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Kyoryuger Gallery Episode ONE

Kamen Rider Wizard 23 Images

Power Rangers Megaforce - Going Viral - Episode Review

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Noah is fixing a social network website for his school and talking to Gia and Emma. Jake walks in but they log out. Jake does a pushup. Noah notices Jake has a guitar case and asks when he learned to use a guitar. Jake reveals that his Snake Ax is inside, freaking Noah out. Jake wants Noah to fix it because it is not balanced. Jake wants to impress Gia, saying how can you ignore a guy that works out all day. Jake left. Vrax has a monster that can infect humans with a virus that turns them into Loogies. Creepox is not so sure. Malkor just wants to rule the Earth. Noah tries picking up the Axe but it is too heavy. He thinks he might be cut out to be a hero. He decides to work out like Jake to keep up with the rest. 

The monster sneezes on humans and they become Loogies. Jake walks in into Noah doing push ups. Jake says  it is about believing in yourself.  Emma tells Gia about Jake's crush and Gia says she didn't notice. Humans become Loogies, Troy calls Tensou. Tensou explains the situation to all five. Noah and Jake run but Jake tells him he forgot his Axe. Jake goes for the Axe while Noah runs to the action. Gosei reminds them that they were mutated into minions. A monsters arrives under a bridge and Noah morphs. Monster corners a woman under the bridge. Noah stops an attack and saves the woman. She asks if he is some sort of superhero. 

Noah faces the monster Vitox and blasts him with his bowgun. Jake arrives and blasts Virox. Noah says they need a plan. Jake says that he is a hero for being smart. Troy and the girls run from the Loogies. Creepox is surprised that Vrax's plan is working. Virox retreats. The woman thanks Noah, Jake says he is a hero. Emma, Troy and Gia jump on top of the high place. They talk to Jake. Jake puts down his axe on Noah's foot and can't get it off. Noah tells them to quarantine. Gia says she didn't know Jake was clever. Jake takes credit and takes the axe off and runs off.

Troy and the girls try rounding off the Loogies, they tire them out. Troy and Emma manage to round some off. Jake and Noah fight Virox. Virox takes Jake down. Noah blasts him with his Bowgun. Virox's weakness is his chest. Noah picks up the axe and Virox knocks him down. Jake is hurt and tells him to believe in himself. Noah throws the bowgun in the air and grabs the axe and attacks Virox's weakspot. Virox gets blasted at by the other tree. They used their Power Cards to creak a twist torando that buried them in a cement box.

Megaforce Blaster destroys Virox once. Noah brakes the cement box with the axe and releases the innocent people cured from the virus. Gia is impressed by Noah's skills with the axe. Noah says Jake needs credit. Virox grows big and the Gosei Great Megazord is built. Virox takes their Dragon Sword from them. Virox has them down for the count when Noah says that he can do anything if you believe in yourself and proves himself but outbeating Virox. Noah gets a new Power Card: Sea Brothers and calls forth the Sawshark Zord, Hammerhead Zord, and Manta Zord. 

They create Sea Megazord or Sea Gosei Great. They crack his shell but he keeps going. They destroy him with Victory Charge and Sea Strike. Back at school, Noah hands Jake his axe, which is Titanium alloy and it is lighter and Jake takes down a monitor. Jake says he can't handle it, Noah says to believe in himself, calling back what Jake said.

I like how Creepox and Vrax's conflict of brute strength and intelligence parallels Jake and Noah, but those two are friends. Pretty good episode because it was pretty cohesive and it had plenty of callbacks. Also, it makes no sense that Jake had to go 'get' his Axe if he can teleport call for it with his card. I think this Gia-Jake thing will get old soon, so they got to call it quits soon.

Power Rangers Hot Wheels Current and Upcoming Products

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 Wave 1 A
 Red Ranger Dragon Zord, Blue Ranger Shark Zord and the Mega Strike Racer
Released in November 2012
Released in all areas January 2013
Retail Price: Around $3 to $4
Stores spotted at: Wal-Mart and Target

 Wave 1 B
Black Ranger Snake Zord, Yellow Ranger Tiger Zord, and Robo Knight Lion Zord
Released in some areas in December 2012
Retail Price: Around $3 to $4
Stores spotted at: Wal-Mart and Target

 Power Rangers Mega Force Hot Wheel Action Set
Comes with the Mega Strike Racer.
Retail Price: $20 - $22
Stores spotted at: Toys R Us,,

Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Air Jump
 Toys R Us Exclusive
Retail Price: $12 Approx.
Store: Toys R Us
Comes with exclusive silver Power Ranger car.
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Pink Ranger Phoenix Zord Car
Vrak Car
Scheduled for April 2013


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Spoilers! KyoryuGold Revealed

 It is true, KyoryuGold is the sixth Ranger. Here are his weapons. His dinosaur is indeed the Pterodactyl.

 Also the Kyoryuger's individual weapons. Black and Red sold separately from Pink, Green and Red; which reminds me of Goseiger/Megaforce. All five make a sword-like weapon.

Pictures from TokuNation: