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Baboo in The Adventures of Pete & Pete

The Adventures of Pete & Pete was a television show on Nickelodeon in the early 90's that started out as shorts that would air between commercials. They were so popular, they made a series out of them. They were about two brothers named Pete, they had a mother with a plate in her head, the younger Pete had a personal superhero named Artie and a unexplained dancing tattoo.

They call it something else. Poor Vampire.

Malcolm in the Middle connections to Power Rangers

I mentioned before how Buffy the Vampire Slayer had connections to the Power Rangers, now here are some connections to the FOX show "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000-2006).

Bryan Cranston
Believe it or not, Bryan Cranston (the father on Malcolm in the Middle and now star of "Breaking Bad") played the voices of not one but two monsters in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He played Snizzard ("Foul Play in the Sky") and Twin Man ("A Bad Reflection On You").

Karim Prince
Karim Prince, who played Cestro the Blue Aquitar Ranger, also played Francis' friend in the military academy called Cadet Stanley. He often played the voice of reason to Francis in the first season. I last mentioned him in the past post about Buffy.

Melody Perkins
In 1999, Justin Berfield (Reese), Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), and Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) hosted a half-hour FOX Kids Fall Preview special, it aired at 11:30 AM. They mentioned all the new shows and briefly about the second half of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and a reverse shot of Astronema turning into Karone, making it look like Karone was turning herself back into Astronema. No real new footage as I recall. Made sense since FOX Kids and FOX were the same channel. Funny thing was that the special aired months before "Malcolm" premiered, it started January 9, 2000. Melody Perkins went on to guest star in an episode of the show! She played an old classmate of Francis and had to wear a fat suit, she was then a super-skinny babysitter to the other brothers, they all had crushes on her, but Francis, not being in town, thought she was still unappealing to him and she desperately wanted to reconnect, he missed the opportunity.

UPDATE 5/30/10: Apparently Cerina Vincent (PRLG) was in an episode called Malcolm vs. Reese as a character by the name of Carly. I do not recall this. I mean I know it is true but maybe the role was not that memorable.

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Super Sentai: Different shades of Colors 2010

UPDATED 6/29/10 10 PM EST
Here is the second round of the colors used so far for auxiliary mecha in Sentai. All of them have different shades in their subcategories as well. Many of the auxiliary mecha have debatable colors, is it cyan or aqua or green? Power Ranger names are in italics. I guess this post isn't friendly to those who are color blind. To be clear, I am only covering auxiliary 'zords' and any mecha belonging to antagonists (like Wolzard, and Mele), not main zords of Rangers. Also covering mechas/zords of Kabuto Raijer/Crimson Ranger, Kuwagata Raijer/Navy Ranger and Geki Violet/Wolf Ranger. Last time I covered the warriors too, now the mecha only.

Orange (10)
Gao Giraffe/Giraffe Zord was more like a carrot orange, Gao Jaguar of Gao God/(not given a name) is a pale light orange with tinges of amber color (Crayola's Atomic Tangerine). It is close to peach-orange or coral but it's not. Ankyloveilus/Ankylozord was a yellow-orange or Gamboge, GoGo Drill/Drill Driver was a plain orange, maybe like Home Depot orange, Carrigator/Croczord is a vivid strong shade of orange and Kabuto Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is almost like a orange-red-y color. TyrannoHeader of Goseiger (2010) is a bright orange and one of the Exotic Brother dragon headers is a pale orange-yellow. Kabuto Headder is a dark orange with silver.

Different shades of Green (10)
Gao Gorrilla/Green Gorilla was a regular green, Gao Ligator/Alligator was a dark green, but the toy was just a darker shade that Gorrilla. Gao Deer/Deer was a light paler green. Trance Spider/Spider Power Sphere was a basic green, the same shade as Shurikenger/Green Samuari Ranger. Parasarokkiru/Parazord was lime green. Rin Chameleon/Chameleon was a basic green. GoGoMixer/Cement Driver was like a JohnDeer Green. GekiElephant/Elephant sure does stand out with the other greens doesn't it? I really feel it is part of the teal/cyan ones but EVERYONE, many fans, say it is green. So I put it here to show it is not really that green. I believe it is a dark teal or dark Cerulean. One of the Exotic Brother dragons of Goseiger (2010) is a toxic acid green and the Mystic Runner is a dark shade of forest green, almost the shade of the Trance Spider.

