Sunday, February 3, 2019

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Reaching the Nexus - Episode Review

Mick takes Odius to the base. The gang split up. Hayley is worried about Calvin. Preston tells Redbot to get out of the base with the super steel. Odius blasts in. Mick is sent after the super steel. Redbot malfunctions. Badonna teleports people to the ship. Hayley and Sarah see Calvin is part of the group. Hayley and Sarah mixes in the groups. They hide from Basherbots. The other boys sneak through the junkyard. Mick makes a new star for Odisu and takes the Nexus. They attack the boys and leave. Redbot reboots. They hear from Sarah, they tell them they are on the ship. Redbot tells them about the satellites.

Sarah and Hayley sneak behind Cosmo and Victor and Monty leave the stage. Cosmo tells them to juggle explosive balls. The girls find the satllite room and Sarah fights the bots and Hayley enters. The clowns leave the stage as the grunts leave. The boys find Odius turning the nexus prism evil. She has Mick throw the star in the prism. It is a Nexus Super Star, they remember the one Dane took from the prism. Levi says it can be even more powerful. Dane is hypnotized and wants to destroy them with a sword. 

He fights his sons. His sons try to hold him down but fail. Preston try to hold him back. Odius watches. Preston calls Hayley, she found the dishes but is stopped by Calvin. Calvin has a sword. She is about to fall down and he threatens her. She blasts the signal with her blaster. Calvin saves Hayley. The spell wears off. Dane returns to normal. He is distruaght. Mick's spell wears off and runs to the boys. The super star gets in Odius' hands. They blast her and fail. She blinds them. Calvin and Hayley make up. She loves him for being honest. He apologizes too. They go. Sarah is beat up. Citizens come to help her. They throw the bots down the trash chutes. The duo reunite with Sarah. Hayley convinces Vic and Monty to teleport the humans back home. 

The Rangers reunite as Odius glows red. She knocks them all back. Dane and Mick leave. Odius has gained a large form. The Rangers morph. She blasts them. The Rangers run off. Back on the ship, Vic and Monty teleport the rest of the humans. Badonna and Cosmo berate the duo. The duo throw the balls on them and teleport away. The ship is sent away from the explosion. The Rangers combine the power of the Power Stars into their own Nexus Star and powers them up. They fight Odius. She is knocked down. They put their blades together and blast at her. Their blasts cancel out and The Rangers race towards her. They grunt and push their energy on her. They fly out and strike her. Red does his final attack. She explodes. The Rangers are tired. Vic and Monty are given a trophy at school for helping the people escap. Vic is happy to have his 50th trophy. The Power Stars return to the nexus prism. The Rangers say goodbye to the prism. They thank it and it leaves. They say goodbye to Mick and Redbot. They all hug. Mick says he's not leaving. He says he loves teaching shop. They do have to clean the base and they have exams. Mick says they are still a team.

Withe all the complaints fans have, it wasn't a bad season. It was sometimes boring or sometimes Anvilious with its morals and lessons. It had its good moments when Brody and Levi reunited. This cast was great. I did like the girl power in this ep and the Calvin and Hayley stuff. Where the season is stronger is at continuity and not repeating itself, which it does in spades. Sometimes things are hit and miss, they can't all be Dino Charge nor RPM nor In Space. etc. 

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Doom Signal - Episode Review

 Mick has made a satellite to mind control. Brax asks for another chance. Odius says they will be watching tv instead. Dane gives a ride to his sons to the school. They have an audition for a TV show. Calvin comes late and Hayley is upset. He had engine trouble and forgot her props. Preston doesn't help. Hayley auditions. Vic and Monty audition. It ends up being funny, getting them the audition. Hayley and Calvin have an argument. The Rangers then see the audition guy turn into a monster and kidnap Vic and Monty. The Rangers morph and fight Gorrox. Brody dons Fire Armor. 

Brax returns. Cosmo makes both big. The Rangers call Ninja Steel and Ninja Blaze Megazords. They form the Ultrazord. They do their finalizer. Gorrox is destroyed. Brax hits them hard. Red forms Ninja Blaze Ultrazord. Sarah and Levi wield the Ninja Steel Megazord and attack first. Brax apologizes to Badonna and is destroyed. The Rangers return. Calvin tells Hayley she could've end up on the ship and says she shouldn't be mad. She is still angry and argue more. Preston tries to but in. Hayley thinks they need space. Calvin leaves. 

Badonna mourns Brax but goes nuts for the clowns (Vic and Monty). Vic and Monty aren't so happy but are  threatened. They are pushed to perform. Cosmo threatens them with a spike ball. They broadcast it to Earth to hypnotize them. A teacher tries changing channels but gets hypnotized for their trouble. Redbot finds the signal. Sarah asks Hayley if she is okay. Sarah and Hayley girl-talk while the guys keeps going. Sarah tells her she is a good performer and that she was a bit over the top. Hayley realizes Calvin was right. Sarah tells him he is better than he used to be. Hayley calls Calvin, he doesn't answer her and gets hypnotized too. The Rangers find the school is locked and the hypnotized principal tells her to go home. They see Basherbots inside. The Rangers talk to Redbot, he tells them of the show beaming to Earth and not to watch it. Redbot tells them about the mind control signal. Mick arrives, they see him bowing to Odius. They realize he is under her control. Badonna lets the army out and sent to the ship. To Be continued...

