Thursday, August 17, 2023

Cosmic Fury Theme and New Info

It had to be the first day of school (I am a teacher) that they had the biggest news on Cosmic Fury, now set to premiere on September 29, 2023 internationally on Netflix. Entertainment Weekly revealed the opening theme song for the first episode.

The biggest news for fans is that David Yost will indeed be joining the team as the MM Blue Ranger and mentor. There is a shot of him piloting the wolf zord. 

Here is the main cast, with Javi's cybernetic arm. 

Jacqueline Joe (Fern) has also joined the cast. 

\Lord Zedd's footsoliders who are original to the shows and not from Kyuranger. The helmets were first shown on Simon Bennett's social media earlier. 

The villain in the center is American-created. 

Ikargen from Kyuranger seen in one shot with the other villain. 

The Tsuyoindavers were superior commanders from Kyuranger. 

The Rangers' cockpits. 

The symbols changed from Kyuranger.

Simon Bennett has revealed that Lord Zedd will set up his base on Eltar, Zordon's home planet.