Periwinkle / Cyan / Teal (13)
Gao Elephant/Elephant Zord, as I mentioned before was the first to be of this unique combination of the colors blue and green. This color is the most highly debated color, is it green or blue? Gao Elephant is teal or cerulean and Gao Rhino is Colombina Blue or a mix of maya blue with cerulean. Gao Condor was like a dark cyan. Tortuise Hammer/Turtle Mace, one of the Karakuri Balls, was a Cornflower Blue. Dimenokodon/Dimetrozord was like a light teal, Go Go Shovel/Shovel Driver was cyan (brighter than periwinkle), Geki Shark/Shark Zord was aqua, K-Line/(not given a name in RPM) is light periwinkle, very pale, and Marlin Kaijiki (Shinkenger 2009) is a dark cyan, it is more blue than green. And as for Goseiger 2010, we got the three Seaick Brothers that are more or less the same shade of teal. The Sawshark is a bit darker and the Mantaray is brighter. And one of the Exotic Brothers is a light sea-green shade too.

Indigo / Navy (9)
Whatever people might call this color, purple or blue, it is a darker shade of blue. I would consider Squid Attacker/(no name given), GoGo Crane/Crane Driver, and GekiBat/Bat Zord indigo. Gorai Stag/Navy Beetlezord is of course Navy. Jumbo-whale/Whale Zord is Royal Blue, a light navy color if that makes sense. Carnoryutus (Abaranger 2003) is a interesting shade, like a pale Ultramarine and a bit grey-ier. Goseiger (2010): Gosei Bird is indigo-cobalt blue, Sea Lion is regular blue and Gosei Dolphin is dark blue with yellow.

Purple / Violet (7)
GaoHammer/Hammerhead Shark was the first purple anything in Sentai history, it was a vivid and perky shade of violet. GaoMajiro/Armadillo Zord was a lavender color, light violet. Kabuto Gani/Sting Blaster was a like a Royal Purple. Bakikeonagrus/Cephalazord is a mildly-dark violet with mixes of red or Electric Indigo. Geki Wolf/Wolf Zord was more of a purple than a violet. Violet is tangy, more pink-ish. I am covering GekiViolet/Wolf Ranger's mecha/zord because there is so little purple. Ika Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is white and lavender. One of the Exotic Brother Dragons of Goseiger (2010) is a tangy purple.

Non-Ranger White (8)
These are auxilary zords that don't belong to White Rangers. Gao Polar/Polar Bear and Gao Panda were silverly-white. (Gao Panda only appeared as a toy and CD exclusive) Gattling Leo/Lion Laser was just plain white. Unikirion/Brightstar was plain white, maybe a bit pearl-y. T-Line/(not given a name in RPM) was like a silver-y or grey-ish white. Tora Origami of Shinekenger (2009) is white and black. Crow Header of Goseiger (2010) is white, red and silver with green eye.

Crimson / Maroon / Different shades of Red (14)
The Gao Sawshark of Gao God/(not given a name) was a violet-tinged Maroon and so was Kishamoth/Paleozord. Gorai Beetle/Crimson Insectizord was Crimson. Stegsorideon or Stegazord was Burgundy. Stryacosaurus/Mezodon Rover was like a red-orange. The ones that were just plain red was Gao Kong, Gao Falcon/Falcon, The Stamp/Super Stamp, Pitashito Hitode/Star Blazer and GogoJet/Sonic Streaker. Kyoryu Origami is like a dark crimson and the Bull Ushi Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is a shade of red like Stryacosaurus. Ushi Origami of Shinkenger is just red. Kyoryu Origami is a scarlet and maroonish color. HawkHeader of Goseiger (2010) is red, a bit deeper shade than the Dragon. GoseiSkyleon is bright red.

Non-Ranger Black (8)
A new shade I decided to cover. Gao Bear/Bear Zord was a pale black, GaoLeon was a Gunmetal black in Gaoranger (2001). Valkyrion/Catastros of Magiranger (2005) was black. RinLion of Gekiranger (2007) was black and gold. The three Engines of the DaiShogun of Go-Onger (2008) were black with red and yellow accents. KuwagataHeader of Goseiger (2010) is a different shade of black. Crocodile Headder is silver and black .

Non-Ranger Shades of Yellow (4)
Goat Crusher/Ram Hammer of Hurricanger (2002)/Ninja Storm was just yellow. Spin Bee/Bee Spinner was a golden yellow. Rhino Header of Goseiger (2010) is a lemon-y yellow. And Elephant Header is orange-yellow.

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Gosei Knight


The toy:


Poll Results: Video Game / Non-Sentai Power Rangers / 20th Anniversary

What sort of video game of Power Rangers would you buy?
RPG - 121 of 522 votes from 215 people
Ranger Combat - 111
Megazord Combat - 94
Co-Op and Complexer Super Legends - 74
Complexer KRDK - 48

KRDK is the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video game.
Super Legends is the Power Rangers Super Legends that came out a few years ago.
RPG is a role-playing game.
Co-Op is co-operational.