People were criticizing that Sarah says Calvin was 'better than before' like that old excuse abuse women say about abusive men. I like there was a riff between Hayley and Calvin. It was subtle all season with Calvin being forgetful and Hayley getting miffed and it now all coming to a head. It could've been handled with better tact though and stronger arguments for them sticking together. Sometimes two people aren't meant to be a relationship and better off as friends.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Magic Misfire - Episode Review

Preston is practicing in magic club. Vic and Monty come in, Vic wants to impress girls. Monty hypnotizes Vic into a chicken. A teacher comes in and is upset at a mess they made when a bee comes in. Preston accidentally puts the teacher to sleep and the principal comes in and she fires him. Little Tynamon is taken out of his Tynamon suit. He wants to be big. Odius tells him to bring Mick. She gives him a weapon. The Rangers practice a barrier. Preston comes in and is upset about the teacher firing. They come up with an idea to get him rehired. He overhears what the teens are trying to do. Preston tries with Principal but she says her decision is final. Tynamon follows Mick and zaps him. 

The Rangers fight Brax. They try the barrier but Brax laughs and fights Red within it. Brody de-morphs and the Rangers disable the barrier. The Rangers escape Brax. Redbot says Brody's star was damaged like when Foxatron did it. He tells them Mick is missing. Preston comes in. Calvin gives Preston an idea. Principal is making copies late, when Preston hid under the secetary's desk and puts her to sleep. Calvin messes up the copy machine. Hayley stops the fired teacher and Pink gives keys to Gold. Hayley leaves and the teacher finds the principal's keys and runs in the school. He finds the mess and the principal sleeping. He wakes her up and returns her keys. She thanks him. He helps clean up. She rehires him.  The Rangers fight without Brody (and the Lion armor). Tynamon and Odius talk about the deal. Tynamon and the Rangers fight. Blue uses the lion armor and Gold goes Superstar mode (poncho).

They do a dual attack and Tynamon is defeated but he reverses it. Hayley hits him in the face to reveal he is tiny. Brody arrives. Cosmo makes him giant. The Rangers call the zords. Fusionzord is formed. They call the Ultrazord and destroy Tynamon. Mr. Lunt talks to Preston and thanks him. He offers for a place for the magic club again. Everyone celebrates. Brody says chicken and Vic becomes a chicken again. They get a calla nd got o the base. They see Mick and he says he is going to visit his family as they are sick. Mick enters Odius' base and she convince him to make a satellite system for mind control. 

Episode Review:
Teacher is fired because of magic club so that's why it is called "Magic Misfire." ha. I am a teacher and yes, we don't sleep in class but I did know a teacher who 'rest his eyes' in the teacher's lounge which is allowed. What the Rangers did was a little extreme and I hope kids don't try to imitate something similar (of course without ninja skills). 

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Prepare to Fail/Tech Support/Car Trouble - Episode Review

"Prepare to Fail"
Tynamon comes in with Badonna's favorite fighter Brax and she tells Tynamon she knows his secret. Sarah gets an A in the first half of a math test and feels her oats and doesn't study for the second half and fails. She is working on a superstar blade, Mick wants to finish it now but she ditches it to go to the movies. She learns she has to study regardless and even though the first half can be early, the end could be hard. They beat baddies easy first (Tynamon's idea to trick the Rangers) and then they are harder the second half. They fix the Super Star Blade which works with the lion star and destroy four skullgators.

It is a heavy handed episode. It is also cut-and-paste. The same thing happening in their lives and their ranger lives match but its so sloppy done. Also, the monster parts feel so lackluster and lazy. They pay attention more to the school parts. As a teacher, it is a important lesson but Sarah's acting is over the top, the cheesiness is distracting. 

"Tech Support"
Emma is Brody's student and thinks she is so good she can help the Rangers. She gets lucky and thinks she can beat them and start boasting. When the monster Typeface puts a virus in the Ranger's weapons, they blindfold Emma into the base to work on the virus. She learns her lesson that sometimes fighting can be also technical support and calls herself a tech ninja. She apologizes to Brody afterwards.

Surprisingly well done and acted. Some people were saying Sarah should have been the Green Ranger from the Ninninger special. But I think they would have negated the reason for the episode. Emma learned she didn't have to be physical in order to fight back. Showing that Brody did private training was good too in order to show that the Rangers have other things going on.

"Car Trouble"
A monster is sucking energy from cars and other things. He accidentally hits Victor and gives him electric powers that makes a Swedish spy interested in him. Calvin fixed a car and impresses a mechanic. The mechanic hires Calvin which was his dream so he quits school, which scares the others. Calvin boasts he can fix anything until he tries to fix the Lion Fire Zord and sees he can't and Mack can. He realizes he has to complete school and tells the mechanic he quits. They destroy the Monster and Victor looses his powers.

A ranger wanting to quit school is a new one but Tommy wouldn't had been far behind, having trouble with school before as well. Calvin hasn't always been the sharpest tool in the box. I don't like that these two seasons have been 'learn your lesson' episodes but this was a good one.