight-A student. He freaked out once at failing a test, that he thought of quitting being a Megaranger because he figured it interfered with his schoolwork. He fought a lot with Kenta for his incompetence. Carlos on the other hand, was tricked by a monster to hit his comrade Cassie and wanted to quit until Adam came in and helped him regain his confidence.

Cassie / Miku (Mega Pink)
Miku was bubbly and sweet, while Cassie was sarcastic. Cassie did have a kind heart, she once befriended a kind monster and when enemies were tracking her voice, she couldn't speak but did speak up when a child was in danger. Miku can become quite distracted with things she likes and likes school as much as Kenta. She actually likes Shun.

Ashley/Chisato (MegaYellow)
Chisato is more level-headed than Miku, she has no tolerance for people who steal things or bully children. She is attracted to Kouichirou. Ashley became attracted to Andros and since he never had interaction with many girls, he was very shy when it came to her or even opening up to her. He even became jealous when she and Zhane started hanging out. In personality, they are sort of similar.

Zhane / Yuusaku (MegaSilver)
Yuusaku was much older than the others, he would come and bail them out of a jam. He risked his life to use the prototype. Zhane was just different, he was Andros' best buddy from KO-35. He was injured in battle and then cryogenically frozen to recoup. Zhane was brave, cute, and suave.. well not much when it came to Astronema, who he befriended and attempted to date unsuccessfully. This was news to Andros, which didn't have enough time to get angry that his best friend was digging at his sister.