What video game system do you own?
Wii - 95 of 184
XBox 360 - 33
PS3 - 31
NDS - 25

If there was an Original non-Sentai Power Rangers, what theme would you prefer?
Tech - 110 of 448 votes by 216 people
Martial-Arts - 84
Space - 79
Animal - 74
Police - 52
Aquatic - 49

What would you prefer for a 20th Anniversary?
'Once a Ranger' version 2 -- 82 of 195 votes
1st Cast reunion in Movie - 39
1st Cast reunion in episode -- 38
MMPR retelling movie -- 36

'Once A Ranger' was a two-parter in Operation Overdrive (2007) and included a team of one ranger from past teams, including Adam the Black MMPR Ranger. And by 1st Cast, I mean the original cast, of course except for Thuy Trang.

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Power Rangers First-Run Episodes on Networks and Days aired

Here I am talking about first-run episodes, or when a new episode debuted on and on what channel. I am NOT talking about what channel reruns aired on. I might mention it here and there with MMPR S1 for example. I also might mention what channels carried the season the year it aired. If it wasn't the year it first aired, I don't mention the channel is basically what I am saying. Also, I am ONLY covering the United States, not what channels the show has aired Internationally because I am talking about first-run ever in the whole world. And the U.S. got the 'world' premiere except for of course SPD's "Wormhole" that aired in Canada and "Mystic Fate" two-parter in the UK. Through the 17 seasons, Power Rangers has aired on a lot of channels and on different days. And the network executives have really toyed with kids when the show would even air! Sometimes an episode would air on Saturday one month and then Wednesday on another or even on a Sunday on a completely different channel for one week!

I had to do a lot of research from the PRC Episode Guide, and using a calendar and my own recollection.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One
FOX Kids (First Run: 1993-1994)
The first episode aired on Saturday and then new episodes on weekdays. Sometimes new episodes would pop up on Saturdays like "Life's A Masquerade" for example. The last three episodes premiered on Mondays, weeks apart. Episodes would later re-run on Fox Kids in 1999, ABC Family from 2002 to 2006, Toon Disney between I think 2005 to 2008, and the first season re-aired with new graphics on ABC Kids in 2010 and were called 'new'.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Two
FOX Kids (First Run: 1994-1995)
The first part of "Mutiny" aired on a Friday night on Prime Time; the second part aired the following week and the third part aired the week after that. And the rest of the season aired on Weekdays until "Welcome to Venus Island" that aired on Saturday. Alternatively then new episodes would air Monday and Tuesday like "White Light" on October 17 and 18 of 1994, "Two for One" and "Opposites Attract." "Reel Fish Story" was the last episode for 1994 in November and they took a hiatus and "Rangers Back in Time Part 1" first aired on Saturday in February. "The Wedding" aired back to back on Monday to Wednesday. "The Return of the Green Ranger" aired back to back the next week. Then no new episodes until April with "Best Man for the Job" on a Saturday. Two-parters on Monday and Tuesday for two weeks in May and the last ep aired on a Saturday.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three
FOX Kids (First Run: 1995-1996)
"A Friend in Need" saga aired on Saturdays. The Ninja Quest saga aired on a week back to back. New episodes continued on weekdays, until "Rita's Pita" aired on a Saturday. In fact in November, new eps aired on weekdays and Saturdays. The only episode that aired in December 1995 was "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger." The Alien Ranger saga aired on weekdays until the last episode that aired on a Saturday.

Power Rangers Zeo
FOX Kids (First Run: Apr-Nov. 1996)
First episode aired on April 20, 1996, a Saturday. Then every episode after that aired weekdays. In May, episodes premiered on weekdays and Saturdays. With "Found and Lost" the season look a break from June to September and then new episodes continuing airing on weekdays. In October, new episodes premiered only on random weekdays like Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. "Good As Gold" premiered on a Saturday November 23rd and "A Season to Remember" aired on a Wednesday Nov. 27.

Power Rangers Turbo
FOX Kids (First Run: Mar-Nov. 1997)
The movie was released March 28, 1997 in the US and the first two parts of the three parter aired on Saturdays week after week. The third part aired on a Wednesday after the two parts were repeated. Then new eps aired on weekdays until May 21st and new eps came back on September 9 with the conclusion to "Honey i Shrunk the Rangers." In October and November new episodes alternatively aired Friday or Monday. Chase Into Space 1 aired on a Friday and Chase Into Space 2 aired the next Monday in November.

