Saturday, August 13, 2016

Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast revealed at PMC5

The two middle pics from Eric Berry

Will Shewfelt as Brody, Red Ranger
Chrystaine Lopes as Sarah, Pink Ranger
Chantz Simpson as Calvin, Yellow Ranger
Zoe Robins as Hayley, White Ranger
Peter Sudarso (Yoshi's Brother!) as Preston, Blue Ranger

I saw it live on Facebook via the Power Rangers and wow, the feels when Yoshi found out his brother was the new Blue Ranger. I have to give kudos to the casting directors for choosing two African-American Rangers in the same cast as it was an unspoken taboo before. I mean, we have so many white faces in the casts, why not more than one black? I'm an elementary school teacher and plenty of times black kids have said to me they don't like being the only kid. Now you might say, that is awfully young to feel like that but that's just how it is. It is the reality. I've always told them the color of skin shouldn't matter. It's nice to see more variety.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ninja Steel toys, Power Sword, and other products revealed at PMC5

I went to the past two Power Morphicons but not to this one because of work, money and scheduling. Here are pictures from @PowerRangersNow and @DenO_tokunation

 Ninja Steel:

Upcoming Dino Supercharge toys!

Legacy Power Sword
Picture thanks to hassanahmed120

Legacy Dino Megazord for $40 at PMC.

Tamashii Nations reveals Soul of Chogokin Megazord. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume One Boom Comics Collection

UPDATED 8/16/16
(Some Spoilers)
  Saban Brands have been sending Power Force the Boom Comics comic issues and now sent us an advance copy of volume one. Boom Comics let us review it and there is no embargo like the comic issuess. This Boom Comics collection includes an introduction by Chip Lynn, Issue #0 - Issue #4, the Ongoing Adventures of Bulk and Skull and a Covers Gallery that includes all the covers of Issues #0 to Issues #4 by Goni Montes, David Ryan Robinson, Rebekah Isaacs with Stephen Downer, Kevin Wada, Paul Pope, Dustin Ngyugen, Vanesa R. Del Rey, Joe Quinones, David Rubin, Sanford Greene and Frazer Irving. This does not include the SDCC covers with Armored Black Ranger.

Chip Lynn about his involvement with Power Rangers and his thoughts on the comics, Here is an excerpt above. He mentions Ninja Steel. 

(Mild Spoilers)
In the first five issues, Tommy has just been taken out of the spell from Rita but still has her spirit following him around. He doesn't tell the others and she feeds on his insecurities. He looses control o the Dragonzord and the city freaks out. Scorpina is given a fake Dragon Dagger that lets her hijack the Dragonzord. The series is set in modern times with cell phones, blogs, vlogs, podcasts but the characters remain the same: friendly jock Jason, instigator and realist Zack, intelligent but insecure Billy, caring and insightful Trini and 'it' girl Kimberly. Also, the teachers are actually competent and Bulk and Skull are little sweet--still annoying but sweeter. 

While focusing a lot on Tommy which some fans do not like, it covers an interesting transition between Green With Evil and Tommy joining the team where the original series did not go into depth. The characters are used smartly, especially Trini and Zack. Zack was a bit of a Devil's Advocate in "Green Candle" and this is later explored in issue #5. While some fans didn't like the modern-ness of it all with social media but this is about teenagers and teenagers are always keeping with the times so this has to be in modern times. I really wish the movie producers take note of this. It is going down an interesting direction. Rita is on top of it and she does not utter much about headaches or about the incompetence of her minions. I feel Scorpina and Goldar are used wisely. Also, we actually see Billy and Trini fixing the zords. My only critique is that Kimberly hasn't been explored a lot, maybe because she is in the spin-off Pink comics. Also that in the Bulk and Skull snippets, I like that Aisha is in there but for some reason, there are regular Putties, not Z-Putties, but it is a disguise but oh well. 

Where you pre-order your own copy: 
Fans can find their nearest comic book store by using or - Wherever books are sold, including Amazon ( and Barnes and Noble (

It will be released September 20th, 2016!!!