Tuesday, February 28, 2017

News this Week: Korean Power Rangers Second Season/GoRider/Krispy Kreme

If you didn't already know, Korea shows dubbed Super Sentai and calls it Power Rangers. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger just finished as Power Rangers Dino Force in Korea. Because it had success, Korea decided to make its own second season and a new series of stage shows. New suits were made and there will be a power up for Kyoryujin and also a modified Aigaron suit (Wrench). The new season will be 12 episodes and be called "Power Rangers Dino Force Brave." Some sources found Toei shooting new footage in Japan.It will begin to air in April and it is the first time South Korea has new footage. It is created and produced by Daewon Media, who holds the licenses and production franchise in South Korea, who also co-operated with Toei Company. 

In Japan, a Kamen Rider special 3-parter will be on Go-Pass, which will have five Kamen Rider-1's in Goranger colors. 

Scorpina and King Sphinx will be released from Imaginext soon. Soctpina never got a Bandai figure but will now be getting a Pop Pint Size Heroes. 

For a limited time Krispy Kreme will have Power Rangers movie themed donuts. Above box picture is from my nephew who got a box from work.