Power Rangers in Space
FOX Kids (First Run: Feb-Nov. 1998)
In February and March, new episodes aired only on Fridays. In April, "Craterite Invasion" aired on Friday and starting with "A Wasp With A Heart" aired on Saturday, new episodes after that on Saturdays through May and continued in September when new episodes came back after the hiatus. "The Silver Secret" broke this by airing on a Wednesday. In October and November, episodes aired Wednesday to Saturday.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
FOX Kids (First Run: Feb-Nov. 1999)
New Episodes only aired on Saturdays until "The Lost Galactabeasts" that aired on Friday in October and "Memories in Mirinoi" continued new episodes on weekdays. The last three episodes aired Thrusday, Friday and Saturday.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
FOX Kids (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2000)
New Episodes continued premiering on Saturdays until "The Great Egg Caper" that aired on a Friday in November, new episodes continued the next day Saturday, then the following two weeks Monday to Saturday.

Power Rangers Time Force
FOX Kids (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2001)
New Episodes continued premiering on Saturdays with no hiatus until June 23, no new ep aired that Saturday and new episodes continued through the Summer and ended in November.

Power Rangers Wild Force
FOX Kids/ABC Family/ABC Kids (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2002)
First two episodes aired the same day, new episodes continued on Saturdays on Fox Kids until "The Master's Last Stand" in August. Episodes starting airing on ABC Family, I forget if new episodes started airing on that channel or on ABC Kids. September of 2002 was the end of the Fox Kids' contract. Disney moved new episodes over to their own broadcast channel, ABC. According to, new episodes would debuted on ABC Kids until PRDT, Disney decided to premiere new episodes on cable. Two episodes aired each Saturday. Wild Force was the first to air in the Jetix block on ABC Family.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
ABC Kids/ABC Family (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2003)
New Episodes aired on Saturdays, sometimes two episodes aired. They premiered on ABC Kids and then aired on ABC Family weekend mornings.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
ABC Kids/ABC Family (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2004)
New Episodes aired on Saturdays, sometimes two episodes aired. They premiered on ABC Kids and then aired on ABC Family weekend mornings. Not sure if new episodes premiered on ABC Family.

Power Rangers SPD
ABC Kids/ABC Family/Toon Disney (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2005)
2006 was when the Jetix block was moving from ABC Family to Toon Disney. New episodes premiered on ABC Family at first until "Messenger Part 2." "Zapped" was the first to debut first on Toon Disney, they'd have the Jetix logo on the left. New eps aired on Saturdays until "Messenger Part 1" that aired on a Sunday. Messenger Part 2 aired on Saturday and the Reflection 2 parter aired on a Friday in August. "SWAT Part 1" started having new episodes airing Monday nights prime time at 8. "Impact" aired on a Friday and all other new eps aired on Mondays. "Wormhole" aired first in Canada and then aired in the US Feb 2, 2006 on ABC Family. Resurrection aired on a Friday and the last two aired on Mondays.

Power Rangers Mystic Force
ABC Kids/ABC Family/Toon Disney (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2006)
All episodes premiered on Toon Disney except for "Koragg's Trial" and "The Hunter" that debuted on ABC Family for some reason and on Saturdays. SPD and Mystic Force were the only seasons to air on three separate channels at the same time as their season was the current season. Meaning other seasons have aired on different channels (like past eps aired on ABC Family and Toon Disney) but SPD and Mystic Force are the only ones that when they were the current season to be airing on three different channels that same year. "Dark Wish" three-parter aired the same Monday night on Toon Disney. "The Light" premiered August 14 Monday on TD and August 19 Saturday "The Hunter" premiered on ABC Family. Mystic Force would be the last season to air on ABC Family. And according to James Spiring, the Mystic Fate finale aired on Jetix UK first.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
ABC Kids/Toon Disney/ (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2007)
Episodes started debuting online on, sometimes a week before they premiered on Toon Disney. On Toon Disney, they premiered on Monday nights.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
ABC Kids/Toon Disney/ (First Run: Feb-Nov. 2008)
Episodes debuted online on sometimes a week before they premiered on Toon Disney. On Toon Disney, they premiered on Monday nights. Episodes aired weeks or months later on ABC Kids. This was the last season to ever air on Toon Disney, that became Disney XD.

Power Rangers RPM
ABC Kids (First Run: Feb-Dec. 2009)
RPM only aired on ABC Kids, Saturdays. Depending on the local channel, they would either air at 5am, 11am or 12pm, and that was if they weren't pre-empted by a game or something. Some affiliates around the United States didn't even air the show. Sometimes they would air 2 episodes at a time and sometimes one. There was a huge gap in the hiatus from October 3rd to December 12th. And the last batch of episodes would air only once and not re-air on ABC Kids at all.

Power Rangers ??